I Dream Of A Big 'I' That's India


DATE: Jan. 18, 2018, 10:09 a.m.

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  1. Mr Netanyahu said it was an "inspiring visit" to Hriday Kunj, Mahatma Gandhi's home at the Sabarmati ashram. The Israeli Prime Minister and his wife tried their hands at spinning Mahatma Gandhi's charkha or wheel and PM Modi showed them how to fly kites.
  2. PM Modi and Prime Minister Netanyahu inaugurated the iCreate Centre at Deo Dholera Village in Ahmedabad. "We kept a small 'i' in creativity as a big 'I' is a block to creativity. But dream of a big I, that is India. Never stop dreaming and never ever let your dreams die," PM Modi said in his address at iCreate.
  3. The 8-km roadshow to Gandhi Ashram was held amid massive security that included Israeli snipers posted on high-rises. A plan to drive down in an open-top jeep was cancelled due to security reasons, officials said. The road was lined with around 50 tableaux, on which cultural programmes were held to welcome the leaders.
  4. Mr Netanyahu presented PM Modi with a special gift - the Gal-Mobile water desalination and purification jeep, which was dedicated to the people at a village in Banaskantha during one of the functions. During PM Modi's visit to Israel last July, the two leaders rode the mobile unit on the country's Olga beach; it can purify up to 20,000 litres of sea water per day.

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