SupaDupa's Noob Guide To Bitcoin P2Pool Mining (Windows) Updated October 19th 2012


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  1. SupaDupa's Noob Guide to Bitcoin P2Pool Mining (Windows) *UPDATED October 19th 2012*
  2. ___________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. 1. Download P2Pool @ (v8.2) *You must upgrade to P2Pool 8.2 as soon as possible!*
  4. 2. Download CGMiner @ (v2.8.4 *LATEST STABLE VERSION*) *CGMiner Now uses Diablo Kernel and does not require SDK 2.5 you can use the latest drivers from now on!*
  5. 3. Download Bitcoin (Wallet) @
  6. 4. Extract P2Pool to it's own folder.
  7. 5. Extract CGMiner to it's own folder.
  8. 6. Install the Bitcoin (Wallet) Software.
  9. 7. Once you have downloaded the full Bitcoin Block Chain go into C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin and make a New Text Document
  10. 8. Now input the following into your New Text Document
  12. rpcuser=user
  13. rpcpassword=password
  14. server=1
  15. It can take several hours to download all the blocks in the blockchain on a Broadband Internet Connection
  16. All file sources provided in this guide are direct from the developers DO NOT use any other links all the files in this guide come from TRUSTED SOURCES!
  17. 9. Now save the file as bitcoin.conf under "All Files/Types" it has to be saved as bitcoin.conf not bitcoin.conf.txt or it will NOT work..
  18. 9 1/2. If you are having troubles with your Bitcoin Client crashing while using the Bitcoin RPC Server I will be adding to this guide with information on how to use Bitcoin Daemon Instead.
  19. 10. Now go into your CGMiner folder and find cgminer.exe , highlight it and right click it and Send To Desktop > Create Shortcut
  20. 11. Now find the shortcut you just made for cgminer.exe , right click it and go to properties
  21. 12. Now find "Target.." and add a space and enter the following..
  22. cgminer.exe" -o -u user -p password
  23. 13. Now save the details you just changed in the shortcut by clicking OK
  24. 14. Now open your P2Pool folder and find run_p2pool.exe , highlight it and right click and again Send To Desktop > Create Shortcut
  25. *EXTRA HASHRATE: If you happen to be mining on Litecoin P2Pool and Bitcoin P2Pool at the same time it is advised to set your CGMiner to the highest intensity for normal hashrate to do so..
  26. Well mining on CGMiner..
  27. Press G on the CGMiner Command Prompt
  28. Press I on the CGMiner Command Prompt
  29. Type in 14
  30. Press Enter
  31. This should bring back your normal hashrate while minng Bitcoins on P2Pool
  32. *EXTRA NOTE ABOUT EXTRA HASHRATE: Your best option to maintain your normal hashrate is to also set Low Priority on your minerd.exe
  33. To do this..
  34. Press ALT + CTRL + DELETE
  35. Press Start Task Manager
  36. Go to the Processes Tab
  37. Find your minerd.exe
  38. Right Click it and Select Set Priority > Low
  39. This should bring back your normal hashrate while mining both Bitcoins and Litecoins
  40. *WARNING: There has not been any reports of systems becoming unstable while Intensity is set to 14 on CGMiner and minerd is set to Low Priority. If however your system becomes unstable IMMEDIATELY STOP using this fix.
  41. "Running P2Pool:
  42. Run P2Pool with the "--net litecoin" option.
  43. Run your miner program, connecting to on port 9327.
  44. Forward port 9338 to the host running P2Pool.
  45. Litecoin's use of ports 9332 and 9332 conflicts with P2Pool running on
  46. the Bitcoin network. To avoid problems, add these lines to litecoin.conf
  47. and restart litecoind:
  48. rpcport=10332
  49. port=10333 "
  50. 15. Now run your CGMiner Shortcut.
  51. 16. Now run your P2Pool Shortcut.
  52. 17. If all wen't well you should now be mining Bitcoins on P2Pool.
  53. Cheers,
  54. SupaDupa
  55. If this guide helped you Please Donate @ 13DRAm57deBUgUfPAoZfp3cqHsqWkVhWRg (Bitcoin)

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