Citizens arrest,&,cease,&,desist,of/for republican law enforcement,republican politicians (state,and,federal). U.S,&,territories


DATE: May 26, 2023, 7 a.m.

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  1. Fifth month, of the year of 2023. Twenty five days in. About 11:59 p.m., California time (in the United republican / rethug, PERJURING, SOCIOPATH, pro assault of women, pro r*pe of women, pro murder of women, pro MURDER of lgbtqia, pro R*PE of lgbtqia, pro assault of lgbtqia, pro MURDER of alternatively abled, pro R*PE of alternatively abled, pro assault of alternatively abled, pro EXTREMELY VIOLENT PIMPING, etc, etc, etc, etc, TERRORIST, MISOGYNIST, states of America
  2. This is a citizens arrest of EVERY republican, affiliated with law enforcement, or, politics, from (not kidding, 10 trillion, before b.c. / before dinosaurs), to present day, 5/25/2023, to ten trillion years from now (multiplied by infinity). This includes (corrupt) individuals affiliated with law enforcement, and politics, in any capacity, in any city, town, state, or, territory, in/ affiliated with, the United States. If you have been a republican, for 1 Nanosecond, or longer, involved with (corrupt) law enforcement, or, politics, in any city, town, state, or, territory, in / affiliated with the United States, you are under citizens arrest. This is ***** NOT ***** NEGOTIABLE. This means republican senators, republican house members, republican congress members, at the state, and federal levels. This means wardens, attorneys, law clerks, paralegals, construction people, gardeners , cleaners, janitors / custodians, computer security people, anyone working in any capacity for companies funding, or, profiting, (from) jails, and prisons, tech people, tech support people, judges, district attorneys, state police officers, police officers, sergeants, lieutenants, captains, sheriffs, deputies, stenographers, chiefs of police, meter maids, dispatchers, bailiffs, corrections officers, "fbi agents", anyone employed in any capacity, by the department of justice / doj, desk sergeants, jail personal, prison personal, psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, phlebotomists, nurses aids, psychologists, social workers, etc, etc, etc, etc. Again, this is ***** NOT ***** a joke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (excluded are those that are related to Karen Watson, in the last 120 years (family members with the last name/surname of Watson, Torp/Torppe, Stucky, Ladzinski, Lyster, and, Powells). You ****************** WILL ****************** self report to jails, and, prisons nearest to you, no later than 10 a.m., California, United States time, on May 26 2023
  3. (This includes all relatives (married into the family, divorced out of the family, nieces, nephews, great nieces, great nephews, great great nieces, great great nephews, uncles, great uncles, great great uncles, aunts, great aunts, great great aunts, great grandmothers, great great grandmothers, great grandfathers, great great grandfathers, sons, daughters, step sons, step daughters, cousins, 2nd cousins, 3rd cousins, 5th cousins, 800th cousins ,&, anyone, and, everyone, any 1 of you has ever sat next to, breathed on, looked at, etc (except for Karen Watson, &,her family members) etc. This encompasses any friends, or, followers on *any* social media site (meaning those that any of you unfollowed, or, that unfollowed any of you, in addition to long time followers, or, friends). That even may be,4chan,2channel,8chan,Gab,Rumble,MeWe,R/TheRedPill,etc). We'll throw in ANYONE that any 1 of you has spoken to for 1 millisecond ,or longer, anyone that has exchanged messages with any one of you, &,anyone that has exchanged emails with any one of you)
  4. For the umpteenth "billionth time"
  5. ****%%%%~~~~
  7. for
  8. 1) Attempted murder
  9. 2) Solicitation of murder
  10. 3) Solicitation of rape
  11. 4) Solicitation of sexual assault
  12. 5) Solicitation of assault
  13. 6) Solicitation of molestation
  14. 7) Solicitation of pimping
  15. 8) Pimping
  16. 9) Stalking
  17. 10) Cyber stalking
  18. 11) witness intimidation
  19. 12) Libel writing
  20. 13) Slandering
  21. 14) Perjury
  22. 15) Solicitation of perjury
  23. 16) Suborn(ing) perjury
  24. 17) Extortion
  25. 18) Blackmail
  26. 19) Bribery
  27. 20) Providing kickbacks
  28. 21) Receiving kickbacks
  29. 22) Solicitation of blackmail
  30. 23) Solicitation of extortion
  31. 24) Solicitation of bribery
  32. 25) Solicitation of kickback providing
  33. 26) Solicitation of kickback receiving
  34. 27) Solicitation of stalking
  35. 28) Solicitation of cyber stalking
  36. 29) Solicitation of libel writing
  37. 30) Solicitation of illegal hacking
  38. 31) Illegal hacking
  39. 32) Solicitation of witness intimidation
  40. 33) Aiding and abetting attempted murder
  41. 34) Aiding and abetting solicitation of murder
  42. 35) Aiding and abetting solicitation of rape
  43. 36) Aiding and abetting solicitation of sexual assault
  44. 37) Aiding and abetting solicitation of assault
  45. 38) Aiding and abetting solicitation of molestation
  46. 39) Aiding and abetting solicitation of pimping
  47. 40) Aiding and abetting pimping
  48. 41) Aiding and abetting rape
  49. 42) Aiding and abetting sexual assault
  50. 43) Aiding and abetting assault
  51. 44) Aiding and abetting perjury
  52. 45) Aiding and abetting suborn(ing) of perjury
  53. 46) Aiding and abetting illegal hacking
  54. 47) Aiding and abetting solicitation of witness intimidation
  55. 48) Aiding and abetting solicitation of perjury
  56. 49) Aiding and abetting solicitation of suborn(ing) of perjury
  57. 50) Aiding and abetting solicitation of stalking
  58. 51) Aiding and abetting solicitation of cyber stalking
  59. 52) Aiding and abetting solicitation of illegal hacking
  60. 53) Aiding and abetting solicitation of bribery
  61. 54) Aiding and abetting solicitation of blackmail
  62. 55) Aiding and abetting solicitation of extortion
  63. 56) Aiding and abetting solicitation of kickback providing
  64. 57) Aiding and abetting solicitation of kickback receiving
  65. 58) Aiding and abetting solicitation of libel writing
  66. 59) Obstruction of justice
  67. 60) Aiding and abetting obstruction of justice
  68. 61) Participating in (some way) the June 8 1992 attempted murder of Karen Watson, along With "Johnson and Johnson" "attorney" "Alana Kriegsman" (, & John'O Connell ( (attending Johns Hopkins together), et al
  69. 62) Aiding and abetting solicitation of obstruction of justice
  70. 63)Aiding, &, abetting, stealing $320 off the card of Karen Watson, June 2 2022, at 12:45 a.m., using a duplicate card (you made a physical copy of) at Bank of The West, in San Francisco, Ca
  71. 64)For conspiring / colluding with myredbook .com,GOP,FELONS, to steal from people
  72. 65)For conspiring / colluding with government officials, in the United States to steal from people
  73. 66)For conspiring / colluding with m*th heads (dealers, manufacturers, sellers), h*roin manufacturers, dealers,&, sellers, c*caine dealers, manufacturers, and sellers, to steal from people
  74. 67)For conspiring / colluding with so called workers / employees / actually, FELONS of places in towns, cities, and states (especially in Silicon Valley, California) that are supposed to provide ebt/Calfresh, general assistance, and medical / medi-cal, to steal from their "clients" / recipients of ebt/Calfresh, general assistance, and medical / medi-cal
  75. 68)For solicitation of terrorist threats (422 p.c.)
