The Online Dating Saga


DATE: Nov. 3, 2021, 4:20 p.m.

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  17. back. Fuck that. Grab her hands. Restrain them on her pillow. Fingers entangled in her hair. I yank it slightly while I fuck her. She moans louder. I know her roommate can hear her, if not the entire neighborhood. Fuck her hard. Harder. She wraps her legs around me. HARDER! Grudge fuck kind of sex. She's been teasing me, and I've been teasing her. No more teasing.
  18. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!? Did something just lick my balls!? Again. What the fuck!? No seriously, what the fuck!? Again. I turn around. She let her fucking dog in here, and it's licking the salt off of my balls! Do I kick the dog? Do I say something about it? No. I let him keep on licking. I'm going to fucking kill that dog when I'm done. We finish. She tries to cuddle. Get the fuck off of me. Your dog just raped the salt on my balls.
  19. Big Misha drove, and he's gone. Guess this means I gotta catch the bus back to campus. I put my soaking fucking wet clothes back on, as they have not been in the dryer long when I took them out. Sneak outside. Nice and sunshiney out. Get on the bus. Everyone looks at me. What's his story?
  20. start hitting cups. Looks like I'm about to win. Revenge is a bitch. Rayman stops making cups. However, unlike my partner, VK steps up his game. Once again, they beat me by one cup. Of course I'm about to cry, choking up on tears. I fucking hate losing.
  21. Another game....
  22. Girl: "Assanova. You know Smilez, don't you?"
  23. How the fuck does she know me? I'm sure that I've never met her, and Smilez isn't here. Oh well. I walk back inside to see Rayman talking to the petite blonde. I jump in...
  24. Blonde: "I like your tattoo. I want one, but my dad won't let me get it."
  25. Me: "Forget your dad. You should do it. What's the worse that can happen?"
  26. I'm a dad's worst nightmare. She then tries to go for my labret piercing. I back away. Don't fucking touch it. I walk away.
  27. While I'm away, Rayman has just about worked this girl up. An easy blowjob. He then looks over her...
  28. Rayman: "BBQ CHIPS!!!"
  29. He leaves an easy fucking blowjob and goes for the chips. He's the most excited man in the world right now. We leave, and he makes sure that those chips never leave his sight. I then notice that every girl is coming up to him to get some of his chips. Those things are a fucking chick magnet.
  30. I meet up with Smilez...
  31. Smilez: "I know of a foam party."

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