Check pnr status download train tickets


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  1. Check pnr status download train tickets
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  3. Now IRCTC and Indian Railway offer PNR no. I have Reserved or Confirmed Ticket but no Coach or Seat Number is given. This is not applicable for i-tickets.
  4. They run between important small distanced cities. Actually the PNR system is introduced by airlines and is widely used by railways. In case a passenger has changed the boarding point he will lose all the rights to board the train from the original boarding point.
  5. This is a tout of an individual passenger which exist in the database of computer reservation system that has the itinerary of a traveler, or a group of travelers traveling together. Using an app to check train PNR Status on the mobile. The train ticket of fast and super-fast too, Rajadhani express,Duranto express, Sathabthi and janasathabthi express, Garibrathtrain have PNR number in them, since they are taken using ticket reservation system. Slow locals halt on every station while the fast ones halt only on main important stations. The tickets of metro trains cannot be reserved. Check PNR status through SMS You can check the PNR status of your Indian Railways train ticket. This new current reservation status is generally known as PNR status. How to get a printout of a ticket with PNR number?.
  6. PNR Status - RLWL - A Remote Location Waitlist has the high chances of confirmation.
  7. What is PNR Status? Passenger Name Record - PNR Status is a 10-digit unique number that gives travel information of the ticket-holders. This code is generated only when the CRS gets full data of journey like passenger's name, gender, age, train number, journey class, berth preference, contact number, etc. Various PNR statuses are - whether the ticket has been Confirmed, it is on Waiting List WL or it is under Reservation Against Cancellation RAC. PNR Status - abbreviations used CAN Cancelled - the passenger seat has been cancelled. CNF Confirm - If the current status shows CNF - the seat will be allotted after charting. RAC Reservation Against Cancellation - passenger is allowed to travel, two passengers share the same berth. WL Waitlist - Passengers are not allowed to travel with waitlisted e-ticket. Train ticket can be cancelled before 30 min departure of train. GNWL General Waitlist TQWL Tatkal Waitlist PNR Status Refund Rules - No refund shall be granted on the confirmed ticket after four hours before the scheduled departure of the train. How to check PNR status live on Indian Railways? Checking IRCTC PNR Status with the Hotfoot App is very easy. You will see the current status of your PNR along with confirmation chances, departure-arrival timings and delay status. Using an app to check train PNR Status on the mobile. Luckily, Hotfoot provides very high rated apps for Android, Window, and iPhones. Hotfoot PNR Status app on the Play Store is rated 4. Advantages of PNR Status - With PNR Status, passenger gets all possible details which helps plan a comfortably journey. Does PNR status give the passenger details like passenger name, age or gender? You cannot get personal details like name, age, and gender by checking PNR Status on Hotfoot app or Indian Railway website due to privacy concerns. However, a person who has booked the ticket can see these details if he logs to IRCTC website using his username and password and checks the PNR Status on the website. I have lost my train ticket but I remember my PNR Number. Can I still travel? If a passenger has booked an e-ticket from IRCTC website and forgets to take the e-ticket print out but remembers the PNR number then there is no problem, provided the passenger has a valid id proof. IRCTC ticket booking SMS is also allowed in place of ticket print out. Live PNR Status is showing that the train is cancelled. How can a train get cancelled? Will I be getting a refund? Under unavoidable circumstances, the train might get cancelled. One can check PNR Status on Hotfoot App to find if the train is cancelled or not. For such cases, ticket booked on IRCTC is automatically cancelled and entire booking amount is refunded back. The passenger does not need to file TDR in such cases. However, if the passenger cancels the ticket on their own, then the usual cancellation rules apply. How to get a printout of a ticket with PNR number? For an E-ticket, you can take the reprint of the ticket on your website itself. Click on print section after entering the PNR number.

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