  76. 69)For making terrorist threats (422 pc)
  77. 70)For black hat hacking / illegal hacking (especially, without a warrant, and withOUT probable cause, even though black hat hacking is ALWAYS illegal)
  78. 71)Any, and all rapes you have committed
  79. 72)Any, and all assaults you have committed
  80. 73)Any and all instances of molestation, committed by you
  81. 74)Any and all instances of fraud committed by you
  82. 75)Any and all instances of sexual assault committed by you
  83. 76)Any and all instances of falsifying reports you have been involved in (including if you were off by 1 hour, 1 day, or, in a description of something (like a purple shirt, instead of a blue shirt, shoe size, height,or, weight))
  84. 77)Any and all instances of statutory rape, committed by you
  85. 78)Any and all instances of abuse committed by you (physical, sexual, mental/emotional)
  86. ********** We'll add in all you felons will IMMEDIATELY, and ******** FOREVER ******** , cease and desists with all the crimes, outlined above **********
  87. ********** For all the crimes outlined above, you are all being sued for $100 trillion (multiplied by infinity). NON NEGOTIABLE **********
  88. #raisetheunitedstatesdebtceiling
  89. #theunitedstatesneedstopayoffitsdebtsnow
  90. #saveabortion
  91. #prochoice
  92. #prochoiceforever
  93. #sincetRumpisillegitimate, #brettkavanaughisillegitimate , #neilgorsuchisillegitimate, #amyconeybarrettisillegitimate, #chargekavanaughgorsuchandconeybarrettwithperjury, #clarencethomasisacriminal
  94. #stopantisemitism, #knockofftheantisemitism
  95. #decriminalizemarijuanaatthefederallevel
  97. __________________________
  99. ____________________________
  101. __________________________________
  103. ______________________________________
  105. ___________________________________
  107. _______________________________________________________________________________
  109. ______________________________________________________________________________________
  111. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  113. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  115. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  117. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  119. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  121. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  123. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  125. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  127. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  129. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  131. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  144. Sextpanther
  149. @A2sAutoReviews
  153. preferred411
  155. verifyhim
  158. eros
  160. (united kingdom)
  166., 2013
  172. ?
  239. sugardaddyforme
  240. seekingarrangement
  250. --->
  256. RealHookupSite
  274. Zoosk
  275. eHarmony
  277. Plentyoffish
  278. Open Minded
  280. Passion Network
  282. Connectingsingles
  283. Flirty9
  284. Freeandsingle
  285. Mate1
  286. Bookofmatches
  287. Ashley Madison
  289. Casual Kiss
  290. Date Hookup
  291. Fdating
  292. Mingle2
  293. Alikewise
  295. Christian Mingle
  297. Tinder
  298. Coffee Meets Bagel
  299. How About We
  300. Lovoo
  301. Hinge
  302. Taste Buds /
  303. Bumble
  313. ________________________________________________
  314. News articles, articles, interesting sites on the internet (ioho), & videos:
  315., The legal reckoning awaiting Donald Trump if he loses the election
  316., Crowds gather for Women's March to protest Trump and Supreme Court nominee
  317. From, Portable USB Car GPS Signal Interference Blocker Shield Anti Tracking Stalking Privacy Protection
  318., Main witness in Santa Clara County concealed-gun bribery case pleads guilty
  319., A new memo spells out the myriad options available to Sen. Chuck Schumer to delay confirmation of a new Supreme Court justice.
  320., 18 Revelations From a Trove of Trump Tax Records
  321., Democrats Try to Shut Down Senate, Seeking to Stain Barrett Confirmation
  323., White House Is Not Tracing Contacts for ‘Super-Spreader’ Rose Garden Event
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  329., Your Vote Matters! "Your Vote Matters!" video provided by Disability Rights California
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  342., Patagonia isn't playing around with its clothing tags: 'Vote the ***holes out'
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  351., Celebrities gracing the 'green' carpet show Oscar-worthy sustainable dresses can still be glamorous
  352., The cards, known as P-EBT (for Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer), are entirely legitimate. As it happened, every child enrolled in public school in New York City would receive one regardless of family income.
  353., The polls are out, and guess what they say about Trump's 'law and order' racial dog whistles
  354., New job, new start -- how this woman changed her life with the help of her local grocery store
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  369., Reform the Police? Guess Who Funds My State’s Officials
  370., Interactive map: Who is releasing police personnel files under new law, and who is not (NOTE, ROBERT NEALON, in Marin, NO Los Altos, & Mountain View *only* covered the last 5 years, NO Los Gatos, or, Monte Sereno)
  371., Jacob Blake is handcuffed to his hospital bed, family says
  372., Man who recorded Jacob Blake's shooting says he's traumatized and cannot sleep (Corrupt police pushed him towards the front seat, grabbed his shirt, and then illegally, shot him)
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  390., Creepy ‘Geofence’ Finds Anyone Who Went Near a Crime Scene
  391., US Indictments and Raids of Piracy Group Members in ‘The Scene’ Throw Top-Tier Piracy World Into Chaos
  392., House approves bill to send $25 billion to Postal Service and halt changes
  393., Reporter finds 'graveyard of mail sorting pieces' at USPS location day after sabotage was suspended
  394., The post office backed off, but the damage is already done
  395., Appeals court lets emoluments case against Trump continue
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  398., Americans are still paying for sex in Mexico despite the pandemic
  399., Do not vote by mail. I repeat: DO NOT VOTE BY MAIL! Do this instead.
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  401., Postal Service Triples the Cost of Mailing Ballots to Voters
  402., R.I.P. US Postal Service, My Old Friend
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  418., Tianna Arata, a BLM Organizer, Is Facing 15 Years in Prison for Protesting. Here’s How You Can Help Her
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  425., Tech Is Not Neutral campaign urges companies to stop working with law enforcement agencies
  426., coronavirus deaths united states
  427., Nobody Accurately Tracks Health Care Workers Lost to COVID-19. So She Stays Up At Night Cataloging the Dead.
  428., ICE Guards “Systematically” Sexually Assault Detainees in an El Paso Detention Center, Lawyers Say
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  462., Photos of long lines in congested airports go viral as travelers fear coronavirus outbreak " Obviously being crammed into small spaces is just about the opposite of practicing social distancing, but travelers are at a loss for other options. Whether you’re ill or not already upon landing, it’s a scary circumstance: As CNN reported, a source with knowledge of the medical screenings at JFK Airport told the outlet that at least three passengers were sent to the hospital because of symptoms."
  463., French Cosmetics Firm Steps Up: turning 100% of production to gels for hospitals, at no charge
  464., Well Stocked Grocery Stores You Lying Orange Ape?
