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  8. PJL,
  9. The self-selecting group is this one, and again, Ms. Walsh knows exactly what I’m talking about. This effort of hers is, at best, nibbling at the margins. I done lost count of Women I’ve dated who never uttered one single word about Jane Austen or Masterpiece Theater, and they held advanced degrees from prestigious schools. So like I said, the very fact you ladies are going on and on about all that jazz, really how it plays itself out there in the real.
  10. And that’s what PUAs are interested in. Why? Because they want to get laid-and if reciting Homer and the like did that, trust you me, Mystery would be holding workshops on that instead of pickup. Style would never have had any problem at Vassar. Zuckerman would have Women beating a path to his door.
  11. Mike,
  12. Excellent points you make, and like you, I’ve been told that I fit the “Professor” type per Ms. Walsh’s list above, but, and this is a very important but, I also have a goodly bit of the “Warrior” type too. Which just goes to show, that what you noted holds true like a MFer.
  13. I’ve personally found that a keen intellect works best for a Men if it has some cool “edge” to it-like being street smart. This is because it represents a kind of mastery of things not taught in the classroom, like understanding social cues, being a survivor, knowing th Code of the Streets, etc. Think Malcolm X, and you’ll see what I mean.
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  15. 81PuffsPlus September 5, 2010 at 8:37 am
  16. Susan wrote: My current fixation is Eric on True Blood – now there’s a bad boy (with inguinal creases to die for).
  17. You too, huh? Funny, when I read your part about the “Bad Boy” in this article, that is exactly who I thought of. And I’m noticing a LOT of that going around on various True Blood fan websites. It’s clear that Bill Compton as a hunk magnet rates WAY lower than Eric Northman in terms of female fan interest. Edward Cullen, move over; there’s a new blonde vamp hunk in town.
  18. I’m thinking that Eric’s grief-stricken reaction to Godric’s death (played so well by Alexander Skaarsgard) in True Blood Season 2 is probably what turned up the interest in his character in the nth degree; all of a sudden, he wasn’t just bad, but he was vulnerable too.

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