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DATE: Nov. 4, 2021, 4:26 p.m.

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  8. I state the above to Havoc. He laughs. One by one, the entire group leaves the table. Victory is ours. Fat girls next to us...
  9. Fat Girl: "Don't mind us, we're gonna be really loud."
  10. I just give her the same 'you're stupid, don't talk to me look.' that I'm known for. I can't believe, wait, let me roll my eyes in the back of my head and stick my nose in the air. Now I'm ready...
  11. Me: "I can't believe that she would have the AUDACITY to speak to me."
  12. Fedora and his visiting brother, Fiji, arrive. Quiet guy, he is. You know Fedora is drunk when...
  13. Fedora: "Hey fatty, get away from the stage!"
  14. Me: "Her friends are right next to us!"
  15. We look at each other...
  16. Fedora and I : "Hahahahaha!"
  17. Oh, wait, we're suppose to care about things like feelings, right? OSU scores...
  18. Fatty Number Two: "Hey, tap that guy on the shoulder."
  19. And her friend taps me...
  20. Fatty Number Two: "High five!"
  21. Get those fucking fat snausage fingers away from me! Who do these fat girls think they are talking to me!? I thought I was out of the fat girl league. These girls are bold.
  22. Fuck. We need an extra chair. Guess I'll have to go get one...
  23. Fiji: "There is no way that you're going to be able to get a chair from anyone. This place is packed."
  24. Me: "Apparently, you don't know who I am. Do you see that group of girls downstairs?"
  25. Fiji: "Yeah."
  26. Me: "Watch this."
  27. I run down stairs. Smile. Look pretty...
  28. Me: "Do you girls think I could borrow a chair from you?"

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