  465., Health care and consumer industry groups concerned about supply shortages during coronavirus pandemic
  466., Amazon Drivers Are Hanging Smartphones in Trees to Get More Work
  467., Bricks Can Be Turned into Batteries ($3.00 to make, can light a led light bulb (1% of lithium ion battery), iron oxide "blasted" with certain gases, producing plastic fibers)
  468., A coronavirus cautionary tale from Italy: Don’t do what we did
  469., LAWSUIT: Epstein Shows 14-year-old Girl To Trump: "This is a good one, right?" Trump Smiles and Nods
  470., Diploma mills in the United States
  471., 10 Ways to Spot a Diploma Mill
  472., Article - Fake Diplomas and Transcripts:
  473., 30 Real & Fake Diploma Templates (High school, College, Homeschool)
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  475., How to measure HOW MUCH PEE IS IN YOUR POOL
  476., Doctors thought this Cambridgeshire teenager was anorexic - she actually had three rare brain tumours
  477., Family of five-stone student thought she was anorexic – but she actually had Crohn's disease
  478., Woman who doctors thought was anorexic suffering from rare starving disease (Superior mesenteric artery (SMA))
  479., Symptoms of Pernicious Anaemia
  480., Fight for sufferers of Pernicious Anemia
  481., Gum disease more likely in people with psoriasis (2015)
  482., Dental Health and Psoriatic Arthritis
  483., What to know about psoriatic arthritis jaw pain "Psoriatic arthritis can affect any joint in the body, including the jaw. The condition can cause jaw pain, teeth grinding, and other dental issues such as tooth loss."
  484., A Bad Taste in Your Mouth (2018) "My dentist is very proactive with my oral care mainly because I have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and he knows the damage this disease can cause. Once the dentist explained that if I didn’t get this done that I would have periodontal disease, chipping and teeth falling off; that is a part of my life not to ignore"
  485., Can Germans’ right to switch off survive the digital age?
  486., A dirty secret: you can only be a writer if you can afford it
  487., Elizabeth Warren Has Won Black Activists. She’s Losing the Black Vote. #givewarrenachance
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  494., “A lot of us are suffering”: The dark side of the flight attendant lifestyle
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  497., Silicon Valley Ruined Work Culture . Why does every damn place—even old-school corporate offices—have to be fun and full of foosball?
  498., Malena Ernman on daughter Greta Thunberg: ‘She was slowly disappearing into some kind of darkness’
  499., How some California drug rehab centers exploit addiction
  500., California ‘Rehab Mogul’ raped women, dealt drugs in treatment centers
  501. , 62-year-old former Marine sets Guinness World Record by holding plank for over 8 hours
  502., Univ. of Michigan doctor allegedly sexually abused students, including Olympic wrestler
  503. , Grace Millane and the rise of the '50 Shades' defense in murder trials
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  508. , Donald Trump has berserk meltdown once he realizes he can’t force the judge to give Roger Stone a reduced sentence
  509. , Conservative News Sites Track You Lots More Than Left-Leaning Ones
  510., New California labor law AB 5 is already changing how businesses treat workers
  511. , We're in a Golden Age Of White Collar Crime (We disagree with Theranos ; see, and Martha Stewart, BTW)
  512. , How Accurate Are Online DNA Tests?
  513. , Don’t sell my data! We finally have a law for that
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  515. , Trump weaponizes the Presidency after impeachment victory
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  519. , Ins and Outs of Recycled Plastic Clothing
  520. , 9 Great Brands That Make Clothing from Recycled Plastic
  521., clothing from recycled plastic
  522., 10 Clothing Companies using Recycled Plastic
  523. , Confessions of a Professional Fake Shopper
  524., Dumpster Diver Caught Red Handed By Cops-Spy Cam Records It All!????????? , Mom The Ebayer
  525., How hard will the robots make us work?
  526., How Bacteria Are Changing Your Mood
  527., Who’s Profiting From Your Outrageous Medical Bills?
  528., How to save 51 billion lives for 68 cents with simple Engineering
  530. , 'Kevin's Law' allows patients to get medications without a prescription in emergency cases
  531. , Sign the petition to Justice Roberts: Disqualify senators who refuse to hold a fair impeachment trial
  532. , Nancy Pelosi strikes back
  533., Why has this not made news ? Protestors swarm DC regarding witnesses and GOP cover up.
  534., The next move in Trump administration's war on the disabled
  535., It is time for massive street protests
  536., Another leak tonight from John Bolton’s book just blew up Donald Trump in a whole new way
  537., John Roberts Can Call Witnesses to Trump’s Trial. Will He?
  538., Kamala has Trump's Access Hollywood comment read into Impeachment record by Chief Justice Roberts.
  539., Trump's Inner Mob Boss Emerges with Alarming New Threats to Politicians and the Press
  540., Trump team warns GOP senators, 'Vote against the president and your head will be on a pike'
  541., BREAKING: ABC News Has Reviewed Recording of Trump: 'Take Her Out'
  542., 2 lawyers on Trump defense team shared Epstein as a client
  543. , Leslie Wexner, Victoria’s Secret Billionaire Who Had Ties To Epstein, In Talks To Step Down And Sell Company: Report
  544., Gabriel Matzneff, Who Wrote for Years About Pedophilia, Is Charged. "In France, it was, and remains illegal, for an adult to have sex with a minor under the age of 15, although judges have broad leeway to decide what punishment, if any, to impose"
  545., Time check: Examining the Doomsday Clock’s move to 100 seconds to midnight Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists advance symbol of doom 20 seconds past historic peak.
  546., This Central Valley police chief forced an officer to remodel his home; now he’s California’s latest criminal cop
  547., Nonprofit investigates Colorado jail policies after pregnant woman left bleeding, baby dies
  548. , Body cam video is so damning a judge slammed Pennsylvania police as 'angry, hostile bullies'
  549. , Homeless man sues L.A. over Facebook pages used by police, alleging harassment
  550., He was wrongfully imprisoned for 8 years, now he's a defense lawyer
  551., Police Officer Charged With Murder in Killing of Handcuffed Suspect in Maryland
  552., California Highway Patrol officer charged with sexual assault of 16-year-old girl
  553., Former Maryland cop charged with rape, attempting to infect victim with HIV
  554., Officer Charged in Murder of Son, 8, Kept in Freezing Garage, Police Say
  555., Woman says supermarket called police on her while she was helping a homeless man
  556., Disgraced former deputy who’s now a Pinole cop paid for sex and was accused of domestic violence in divorce
  557., How could a cop fired for dishonesty end up teaching criminal justice at a Bay Area university? Newark police fired Officer Jeff Neithercutt in 2016 for lying three times involving his work
  558., Documents reveal Sacramento jail deputies abused inmates, kept their jobs
  560. Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office hit with corruption probe over concealed weapons permits
  561. Sheriff again scrutinized over alleged political favoritism in issuing of scarce gun permits
  563. Undersheriff ensnared in Santa Clara County concealed guns corruption probe
  564. Search warrant was served Thursday at office of Rick Sung, the second-in-command to Sheriff Laurie Smith
  565., Ex-officer sentenced to 81 years in prison for rapes
  566., How the LAPD Uses Data to Predict Crime
  567., Underpaid and exhausted: the human cost of your Kindle
  568., Amazon and Foxconn reportedly strip workers of benefits and pay low wages in Chinese factory
  569., Foxconn Forced Interns to Work Overtime
  570. , Amazon employees conduct defiance of company communications policy in support of colleagues
  571., Wear Clothes? Then You’re Part of the Problem. Making, washing and tossing apparel has a big environmental cost.
  572., As climate activism surges, fast fashion brands like H&M and Zara may suffer
  573. , A Brand as Ethically Minded as It Is Refined
  574., The audacious effort to reforest the planet
  575., E.P.A. Is Letting Cities Dump More Raw Sewage Into Rivers for Years to Come
  576., One-Fifth of Americans are Responsible for Half the Country’s Food-Based Emissions And the emissions might not come from where you think
  577., Is lab-grown meat actually worse for the environment? A new study raises uncomfortable questions.
