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DATE: Nov. 12, 2021, 3:46 p.m.

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  14. Girl: "Oh, he's good!!"
  15. Like I said before, these girls know when you're gaming them. They just want you to game them well. I played the game right, and as a result? They pull out their phones with no hesitation.
  16. Main room. Misha already making out with a girl. A girl walks up to me, touches my face. And before I can rip her a new one?
  17. Girl: "Shaved and smooth. I like that."
  18. What's this, like the fourth or fifth girl tonight? Get your fucking shit together and attracting women is a piece of fucking cake. And speaking of women, who is this girl staring at me as she walks up the stairs?
  19. I maintain the eye contact. Neither of us break. She walks behind me. I turn my head to the left. As she walks by my left side she turns her head back and continues to stare at me. Recognizing opportunity, I motion with my fingers...
  20. Me: "Come here."
  21. She walks back towards me, and I whisper in her ear...
  22. Guy: "No!"
  23. And a guy pulls her away. Must either be an angry boyfriend, or the friend of an angry boyfriend. Another lesson for you guys. If your girlfriend is already talking to other men in front of you, then if she hasn't cheated on you already, she will soon. My advice? Don't fight it. Let her go.
  24. I then see Misha in a corner. I still have that same gin & tonic. Him? He has had to have had at least four additional drinks. This is not good.
  25. I go over to Misha. Look at his eyes. Fucked up. He might be OK, as long as he slows down. Just then, he starts spitting out his drink. Cheeks puffed up. He then drinks the liquid he just spit up. More liquid flying out of his nose.
  26. Shit. I gotta get him to the bathroom before a bouncer notices him...
  27. Me: "Dude, you're about to puke. Let's go to the bathroom."
  28. Misha: "Nooooooo! I'm fine!!"
  29. He can barely stand. He is not fine. More liquid shooting into his glass from his mouth. He keeps fighting me....
  30. Misha: "This is my party!!"

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