Jealous girls angry over new girlfriend


DATE: Oct. 22, 2012, 8:53 a.m.

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  1. Rector Daniel
  2. September 23
  3. Rector Daniel
  4. so whats your problem?
  5. Amanda Green
  6. September 23
  7. Amanda Green
  8. abbi is a fucking slut thats my problem
  9. & u told me to tell abbi u hate her & u cant stand her. & the day after u & your "girlfriend" break up your walking around town holding hands with abbi
  10. Amanda Green
  11. September 23
  12. Amanda Green
  13. abbi had a thing with my brother then she started fucking coady & then u all in the same week , its pretty fucking disgusting
  14. so thats my problem.
  15. Rector Daniel
  16. September 23
  17. Rector Daniel
  18. well listen, its non of your business, you wanted to fuck me and date me but i got a women and then me and her broke up and me and abbie started hanging out, like i've known abbie for over 2 years. So like you can like fucking get a life and get over it and be our friend or you can fuck off and be against us but thats up to you
  19. Amanda Green
  20. September 23
  21. Amanda Green
  22. i dont care if its any of my business or not, im telling you you look like a goddamn fool. she already fucked you over once.
  23. your so desprate for a women its sickin how you'd go back to a lil tramp like abbi
  24. Amanda Green
  25. September 23
  26. Amanda Green
  27. im your friend not abbis & if ur gunna stop being my friend cause of her thats 100% completely fine with me, just dont be texting me when she fucks you over again. like you did last time when kayla fucked u over & u were texting my complaining
  28. go find a real girl not trash daniel
  29. Rector Daniel
  30. September 23
  31. Rector Daniel
  32. Amanda, u duno what shes been thru and why she is what she is.
  33. Amanda Green
  34. September 23
  35. Amanda Green
  36. just because people been thru tuff times does NOT give them a reason to treat people like shit & use them, thats all she is is a user .
  37. OR give them a reason to be a S L U T!!!!!
  38. Rector Daniel
  39. September 23
  40. Rector Daniel
  41. She hasnt got a thing from me since we got together a week ago
  42. Amanda Green
  43. September 23
  44. Amanda Green
  45. whatever daniel .. get at me when you come to your senses
  46. witch i know wont take long i'll give it about another week or too & u'll be texting me telling me i was right .. im only looking out for you , but i can tell you right now i am NOT impressed, i used to look up to you , u were that person that allways had the right things to say & do. but right now i dont think you know what the fuck your doing.
  47. Rector Daniel
  48. September 24
  49. Rector Daniel
  50. i know exactly what i'm doing, i'm helping a friend, i hope u understand that sum day, i don't wanna fight about it and i will do what ever it takes for abbie not to get any static at school, she has bad anxiety and she needs to stay in school. I hope we can still be friends and you being a friend to me you ease up on her and i will hook u up for doing so? and if you or your old man are looking get at me, i don't hold any grudge against you lil lady
  51. Amanda Green
  52. September 24
  53. Amanda Green
  54. all im saying is you needa find your self a women not a damn child.
  55. ease up on abbi? naw i dont take bribes lol. i dont like the girl, i dont care for the girl, i dont say anything to her at school let alone even look at her.
  56. Amanda Green
  57. September 24
  58. Amanda Green
  59. but i am pissed your tryin to "fix" someone whos just gunna screw you over in the end.
  60. i feel ur just wasting your time
  61. Rector Daniel
  62. September 24
  63. Rector Daniel
  64. i might be wasting my time but if everyone gave up on everyone then no one would get any where, everyone deserves a chance
  65. Amanda Green
  66. September 24
  67. Amanda Green
  68. That bitch had to many she needs to get gone and go back to where she came from
  69. Rector Daniel
  70. September 24
  71. Rector Daniel
  72. grow up really, u r acting ten years old

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