  578. , Video Games and Online Chats Are ‘Hunting Grounds’ for Sexual Predators. "But they found none — those arrested came from all walks of life. Among them were a police officer, a teacher, a minister, a nurse, a bank manager, a mechanic, a waiter, a dental hygienist, a college student and a deliveryman."
  579., How Japan Has Almost Eradicated Gun Crime
  580. , These Poverty-Fighting Startups Are Slaying Silicon Valley’s Sacred Cows
  581., Yentl Syndrome: A Deadly Data Bias Against Women
  582., 19 Things You Might Not Know Were Invented by Women
  583., The Martha Stewarting of Powerful Women
  584., Learn Sign Language Online . This site is dedicated to the memory of Lloyd Bridges & Jim Scoggins. Best friends and pioneers of Deaf rights and equal access for Deaf Americans.
  585., An Anarchist Is Teaching Patients to Make Their Own Medications. The goal is to build a DIY movement to undercut high drug prices
  586., He Was Dying. Antibiotics Weren’t Working. Then Doctors Tried a Forgotten Treatment. Phages are making a comeback.
  587., Americans take fish antibiotics because it's cheaper than a visit to the doctor
  588., 10 startups tackling the problem of high prescription drug costs
  589., EQRX wants to make high-end medicines less costly
  590., Artificial leaves use sunlight to produce cheap medicine
  591., Unmasking a Company That Wants to Unmask Us All ;, The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It
  592., Security researcher Josh Mitchell has found numerous law enforcement body cameras are vulnerable to a wide range of attacks including live streaming from the device, wirelessly tampering with and even deleting video files. Read the full story at
  593., ‘Techlash’ Hits College Campuses
  594., LGBTQ Google employees ask SF Pride to remove the company from celebrations
  595., Over 120 LGBTQ Google Employees Say They Don't Want Google Marching In SF's Pride Parade
  596., The Troubled History of Psychiatry, Challenges to the legitimacy of the profession have forced it to examine itself, including the fundamental question of what constitutes a mental disorder.
  597., Teebike turns any bike into an electric bike
  598., It’s the middle of the night. Do you know who your iPhone is talking to?
  599. , ‘I am ready’: Mata Hari faced a firing squad for spying — and refused a blindfold
  600., Health care’s huge cybersecurity problem
  601., Deadly Spread of Some Cancers May Be Driven by a Common Mouth Microbe
  602. , Die, robocalls, die: A how-to guide to stop spammers and exact revenge
  603., People Lie More Often By Email Than Face-To-Face
  604., 6 Ways to Tell If Someone is Lying on the Phone
  605., 12 Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying Over The Phone or Text
  606. , How to Tell if Someone Is Lying Over the Phone
  607., How to Know if Someone Is Lying in a Text
  608., Feds arrest 12, seize 137 pounds of meth,…
  609., Spies Are More Common, and Boring, Than You Think
  610., Masks can fool facial recognition systems, but the algorithms are learning fast
  611., These glasses trick facial recognition software into thinking you're someone else (there's good reason, ioho, to read this)
  612., (How to Be Invisible: 15 Anti-Surveillance Gadgets & Wearables) Serendipitor App: Disrupt Predictability by Varying Your Route
  613., (see # 18, and # 36), 40 Of The Most Interesting Comparison Images (New Pics)
  614. , AI can scramble your face to shield you from recognition programs
  615. From 2013,, Anti-Drone Camouflage: What to Wear in Total Surveillance
  617. Think metalliferous fabrics and mylar
  618. A Faraday cage or Faraday shield is an enclosure used to block electromagnetic fields. A Faraday shield may be formed by a continuous covering of conductive material, or in the case of a Faraday cage, by a mesh of such materials.
  619. Use faceshield app
  620. false faces on clothing
  621. Scott Urban sunglasses , block infared
  622., Does Birth Order Affect Personality?
  623., Who Falls In Love Faster?
  624.,the%20reason%20could%20be%20biological, A New Study Shows Men Fall in Love Faster Than Women
  625., Why Men Fall in Love Faster Than Women
  626., Millennial Pulse: Stop Asking Me If I Hate Men, Or, ‘Feminism For Millennials’
  627., I Hate Men - T-Shirt
  628., The Truth About Where Hair Extensions Come From | Shady | Refinery29
  629., The Dark Secret Behind Your Favorite Makeup Products | Shady | Refinery29
  630., Luxury: Behind the mirror of high-end fashion | DW Documentary (fashion documentary)
  631., 12:49 / 45:29 Superhuman Geniuses (Extraordinary People Documentary) | Only Human |
  632., When Whales Stop Calling
  633., This Dog Goes Everywhere In His Dad's Kangaroo Pouch | The Dodo Soulmates
  634., Guy Keeps Saving Baby Manatees | The Dodo Heroes
  635., Cat Decides To Move Into This Guy's House | The Dodo Cat Crazy
  636., Rescue Puppy Who Keeps Getting Returned Finds Someone Who Understands Him | The Dodo
  637., Street Cat Rescue Before and After
  638., Street Cat Rescue: Duke
  639., Pretty Stray Cat Gives Birth Under A Guy's Bed | The Dodo Soulmates
  640., Couple Rescues Cat Stranded On Mountaintop | The Dodo Soulmates
  641., Stray Feral Cat Becomes An Adventure Cat - TUNA | The Dodo
  642., Senior Cat Loves These Little Girls More Than Anything - BAILEY | The Dodo
  643., Life With A Cat | The Dodo Cat Crazy
  644., The story of Mr. Pirate, possibly the best cat EVAR
  645., Understanding how cats eat, trickle eating
  646., The Opioid Crisis in 2020
  650. _____________________________________________________
  652. Drugs, Inc.
  653. Drugs, Inc. is an American documentary style television series on the National Geographic Channel that explores global narcotics production and trafficking. The series features actors portraying drug dealers, recreational users, and addicts, as well as professionals in the fields of substance abuse, drug rehabilitation, and criminal justice.
  654. Seasons 1 and 2 focused on a specific drug, while seasons 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 investigated multiple drugs in each city or location.
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  769. Drugs Inc S07E05 Jailhouse Junkies 720p HDTV x264 TOPKEK,
  770. _______________________________________________________________________________________________
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  800. Where to get and give free stuff :
  801., free section (though Craigslist staff has always been less than helpful)
  802. (the staff for the san Jose,California, & Sunnyvale, California groups are extremely uptight, and not very kind or helpful)
  803. freeworlder (What do you need ? Leave blank to find anything Items Skills People Charter Signatories),,skills,items&c=thismap&d=1&strict=undefined&last7=undefined&showall=undefined&orderlist=proximity&a=getmarkers&myLat=37.4419&myLon=-122.14300000000003&n=38.06838325404011&s=36.810127281389796&e=-120.89364849853519&w=-123.39235150146487&zoom=9&p=1
  804. , requires facebook
  805., Freebie Fridays, or, Friday Freebie
  806. Freebie Depot (
  807. Sampables (
  808. Offer Up, free section
  809. Let go free section (
  813. yofreesamples
  814. Give, or get food :
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  816. Possible apps & sites to earn a dollar or two ;
  817. 1) SwagBucks
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  822. 6) Quick Thoughts
  823. 7) Surveys On The Go
  824. 8) Easy Shift
  825. 9) Field Agent
  826. 10) Swagbucks Watch
  827. 11) Adme
  828. 12) AppBounty
  829. 13) FeaturePoints
  830. 14) Iconzoomer
  831. 15) Palfish – You can tutor English language learners through Palfish,& even set your own prices to do so
  832. 16) FreeEats – Read texts from advertisers through the FreeEats app,&earn 25 cents or > for each text. Get $1 when you join
  833. 17) Winning slots
  834. 18) Solitaire cube
  835. 19) Blitz 21
  836. 20) Playspot app
  837. 21) Shopkick
  838. 22) Lucky day
  839. 23) Lucky Go
  840. 24) Lucky Money
  841. 25)
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  843. 27)
  844. 28) , Share your Opinion, Shop & Search to earn real cash rewards.
