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  10. Unlike the person above we don't have a safe word, and he won't stop when I ask him to, he'll stop when he decides I've had enough, but that's all right with me. I like him being in control, it makes me feel safe. I don't want to be able to stop him when I want, I like things the way they are, I don't want to have any control over what he does, but then I'm a one-dimensional sort of person!
  11. by Louise C on 2004 Oct 26 - 16:13 | reply to this comment
  12. GT has no safeword. In fact it doesn't matter how much she pleads or states her discomfort the spanking is not over until I deem it to be over. It is quite easy for me to tell when she is in the I have had enough zone not to mention the destinct "Hot Cherry Red" color her bottom turns. Both Tevmer and LouiseC mentioned the butterflies. I know that GT has no fear of me the human but certainly experiences the Butterfly Effect, before she is taken in hand physically.
  13. I believe control is the key word. GT does not tell me what to do, how to spank or how to do anything for that matter. It is as though her submission is her way of saying "I know you are in control, I am totally yours and I totally trust that you are making the right decision."
  14. This is not to say that she and I don't talk about what caused it or why she is going to be taken in hand physically, because we do. The fact is, it has been my experience that this type of communication also causes the Butterfly Effect and an ubelievable connection between GT and I. I feel that the Butterfly Effect is caused by a certain style of dominance and for some woman but certainly not all woman is a major turn on.
  15. Respectfully, Race
  16. by Race on 2004 Oct 29 - 18:52 | reply to this comment
  17. No fear - trust

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