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  9. 130Brendan September 6, 2010 at 8:12 am
  10. O: No, it’s not. Kim Kardashian is far and away hotter than Natalie Portman – and keep in mind, I have no dog in the fight, because you know firsthand what kind of Women I like. Just being brutally objective about the matter, and don’t take my word for it – ask the guys under 30 right here in this forum, and let’s see what happens…
  11. Not so sure what being under 30 has to do with it. The first time I laid eyes on Portman, I was under 30, does that count?
  12. I think what Mike says about racial preferences might be on point here. Portman basically looks a lot like Audrey Hepburn — slight, slim physique, unforgettable face. I think that many white guys would think that Portman is hotter/prettier than Kardashian, because Kardashian comes off as trashy — she’s not unattractive, but she’s attractive in a trashy sense. Portman is a member of the upper middle class by birth (as was Kardashian) but she’s not trashy at all. Kardashian has this “bad girl/in my rich daddy’s face” thing going on with her sisters and it’s pretty sad, really, whereas Portman is something of a standout among Hollywood women of her age and looks for being stable, connected with her family, and downright unrebellious. It’s class vs. trash, really.
  13. But beyond that, the point Susan was trying to make is that there are smart, hot women — Portman is certainly an example of that and is not the only one by a long shot. Even if a guy were to agree with you that KK is “hotter” than Portman, that doesn’t prove the statement that “smart girls aren’t hot”, because, again, even if KK is hotter than Portman, Portman is still hot, and she’s probably at least twice if not three times as smart as Kardashian is.
  14. If you walk around Princeton or Harvard or Stanford or what have you, pretty much all the women are very smart due to the admissions standards. And some are quite hot. Again, the point isn’t “ah, but there are hotter women at USC than at Stanford” — because again that doesn’t prove the statement that smart women are not hot. In my experience in elite academic institutions and then in the legal and business world, I’ve noted quite a few smart women who are quite hot, and then there are quite a few who are not — this is also the case among smart men. But blanket statements about the non-hotness of smart women, generally speaking, are pretty much untrue, in my personal experience.
  15. The final point about this is that there are a lot of smart men who are not in the market for unintelligent, trashy women. There are smart men who *are* in that market, of course, as well, but there are many who are not. As in other assortative mating scenarios, the hottest smart women tend to pair with the hottest smart men and so on, on down — at least that’s what I’ve noticed over the past 2 decades or so. And, generally speaking, for LTRs, smart seeks smart — it’s not very easy for highly intelligent men or women to have successful LTRs with people who are less intelligent. It can happen and it can work, but it’s more common for people to assortatively mate select on the basis of intelligence as one of the factors (not the only one, but one of the bigger ones).

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