  845. 29), do NOT click on get from tryspree. Click all the way through to the original offer, and fill out the offer from the original site
  846. 30) Yofreesamples,
  847. 31) Verydice
  848. 32) Match To Win
  849. 33) Cash Alarm
  850. 34) Hyper Plinko
  851. 35) Blackout Blitz
  852. 36) Fish Blast
  853. 37) Smore
  854. 38) 2048 Balls Merge
  855. 39) Lucky Plinko 2
  856. 40) Slidejoy
  857. 41) Billsboard
  858. 42) Ibotta
  859. 43) Coinout
  860. 44) Receipt Hog
  861. 45) Word Game
  862. 46) Word Connect
  864. Possible ways to earn money
  865. 1) You can sell your junk mail to market research companies ,
  866. 2) Dumpster Diving :, Dumpster Diver Caught Red Handed By Cops-Spy Cam Records It All!????????? , Mom The Ebayer
  867. (Pre pandemic)
  868. Ask This Website to Pay Your Credit Card Bill This Month
  870. Modest Needs grant
  871. It provides small grants to deserving, self-sufficient individuals who are usually capable of paying rent and other expenses, but can’t cover expenses for the month because of surprise costs, such as medical emergencies, a death in the family, loss of a job or a large utility bill.
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  873. Coupon (etc) sites :
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  1005. Groups to join / apps to deal with police brutality / corruption :
  1006. National Police Accountability Project | Dedicated to Ending Law ...
  1008. The NPAP Manual for Victims of Police Misconduct, written by Guido Moreira, may provide you ... Operations Manager Zach Phillips (
  1009. We The Protesters
  1011. We, the protesters of Ferguson and beyond, in order to fulfill the democratic promise of our union, establish true and lasting justice, accord dignity and standing ...
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  1025. ?Events · ?Donate · ?The Way We See It
  1026. Communities United for Police Reform |
  1028. Hundreds of New Yorkers rallied outside of City Hall to demand immediate passage of the Right to Know Act with less than 3 months left in the City Council's ...
  1029. Copwatch
  1031. The COPWATCH DATABASE is now open to the general public... The Copwatch Database is a permanent, searchable repository of ...
  1032. Five-O Police Rating App: Homepage
  1034. The Dashboard is the homepage of the Five-0 app. ... Search for the grade of any county in the USA. See how ... Use Five-0 to commend a model police officer.
  1035. , Occupy Wall Street Spawns New 'I'm Getting Arrested' App
  1036. The SWAT App | Crunchbase
  1038. SWAT let's you upload real-time video and live-stream it to friends nearby. As soon as you start recording, SWAT uploads your video to our servers, protecting ...
  1039. Cheap transportation :
  1040. megabus | Low Cost Bus Tickets From $1
  1042. Megabus offers safe, convenient, affordable bus service. Online bus ticket booking available.
  1043. , share your ride
  1044. , Rideshare Promotions
  1045. Uber alternative
  1046. . Fares as low as $18.00, round trip, to Roseville, Ca, from San Jose, Ca (typically on a Wednesday). Alternative to greyhound bus, & Amtrak.
  1047. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  1048. Search for people, addresses, phone numbers etc :
  1058. ****
  1059. ****
  1060. Stud or Dud website.
  1071. Calling apps (free) (free numbers)(work like google voice)(bypass minutes):
  1072. Fongo
  1073. Freetone
  1074. Dingtone
  1075. Telos
  1076. Textnow
  1077. iplum
  1078. upptalk
  1079. primo
  1080. talkray
  1081. voico
  1082. flyp
  1083. "Other" calling :
  1084. Burner: Free Phone Number, Temporary Disposable Numbers
  1086. Burner is the original second phone number app for calling, texting and picture messaging. Stay safe and anonymous when you give out your number.
  1087. ?Burner · ?Burner | Privacy, Identity ... · ?About Us · ?Terms of Service
  1088. GrooVe IP - SNRB Labs
  1090. GrooVe IP. Voice without a cell plan - Make calls over WiFi or your data connection! A single number that rings you anywhere in the world; Get your phone number in the area-code of your choosing (if available); Text messaging; Integrated voicemail--messages delivered to your email; Free incoming calls and texts no matter ...
  1091. UppTalk - WiFi Calling and Texting
  1093. UppTalk is a WiFi calling and texting service. Get a phone number and start calling without a mobile operator.
  1094. ?About · ?FAQs · ?Download
  1095. Hushed Different Number App Get a 2nd Phone Number - Android ...
  1097. Rating: 3.8 - ?15,514 votes - ?Free
  1098. We're pleased to release our biggest app update ever! We've spent over 1 year developing new, privacy-first features, designing a new UI, and making ...
  1099. Mask your ip address / vpn(s) :
  1100. Steganos online shield
  1101. Cyberghost
  1102. Avira
  1103. Psiphon 3
  1104. Windscribe
  1105. Firefox add ons (AnonymoX,Hoxx,Hide My Ip)
  1106. Vypr
  1107. Betternet
  1108. how to Get Someone Wifi Password By using CMD
  1110. Make prank calls, using :
  1111. Bluff My Call,
  1112. Spooftel,
  1113. Spoofcard,
  1114. Spoof My Phone,
  1115. Change your voice :
  1119. Photo Editing :
  1129. Secure Messaging , or secure phone calls :
  1130. Signal App
  1131. Silent Phone / Silent Circle
  1132. Telegram Messenger
  1133. Cyphr
  1134. Wire/ Wire Swiss
  1135. Dust (formerly cyber dust)
  1136. Wickr Me
  1137. WhatsApp
  1138. Viber
  1139. Voxer
  1140. Threema
  1141. Pryvate
  1142. RokaCom
  1143. (downloads)
  1144. Medical :
  1145. Home - NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders)
  1147. From
  1148. List of Mystery Diagnosis episodes
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  1154. The following is an episode list of the Discovery Health Channel series, Mystery Diagnosis.
  1155. Contents
  1156. 1 Series overview
  1157. 2 Seasons
  1158. 2.1 Season 1
  1159. 2.2 Season 2
  1160. 2.3 Season 3
  1161. Series overview
  1162. Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
  1163. 1 7 March 7, 2005[1] November 28, 2005
  1164. 2 9 March 6, 2006[2] August 10, 2006
  1165. 3 9 April 9, 2007[3] September 3, 2007
  1166. 4 12 October 8, 2007[4] April 28, 2008
  1167. 5 10 November 24, 2008[5] April 27, 2009
  1168. 6 7 March 30, 2009[6] September 7, 2009
  1169. 7 9 November 16, 2009[7] April 12, 2010
  1170. 8 7 June 7, 2010[8] October 4, 2010
  1171. 9 10 January 5, 2011[9] June 29, 2011
  1172. Seasons
  1173. Season 1
  1174. # Total Title Original airdate
  1175. 1 1 "Grasping For Straws" March 7, 2005
  1176. Featuring Cushing's syndrome, Gout, Carcinoid cancer.
  1177. 2 2 "Survivors" October 11, 2005
  1178. This episode features a firefighter who suffers from respiratory problems, a man incorrectly diagnosed with asthma eventually diagnosed with Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency requiring a lung transplant and a nurse who experiences mysterious internal bleeding.
