DATE: April 17, 2013, 8:39 p.m.

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  1. lebldavid: crunchyfrog1, Im not sure what chart you are looking at...PPC is trending down
  2. bleak: yipyo, what makes them entertaining?
  3. hayabusa2020: take your gains and run for the hills. This is a disaster area
  4. Aztec: digitaltradz, haha tiz true
  5. SilverLining2013: Jeep dealer accepts bitcoin to pay for your next bug out vehicle hxxp://libertyblitzkrieg.com/2013/04/17/jeep-dealer-in-kansas-now-accepts-bitcoin/
  6. DmitryC: you just wait. US market just closed, daytraders are about to flood coin exchanges...
  7. marketersales: lebldavid, how much do you think LTC will go within 1 week?
  8. marwid: oebs_pm, Local time in china is 05:36 so they wont trade yet.....
  9. ervichov: marketersales, $10
  10. yipyo: bleak, THey're moving, high profit margins. 20% on my account today
  11. toasty208: marketersales, if gox picks it up, maybe 4-6
  12. laSeek: hennessyhemp, I'm not - I've toyed with it - but I don't have the exp or the time to. I'm just supporting those who are working on them with how scrypt is implemented in litecoin
  13. Aztec: marwid, I'll be waiting for them
  14. bleak: Guys, all these wallets are filling up my hard drive
  15. iisword: hmmm
  16. witabit: Will LTC boost like when BTC go popular?
  17. albacore: "BFL is going to ship in 1 or 2 weeks" --- BFL 5 months ago
  18. lebldavid: marketersales, 2.5 ha ha ha
  19. Simplyfun: ervichov, thanks for letting me know
  20. rundropglide: BFL = big frakin lie
  21. ervichov: albacore, :facepalm:
  22. shoaib20695: why is my order pending at 83$
  23. digitaltradz: laSeek, That's great! Keep me in your PM's if you would. I'm interested and have some $$$ to put in at least on mining. THe more available and the more that is kept, the higher the price eventually. Thanks.
  24. marwid: Aztec, Me TO :), Anyways dump your bitcoins for LTC. Well worth it.
  25. hayabusa2020: gox back below 90
  26. Bankrunner: why are BTC's even near $83?
  27. tparfitt: ltc or btc guys
  28. jmbinfo: 91
  29. prophetx: gox 91
  30. Aztec: marwid, yes thanks i got lots of cheap ltc :)
  31. yipyo: Here comes some bTC volume
  32. rundropglide: shoaib20695, because you dont understand trading
  33. inertia: Pro-tip: Never pet a burning dog.
  34. diegocon: 91 at gox cool!
  35. DmitryC: you know what this forum need? like button that sends a fraction of a coin to the commentator
  36. SilverLining2013: dmitryC, not a bad idea!
  37. moltenmich: i second dmitry
  38. dave4925: 200Mhash/s getting me 6 TRC/day
  39. Aesaus: +0.0001
  40. brianhanson: i think the fourm needs a button that sends me money
  41. Mullick2001: SilverLining2013, thats going live when ltc gets on dox
  42. laSeek: digitaltradz, They'll announce when they're ready - they pop in here now & then to talk about what they're doing.
  43. ervichov: Simplyfun, :) anytime bud i got a 31000min ban its like guantanamo bay no trial
  44. kodachrome: PPC forked =S
  45. LyndsySimon: WHOA. Someone just bought about 1,500 coins on Gox it looks like.
  46. rundropglide: TIP button!!! woooooo also a risechikun fund would be awesome. were the funding goes to burnign chikunz live on the internets
  47. robpetty: NVC laying on the floor, praying for death
  48. marwid: Aztec, Yeah those LTC are so cheap in the BTC ratio, It's a good investment.
  49. Aztec: DmitryC, yeah someone write a firefox script
  50. inertia: Pro-tip: It is illegal to stab people for being stupid.
  51. malte: daje roma
  52. digitaltradz: DmitryC, Just ask for thie addy in a PM. That works too.

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