New Private Company Investment Opportunity.


DATE: Jan. 14, 2021, 12:36 a.m.

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  1. Need your help!
  2. I'm Charles L Mack III
  3. I studied computer science at University of Akron in 2002 thru 2003 then to Aviation School at NAA National Aviation Academy and then to Web Design at Art Institute of Pittsburg Online, finally to begin creating my own applications ecommerce, finance, multi-player gaming till now. I have created a platform for apps called Yoluve hosted at and I'm working on about 12 apps to launch soon with one in particular I'm and others are very excited about, it's called Network Sims hosted here It will be made to allow users to support one another, Network sims is by invite only when you support others you will recieve a invite link to share with your friends and family for new user signups they will be updated when you or the person you supported or someone they subscribed to broadcast / make post. Also there will be a blow button that will automatically support someone and gives you and them a new subscriber . My opinion - awesome and mind blowing opportunity. So I need financial partners of only about $3,000 to $6,000 to help propel this full launch. My partner could now could get 5% to 10% revenue profit from this app Network Sims. So at $6,000 help you would ROI with only 30,000 support interactions made on the app you almost have that many subscribers. I thought I would offer this to you early. This offer is open to anyone. To contact me to let me know your interested just use the chat at bottom right on or send me a email . Thanks best of luck with your future.

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