  1179. 3 3 "Like Mother, Like Son" October 16, 2005
  1180. Featuring Celiac disease, Mitral valve prolapse (MVP), Epilepsy.
  1181. 4 4 "Not A Normal Newborn" October 21, 2005
  1182. Featuring Hurler syndrome, Myasthenia gravis, Cardiac arrhythmia
  1183. 5 5 "Isaac's Nightmare" October 28, 2005
  1184. Featuring Common variable immunodeficiency (CVID), Gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST), Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD).
  1185. 6 6 "Why is Emily Screaming?" November 4, 2005
  1186. Featuring: Trigeminal neuralgia, Polycystic ovary syndrome and Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency.
  1187. 7 7 "Blood & Fire" November 11, 2005
  1188. Featuring Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), Chiari one malformation.
  1189. 8 8 "Desperate For A Cure" November 28, 2005
  1190. Featuring Crohn's disease, Cervical dystonia, Brucellosis.
  1191. Season 2
  1192. # Total Title Original airdate
  1193. 1 9 "Blood Brothers" December 5, 2005
  1194. 2 10 "A Puff of Smoke" January 9, 2006
  1195. 3 11 "Lethal Diet" January 23, 2006
  1196. 4 12 "Falling Through the Cracks" March 6, 2006
  1197. 5 13 "Eaten Alive" March 27, 2006
  1198. 6 14 "The Man Who Never Sweats" April 3, 2006
  1199. 7 15 "Fatal Secret" April 10, 2006
  1200. 8 16 "The Stabbing Sensation" June 5, 2006
  1201. 9 17 "Implant for Tourettes" June 19, 2006
  1202. 10 18 "Unquenchable Thirst" August 10, 2006
  1203. Season 3
  1204. # Total Title Original airdate
  1205. 1 19 "Fatal Secret" April 9, 2007
  1206. 2 20 "Sleeping Beauty" April 9, 2007
  1207. 3 21 "The Man Who Turned Orange" April 16, 2007
  1208. 4 22 "Deadly Sore Throat" April 23, 2007
  1209. 5 23 "The 13 Year Stomach Ache" May 14, 2007
  1210. 6 24 "The Man With Rocks in His Chest" May 14, 2007
  1211. 7 25 "The Bearded Lady" July 30, 2007
  1212. 8 26 "The Boy Who Couldn't Breathe" August 20, 2007
  1213. 9 27 "Frenetic Genetics" August 27, 2007
  1214. 10 28 "The Baby Who Changed Colors" August 27, 2007
  1215. 11 29 "Not a Normal Newborn" September 3, 2007
  1216., Get Prescription Help, Find Clinics Near You.
  1217. PPA is a Free Service. Other companies may offer to connect consumers to these same assistance programs for a fee – some of which may use our name without our permission. The Partnership for Prescription Assistance will help you find the program that’s right for you, free of charge. We will never ask for payment information.
  1218. ____________________________________________________________________________________
  1229. "liberal"/left media :
  1234., sometimes
  1235.,organizing for action
  1236.,type in zip code, first, and last name,
  1237. approximate date of birth, and address, and get the vehicles driven by a person
  1238. get a vin for a vehicle: Sometimes, as part of
  1239. Social Security Death Index: (through 2014),
  1240. App to clone apps : ParallelSpace
  1241. Legal :
  1242. 170.6: Remove a judge, once, from each case. Peremptory Challenge Of a Judge.
  1243. Sacramento Law library: Legal Forms | - Sacramento County Public Law Library
  1245. Hearsay Exceptions: Exceptions To The Hearsay Rule | Casebriefs,
  1246. Alford Plea: Just do *not*. 99.99% of the time, it's a plea done under duress
  1247. Duress: Definition of duress in the Legal Dictionary,
  1248. With prejudice: The inverse phrase is dismissal with prejudice, in which the plaintiff is barred from filing another case on the same claim. Dismissal with prejudice is a final judgment and the case becomes res judicata on the claims that were or could have been brought in it; dismissal without prejudice is not.
  1249. Without prejudice: A case dismissed without prejudice means the opposite. It's **not** dismissed forever.
  1250. Google Instant Street View :
  1251. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  1252. 2023 listings :
  1253., Elsa the Lioness 60th Anniversary - 01/02/1956 - 01/02/2016
  1254., If Introverts Were Completely Honest...
  1255., Introverts socializing be like...
  1256., Amazing Invention- This Drone Will Change Everything
  1257., I spent a day with people w/ ADHD
  1258., I Cleaned The World’s Dirtiest Beach #TeamSeas
  1259., I Survived the World's Loneliest Job (Norway)
  1260., [812] Hotel Room Opened With “Privacy” Card!
  1261., [1290] Costway Hotel Safe Jiggled Open
  1262., [1462] Impressioning a Hotel Safe Lever Lock (Global Safe)
  1263., [603] Saflok Hotel Safe Override
  1264., [1217] Mesa Hotel Safe: Three Vulnerabilities
  1265., [1020] SentrySafe Opened With a Coat Hanger!
  1266., [1176] Open in Seconds: Honeywell “Steel Security Safe” (Model 5101 DOJ)
  1267., [21] Harbor Freight Safe Picked Open
  1268., [859] Picked in 3 Seconds: AmazonBasics Security Safe
  1269., [960] Amazon’s $112 Fingerprint Gun Safe Opened FAST!
  1270., [1305] This Gun Safe Is Hard NOT to Open! (Onnais)
  1271., [1316] Soulyi Biometric Gun Safe Picked FAST
  1272., [1409] The Most Significant Security Flaw in North America
  1273., [935] SimpliSafe Alarm Bypassed With a $2 Device From Amazon
  1274., [1442] Hi-Tech Tailgating With Thermal Imaging (Then, go to video 1056, and 1052)
  1275., iPhone ATM PIN code hack- HOW TO PREVENT, Infrared camera, Flir
  1276., Learn 5 Ways to Escape Handcuffs Easy - At Home Ninja Techniques
  1277., Why 5G Sucks
  1278., I got hacked by an iPhone Cable.
  1279., Small HD 1080P Wearable Mini Camera Video Voice Recorder Necklace Support Hidden
  1280., Safety Technology HC-CROSS-DVR Cross Hidden Spy Camera with built in DVR
  1282., Microsoft Translator live feature in action,, (Still works January 29 2023)
  1283., Sheku Kanneh-Mason - Leonard Cohen: Hallelujah, arr. Tom Hodge
  1284., Isata and Sheku Kanneh-Mason play Rachmaninov Sonata for Cello and Piano in G Minor at BBC
  1285., Elgar: Nimrod
  1286., coconutricebear ,
  1287., litto_lychee
  1288., nasfromthegram2.0
  1289., wonguy
  1290., alex.stemp
  1291., Elixirhere
  1292., khaby.lame
  1293., youneszarou
  1294., qpark
  1295., How many Spy Cameras are Recording you right now? , Mrwhosetheboss
  1296., paigelayle
  1297., How To Setup & Use Yubikey 5 Series Hardware Tokens - The BEST 2FA Option!, (2FA Isn’t Secure - Here’s What You Need Instead!), (7 Tips To Avoid SIM Swap Attacks! What is SIM Swapping?)
