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Languages marked with * are also supported with encrypted pastes.

You can encrypt your paste to prevent people from viewing the content of your paste unless a correct password is provided. The encryption and decryption are performed client-side, meaning we never receive an unencrypted copy of the paste.

Note the following:

  • If you lose your password, we can't recover the content of your paste.
  • Syntax highlighting doesn't work with all languages if your paste is encrypted.

Title Age
allendev 37.69 seconds
allendev 11 minutes and 53.42 seconds
allendev 14 minutes and 10.55 seconds
allendev 15 minutes and 53.8 seconds
allendev 17 minutes and 56.79 seconds
allendev 23 minutes and 28.71 seconds
allendev 36 minutes and 36.95 seconds
allendev 38 minutes and 16.4 seconds
allendev 47 minutes and 42.89 seconds
allendev 2 hours, 54 minutes and 21.96 seconds