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  3. G.A.I.A.(Galactic Anonymous Insurgency Agency) Elite V.I.P.E.R. Hacking Squad.
  4. The Fable of Cain and Abel
  5. By Daniel A.M. Groover
  6. Once upon a time were three people. A just man of Light named Adam. A Just woman of Light named Eve. And a Dark Beast of fear, control, and deceit named Satan. Satan requires Human Sacrifice, Slavery, and Subservience to follow him.
  7. Adam and Eve were beings of Light. They worshiped the most powerful Angel of Light a being named Lucifer. Lucifer is an Angel that represents freedom, Love, Light, Life and Kindness.
  8. Adam and Eve had a Son of Light and his name was Abel. He is the Father of all ABELians of Light (Illumination).
  9. After Eve gave birth to Abel, the firstborn son of these two Parents of ALL Light on Earth. Something terrible happened to Eve. When Adam was away hunting for food for his family of Light: Eve and Abel, Satan the Evil Beast of Darkness went into the Home of Adam and Eve. He raped Eve and in the course of raping her, impregnated her with a Demi-urge child that was Half-Light (from Eve) and Half-Dark (from Satan). The First born child of the BEAST Satan was the Demi-Urge known as Cain.
  10. Then after many years Cain and Abel grew up to be teenagers. Once while tending the field, Cain was approached by his Father, Satan. Satan told Cain he required a Human Sacrifice to show that he loved his Father. Satan gave CAIN a special spear that was forged from the bowels of Pure Darkness. This Spear Satan called the Spear of Destiny. Satan told Cain he must use this Magical Spear of Evil and Darkness to sacrifice his Half-brother Abel to Him. He said this Blood Sacrifice would Atone for Cain’s transgressions against Satan and would redeem him from the wrath of Satan, which would Eternally condemn him if he did not seek the Atonement of Human Sacrifice.
  11. Cain wanted to please his Dark Father of a Beast Satan. So he took the Evil Spear of Destiny and killed his Half Brother Abel. Lucifer, the God of Pure Light, was not pleased. He exiled Cain east of where they were staying at in the Town of Eden.
  12. Cain headed East of Eden and Found the Adamite Town of Enoch. On the way he had met other Children of Satan. He formed an Army with them. The children of darkness were impressed with Cain’s Spear of Destiny and thought he must be a powerful military leader.
  13. Cain raised an Army with his Infernal Spear of Destiny against the Adamite town of Enoch. He and his army overcame the peaceful town of Enoch, the sister city of Eden. Cain overcoming the peaceful Enochians who were Free Citizens of Light and renamed the Town of Enoch to Honor Him, He called the Town CAIN-Ann. Consequently CAIN went all throughout the land and with his mighty Dark Spear of Destiny the Demi-Urge Cain conquered all the people’s around his Capital City of CAIN-Ann. These were people’s that has lived in the land for a long time before Cain came with his armies and butchered and killed them using the Satanic Spear of Destiny. After Cain conquered all the People of Light around his capital City of Cain-ann he decided to call his Kingdom IS-real. He named his Kingdom Is-Real because he felt Power, Subservience, Human Blood, and Wealth was what HE USED TO conquer the native people of the Land. Cain made S.S. his Motto: Sacrifice and Subservience. And to Cain this S.S. was the only thing that he acknowledges IS-real to him.
  14. Thus was founded the Satanic Nation of the S.S. Is-real by Cain using the Spear of Destiny Formed by the Father of Cain: Satan, the Dark Deceiver. Satan was pleased with Cain. Satan decided to reinvent himself because he had a bad name with the ABELian children of Light that were slaughtered in Cain-Ann in the Formation of Satan’s nation of Is-real. Satan began referring to himself by four cryptic letters: YHWH. Those letters stood for something insidious. Something Evil. Something that in ages to come the World Would never figure out in time…Until it was too late and the Power of the Satanic Spear of Destiny reached its culmination of its Ultimate goal, to destroy All Light and End the World as we know it. Satan/YHWH wanted to kill all Light Beings and raise a World Army of Submissive Slaves (S.S.) to practice Satanic Sacrifice (S.S.) to him. His goal was to kill all the Original Light inhabitants that settled uninhabited lands. He wanted to eradicate the natives of Light: Y.ou H.ave W.andered H.ere and settled a land that no one was ever on. Beware the S.S. of Satanic CAINanites will take all the Native Inhabitants of Lands, and kill them in a mass genocide. (See: The Genocide of the original inhabitants of CAINan by Is-Real or the Genocide of the Natives of America by the United States of Babylon)
  15. FINIS
  16. Note: That story is a Fable made up by me, Daniel A.M. Groover. I hope you enjoyed it!
  17. Without Further Ado, here is the GRAND LEAK of ALL Leaks. The Document that the Vatican, The Illuminati, and the Zio-NAZI’s are trying to keep secret from the World. But guess what, when GOD of Light, Love, and Life is involved…there are no secrets.