  1298., Hailey Elizabeth,, The Most Horrific Case I've Ever Covered: Junko Furuta
  1299., ASMR- Gentle Whispers + Storytime ?? (THE TRUTH ABOUT THE ASMR COMMUNITY) ????
  1300., ASMR for Those Who Want To Sleep Soundly ~ pulling whiteheads from hair ~ soft whispers ??
  1301., Shiba Learns to Speak With Talking Button!
  1302., Random Girl Sings "I Will Always Love You" Karaoke at Supermarket AMAZING! (gets good at 2:20)
  1303., Random Girl Steps Up to Karaoke Machine and Leaves Everyone Awestruck
  1304., A Little Girl Plays For A Street Musician And Gets The Best Surprise In Return
  1305., Flashmob Flash Mob - Ode an die Freude ( Ode to Joy ) Beethoven Symphony No.9 classical music
  1306., Beyonce "Listen" cover - kid in Philippines shopping mall
  1307., Kodi Lee: Blind Autistic Singer WOWS And Gets GOLDEN BUZZER! | America's Got Talent 2019
  1308., Linkin' Bridge | Full Audition | America's Got Talent 2016
  1309., Nicholas is just one man and his piano… or is he? | Week 1 Auditions | Britain’s Got Talent 2016
  1310., Gospel Singers Incognito surprise the BGT Judges - Week 1 Auditions | Britain's Got Talent 2013
  1311., Is Air Fried Food Really Healthier? | Talking Point | Full Episode
  1312., Tracking Amazon returns: Here's where they really go (Marketplace)
  1313., Tiger Chained Up Her Whole Life Takes Her First Free Steps | The Dodo
  1314., ASMR | Personal Attention While You Sleep ??? { gentle whispers + face touching }
  1315., I Pranked America's Most Racist Man (Niko Omilana)
  1316., Super Relaxing ASMR Fall Asleep Fast ?? Gentle Whispers, Slow Hand Movements ?
  1317., I Went To An Amazon Returns Store
  1318., How to use ChatGPT to easily learn any skill you want
  1319., Random Cat Lady Sings Like Lady Gaga
  1320., Bridge over Troubled Water | Sons of Serendip (cover)
  1321., Opening a Sealed Letter with Steam! - Steam Culture
  1322., Step by Step Process of SCAMMING and RESEALING Magic The Gathering Boxes
  1323., How they re-seal used iPhone
  1324., Free Things You Can Ask For In The Emergency Room
  1325., The Most Notorious CuIt in Australian History - Anne Hamilton Byrne & ‘The Family’
  1326., Tesla Full Self-Driving - Unsafe At Any Speed
  1327., Here's How to Find a Target Salvage Store & Save Up to 90%,, AMAZON RETURN BINS STORE: Did we find the SECRET Amazon store in the Bay
  1328., American Foods That Are Banned In Other Countries
  1329., Mobbed by Raccoons (25) Tuesday Night 03 Nov 2020
  1330., This cat gives NO FLUFFS!
  1331. ______________________________________
  1332. Phone, tablet, and, laptop stuff, 2023
  1333., NFC phones: The definitive list
  1334., NFC Phone List
  1335., eSIM Supported Phones list | Updated May 2023
  1336., eSIM Enabled Phones: Complete List of eSIM Phones
  1337., Which android mobile phones support eSim ?
  1339. _________________________________________
  1340. Apps that we know, are legitimate for getting cash back
  1341. 1)
  1342. 2)Ibotta (until they start reimbursing what they claim they will, on Safeway, and, get it together, with other stores (not missing $4.00, $10, etc, here, and there. SKIP, SKIP, SKIP, SKIP). 5/3/2023
  1343. Look up gas prices :
  1345., Golden ratio
  1346., Ex-guard charged with 95 counts of sexual abuse in California women’s prison
  1347., ‘I want my left eye back’: those injured by 2020’s police violence speak out
  1348., A Man Called 9-1-1. The Police Shot Him While He Was Still on the Phone.
  1349., OMFG! BIDEN GUTPUNCHED MAGA!! HOLY SHIT, DARK BRANDON! *Dem Caucus delivers knockout blow compromise
  1350., Default looms, seniors panic, House to go on break
  1351., The debt ceiling is a mess, and there's a lot of blame to go around
  1352., Donald Trump Can’t Keep His Mouth Shut. It’s Getting Him in Trouble.
  1353., AI is no joke when it causes $500 billion in market losses
  1354., Rep. Barbara Lee Joins Chorus of People Calling for More Seats to Be Added to Supreme Court
  1355., An Android app started secretly recording users almost a year after it was listed on Google Play
  1356., Republican debt ceiling plans could see most vulnerable Americans lose aid
  1357., ‘I don’t know if I’m going to make it’: With abortion drug’s future in limbo, Georgia couple shares their cautionary tale
  1358., Clarence Thomas should resign from the supreme court, for the good of the court
  1359., Jack Dorsey Promotes Hardcore Anti-Vaxxer Candidate on Social Media
  1360., Social Security payments could be delayed due to debt ceiling impasse (6:37 p.m., May 24)
  1361., "People Don't Freaking Believe You": 25 Of The Most Upsetting Aspects Of Womanhood In 2023, According To The Women Who Experience Them Daily
  1362., Veterans benefits, Social Security and Medicare payments, and SNAP could be among the first federal programs at risk if the US defaults in 10 days, a new analysis says
  1363., Republicans Are Trying to Seize Control Over Voting in Texas’ Largest Democratic County
  1364., The latest book ban target: Amanda Gorman’s poem from the Biden inauguration
  1365., Luxury Retail Employees Are Revealing What It's Like To Deal With The "Ultra Rich," And Oh My, It Gets Wild
  1366., Worthless’: Chevron’s carbon offsets are mostly junk and some may harm, research says
  1367., LA sheriff's deputy arrested for suspicion of felony child abuse
  1368., Meet DragGAN, a new AI editing tool that lets you photoshop with simple drag controls
  1369., Why Universities Should Be More Like Monasteries
  1370., We Put Google’s New AI Writing Assistant to the Test
  1371., Supreme Court Upholds California Foie Gras Ban
  1372., Death by Debt
  1373., Yikes: Biodegradable Plastic Doesn't Actually Break Down in the Ocean
  1374., Apple restricts employees from using ChatGPT over fear of data leaks
  1375., New AI research lets you click and drag images to manipulate them in seconds
  1376., Big Tech is already warning us about AI privacy problems
  1377., After New York’s law disappointed activists, Minnesota’s made it past the governor with teeth intact
  1378., Why are India’s lions increasingly swapping the jungle for the beach?
  1379., Fossil fuel firms owe climate reparations of $209bn a year, says study
  1380., Atlanta politicians face pressure to vote against giving $31m to ‘Cop City’
  1381., California detects first case of COVID infection in wildlife
  1382., Scheduling a Doctor's Appointment: Why is it Difficult?
