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  1. https://ca-craigslist.linkenbay.nl/
  2. https://ca-craigslist.zibb.nl/
  3. https://ca-craigslist-.startpleintje.nl/
  4. https://ca-craigslist.overzichtje.nl/
  5. https://ca-craigslist.come2me.nl/
  6. https://ca-craigslist.belsign.be/
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  14. On the other hand, a very nicely-tailored shirt will do wonders. It will make you look muscular (even if you’re not), and will look like it was made for you. The so-called “slim fit” and generally “fitted” dress shirts are crap, as they’re not specifically tailored for your body. Spend the $10 to have a shirt tailored right.
  15. She’ll look great in it the next morning….
  16. Jay Gatsby on April 27, 2011 9:07 pm
  17. One more thing. Check out the websites:
  18. The Style Forum
  19. Ask Andy About Clothes
  20. You may have to wade through some crap, but you’ll pick up solid knowledge of timeless men’s fashion and how to dress with class.
  21. Eamon on April 27, 2011 11:39 pm
  22. Well said, there’s nothing really to add.
  23. On the subject of style sites to check
  24. - The Sartorialist
  25. - Style forvm
  26. - Mensflair
  27. The last 2 have a strong classics bias, but who doesn’t want to look like a g? Take the classics, put a 2011 interpretation and dress to kill.
  28. I would have found it hard not to laugh at her, especially when she said “No, I’ll prefer to not work the muscles I’m targeting” LOL.
  29. Good pointer on ignoring the objection. Long-range game foundation in place.

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