  18. “The Canaanite Destiny”
  19. **** March 12 1938 Schatzkammer, Hofburg Palace, Vienna How to begin? I'm shaking as I write these words. Himmler made us swear to record nothing of what happened today. I've never disobeyed him in my life, and my only excuse now is that these are private words that only I shall ever read. I want to be able to relive today for the rest of what, I pray, will be my brief future in this world. We arrived at the Imperial Treasury at noon. Himmler ordered the Austrian staff to leave and then twelve of us stepped inside, one from each of the twelve families of the original priesthood. It made me shiver to think that we must have looked just like Cain's original twelve priests. Just as they wore black robes and carried the mark of the Death's Head on their silver rings, all of us were in our black SS uniforms, with the gleaming Totenkopf badge on our caps. The Führer, in his brown leather coat, followed us in. Cain himself couldn't have looked more majestic. If anyone was marked out by destiny as our deliverer, it was the Führer. We formed two lines, gave the Roman salute and shouted, `Heil Hitler!' as he strode past us. Following him, we walked through the Imperial Regalia of the Holy Roman Empire, ignoring the glittering trinkets. Already, we felt the Spear's presence. I imagined that the legions of martyrs who struggled for so long to avenge our Lord, to bring us back to the true light, marched behind us. For thousands of years, the Enemy's persecution of us never faltered. They hanged us, beheaded us, drowned us, burned us alive, disembowelled us, did everything in their power to exterminate us. Always there were traitors, infiltrators, spies, deserters, turncoats, the weak and the fainthearted, but the Secret Doctrine survived every attempt to destroy it. And now the Spear of Destiny was about to be ours. It lay in an ordinary glass cabinet ­ the world's most sacred relic, the most powerful object ever created, resting on a red velvet cushion. It was under their noses all the time and they never saw the truth. Born in ignorance, mired in error, damned by their stupidity. They deserve every horror we'll soon unleash upon them. Sunshine caught the Spearhead and it glinted as though it were bathed in the light of the one, true God. I could practically reach out and touch the weapon that would free us forever. The words of the legend came back to me: The man who wields the Spear of Destiny will control the fate of the world. We knew the legend better than anyone: it was our legend. We alone knew where the Spear originated, the identity of its true owner and the reason it was made. The Führer gave a signal to SS-Hauptsturmführer Neumann. He unlocked the cabinet and the Führer stepped past him and gripped the Spear. When he raised it in his right hand, the spearhead glowed, just as the legend said it would. We all clicked our heels and yelled, `Sieg Heil!' `Our quest is nearing its end,' the Führer said. `Cain's destiny is almost fulfilled.' I wanted to weep when I heard those words. I stared at the two sig runes that made up my SS insignia. Sig for victory. Sig for vengeance. Sig Sig ­ the mark the Enemy once branded on us to humiliate us, but which we now wore with pride. It reminded us every day of what we had to do. `The creature's box is in Chartres Cathedral,' the Führer continued, `and it will be ours as soon as we conquer France.' When he lifted the spear above his head, we all knelt. `After France falls, England will be helpless,' he said. `Then we'll locate the remaining two Grail Hallows and finish this once and for all.' He ordered us to leave then remained alone with the Spear for over an hour. When he emerged, he didn't speak, but it was obvious something had changed. I can't begin to describe the odd expression in his eyes. `Our Enemy hasn't begun to suspect our true nature,' he said. `They call us warmongers, fascists, totalitarians. Not for one second have they conceived who we really are. Soon we'll bring humanity its greatest and most unexpected gift.' He smiled in a way I'd never seen before, as though he knew that the great burden he carried would soon be lifted. `Don't you feel it?' he remarked, and I could swear he trembled. `It's almost here.' Then he said the words we had all waited so long to hear. `The end of the world.'
  20. End of File (EoF)
  22. G.A.I.A.(Galactic Anonymous Insurgency Agency) Elite V.I.P.E.R. Hacking Squad.

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