inca history

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  1. The Inca is the largest civilization in South America in the pre-Columbian era. Its territory stretches in what is today Ecuador, Peru and Chile. The center of military and political administration is located in Cusco (now within the territory of Peru). The Inca community was well established and the empire grew rapidly since its foundation. The Incas are loyal followers of the Sun God. They have a king called "Sapa Inca" which means a child from the Sun. The first Inca emperor, Pachacuti, had succeeded in transforming a simple village into a large city laid out in the form of a puma. He also extends the tradition of worship to the ancestors. When he dies, his son will get all his power. But he shares his power among his other relatives who will guard his mum so that the king will retain his political influence. This is the Inca's burgeoning rapid growth. The Inca undertook massive construction and continued to build the fortress. Now we can still see the greatness of the Inca on sites like Machu Pichu and Cusco City.


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