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  11. 11 Feb 2013 Under Reamed Pile. These piles have one or more bulbs at its lower end.If the bulb is provided lower than the critical depth of moisture movement in expansive soils, the foundation will anchored to the ground and it would not move with the swelling and shrinkage of soil. They are nominally reinforced to
  12. The anchorage may be effectively done by providing enlarged base or bulbs (Under reamed piles). Figure 1: Forces acting on a pile in Chen (1988) and O'Neill (1988) presented expansive soil analysis of rigid piers in expansive soil. They The depth of active zone is deined as the considered that the total uplift force is the
  13. 1961; Chandra and Khepar, 1964) on under reamed piles in expansive soils or cohesive soils, whereas a very few reported (Jain and Gupta, 1968; Shanna and Pise, 1994; Neely, 1990; Sayed and Baker, 1992; Nicola and. Randolph, 1993; Michael and Raines, 1991; Kra?, 1991; Coyle and Ungaro, 1991 ; Vesic, 1963) on
  14. An analysis is presented of the performance of deep foundations under these conditions and it is concluded that pile conformation is critical to controlling differential movement. Guidelines and design curves are presented for the selection of optimum pile conformations, with examples of their application. LIST OF SYMBOLS.
  15. SYNOPSIS. Under-reamed piles with single bulbs have now been extensively used in India for foundations of structures built on expansive soils. Recent studies carried out at the Central Building Research Institute have shown that these piles with single or multi-bulbs could find wider applications either as anchor or.
  16. the under reamer fits inside the straight section of a pile shaft. Under reamed piles are the most safe and economical foundation in expansive soils. In case of double or multi-under! reamed piles. Under reamed piles are bored cast in situ concrete piles having bulb shaped enlargement near base. The form is that of an
  17. Under reamed piles are bored cast-in-situ concrete piles having one or more number of bulbs formed by enlarging the pile stem. These piles are best suited in soils where considerable ground movements occur due to seasonal variations, filled up grounds or in soft soil strata. Provision of under reamed bulbs has the.
  18. under-reamed piles are all tension-resistant foundations. Granular Pile-Anchor (GPA) technique has been a recent innovation over the conventional granular pile, modified into an anchor (Phanikumar 1997). This paper discusses GPA system in detail as it is the latest most successful tension- resistant foundation system.
  19. It has been felt by researchers that these piles can be tried as a potential alternative to under-reamed piles {[29], [30], [31], [32]}. In the Similar grounds, some other investigators {[33], [34], [13], [35]} felt that the granular piles could be used to counteract the damage potential of footings resting on expansive soils, although
  20. 13 Oct 2017 Under Reamed Pile Under reamed piles have mechanically formed enlarged bases that have been as much as 6 m in diameter. The form is that of an inverted cone and can only be formed in stable soils. In such conditions they allow very high load bearing capacities. The diameter of the pile stem (D)
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