  1383., It’s time to guarantee healthcare to all Americans as a human right
  1384., Jeffrey Epstein’s schedule shows meetings with Peter Thiel
  1385., OpenAI launches free ChatGPT app for iOS
  1386., France Is Fighting to Save Your iPhone From an Early Death
  1387., Three facilities leaking toxic 'forever chemicals' into Bay Area groundwater
  1388., Outrage grows over video of Calif. officer shooting tethered dog
  1389., Elon Musk's 'experiment' in free speech on Twitter has been a disaster for his bottom line
  1390., How AI Knows Things No One Told It
  1391., S.F. opens Twitter probe after Elon Musk’s team accused of breaking laws
  1392., How to Use Microsoft’s Latest AI Tool to Create Free Designs From Text
  1393., See the World's Unsold Clothing in a Huge Desert Pileup
  1394., The Post Office Is Spying on the Mail. Senators Want to Stop It
  1395., The Plastic Crisis Finally Gets Emergency Status
  1396., Revealed: the contentious tool US immigration uses to get your data from tech firms
  1397., Texas panel hears allegations of years of misconduct by state attorney general
  1398., One of the last two Democrats on North Carolina's Supreme Court announces retirement
  1399., Conservative judges signal sympathy for anti-abortion plaintiffs in mifepristone lawsuit
  1400., Montana GOP Just Passed an Aggressive Law to Thwart Climate Science
  1401., Is Martha Stewart’s Sports Illustrated cover a diversity breakthrough? No, it’s just window dressing
  1402., World likely to breach 1.5C climate threshold by 2027, scientists warn
  1403., Apple’s new accessibility features can assist those who’ve lost the ability to speak or who are blind or have low vision.
  1404., Missouri GOP fails to sabotage abortion amendment—for now
  1405., Doctor shortages are here—and they’ll get worse if we don’t act fast
  1406., Elon Musk promotes yet another neo-Nazi conspiracy theory
  1407., Verizon’s new plans make sense to nobody except Verizon
  1408., This Is Catfishing on an Industrial Scale
  1409., The UK’s Secretive Web Surveillance Program Is Ramping Up
  1410., The CNET Media Workers Union includes around 100 writers, editors, video producers, and other staff at the storied tech news outlet
  1411., In South Florida, ‘black snow’ makes breathing difficult for some Black and Latino residents
  1412., Scammers Pretending to Be SF Animal Control Are Calling Demanding Money For Lost Pets
  1413., Roller Skating Disco Party Marks Return of San Francisco EDM Festival
  1414., Twitter Can’t Moderate Gore Any More | Future Tech
  1415., Uber Riders Can Now Hail a Ride Without the App
  1416., Scientists Are Closer to Understanding How Epstein-Barr Infection Can Cause Multiple Sclerosis
  1417., The United States is not a democracy
  1418., Elon Musk subpoenaed over JPMorgan’s role in Jeffrey Epstein’s activities
  1419., Elon Musk is stuck with his ‘Twitter sitter’ after court rejects bid to toss SEC settlement
  1420., Windows 11 Now Has Its Own Version of Airdrop for iPhone to PC Transfers
  1421., Today I learned Google Translate is fueled with the sweat of unpaid volunteers.
  1422., Google’s AI-powered Magic Editor tool promises to ‘make complex edits without pro-level editing tools.’
  1423., How to Use iMessage on Android
  1424., DKWAYWO: A Different Diary. Caution this might be triggering. Sexual assault.
  1425., Will Supreme Court shadow docket overturn gun bans nationwide?
  1426., Rep. Paul Gosar has a neo-Nazi on staff
  1427., Man found guilty in murder-for-hire scheme with undercover San Francisco agent
  1428., Feds Deem Black Community’s Waste System a Civil Rights Violation
  1429., Louisiana Lawmakers Want to Release Youth Criminal Records. But First, Only In Majority Black Areas.
  1430., Johns Hopkins Said It Canceled Its ICE Contracts. Then, It Opened New Ones With Customs and Border Protection.
  1431., This Supreme Court Case Could Kneecap the Executive Branch
  1432., Pronouns matter, and the entire Supreme Court just proved it
  1433., Black Music Sunday: A musical tribute to many different types of moms
  1434., ‘They’re showing us who they are’: Racist text messages expose deep divides, ethnic tension in Antioch
  1435.'%20units%20with%20deadbolts,CAL., For tenancies after July 1, 1998, landlords are required to install and maintain a deadbolt lock on all swinging entry doors to the tenant’s unit, and they are required to install a locking device on all windows that open. CAL.
  1436., One very rich billionaire bought Supreme Court and made himself richer
  1437., The Downfalls of Serotonin & SSRIs - Treating Depression Wrong?
  1438., Kansas governor vetoes measures to aid anti-abortion centers, limit health officials' power
  1439., Montana Supreme Court nixes extremist anti-abortion laws, citing constitutional privacy rights
  1440., A Florida Trump Tower Condo owned by a group of Russians had just been raided by the FBI
  1441., Ex-Broadmoor police chief pleads not guilty to grand theft
  1442., CNN's defense of Trump town hall is generating more outrage
  1443., The End of the Covid Emergency Is a Warning
  1444., Twitter Conspiracy Bozos Are Freaking Out Over Elon's WEF-Friendly CEO Pick
  1445., Elon Musk Gets Roasted After Twitter Bends to Turkish Censorship Request
  1446., Mask Madness: At MA-General “patients may not ask staff members to wear a mask”
  1447., Changes to Twitter's verification system make it easier to spoof accounts reporting election results
  1449., Worries mount that Australia may get apocalyptic impacts from El Nino
  1450., As faith in SCOTUS plummets, Ginni Thomas gets her own new scandal
  1451., UC Santa Cruz Students Threw Hitler a Birthday Party, Complete With Swastikas
  1452., Oppo gives up on building custom chips for its flagship phones
  1453., ‘Serious Concerns’: San Francisco Homelessness Department Grilled Over Nonprofit Scandal
  1454., ProPublica: GOP megadonor paid private school tuition for grandnephew of Justice Clarence Thomas
  1455., Opinion: When the answer could be a bullet, no one will ask the question
  1456., Great-grandmother, 95, tasered by officer in Australia had walking frame and knife, police say
  1457., Federal Agents raid Ligonier Valley Police Department, officials say
  1458., A New Cloned Horse Offers Hope for Endangered Species, &, , Doctors performed brain surgery on a baby before she was born and now she’s thriving (********* This, is why Elizabeth Holmes is INNOCENT *********)
  1459., An Anti-Trans Doctor Group Leaked 10,000 Confidential Files
  1460., Antioch officer fired, under criminal investigation over 2022 in-custody beating
  1461., Most California colleges don't offer rape kits on campus. Students demand better access to care
  1462., I'm A Doctor Who Almost Died Because My Own Doctors Refused To Do This 1 Basic Thing
  1463., What a Black man discovered when he met the White mother he never knew
  1464., Unsealed Docs Reveal Investigation Into Child Porn on Billionaire’s Account
  1465., How Facebook and Instagram became marketplaces for child sex trafficking
  1466., Former California cop arrested on suspicion of raping child
  1467., Ex-California Homeland Security employee gets 8 years in prison for molesting young girls
  1468., San Mateo County: Lawsuit cites ‘systematic failures’ in handling of serial child molester William Ayres
  1469., The rise of voluntary celibacy: ‘Most of the sex I’ve had, I wish I hadn’t bothered’
  1470., Norway irked over Sweden’s silence on rocket that crashed on its shores
  1471., Justice Neil Gorsuch’s property sale to prominent lawyer raises more ethical questions
  1472., Earth Day 2023: green or greenwashed?
  1473., White House regroups after McCarthy’s debt ceiling success stuns them
  1474., Carbon offsets have a terrible track record.
  1475., ICE Records Reveal How Agents Abuse Access to Secret Data
  1476., Microsoft says suspicious code coursing through our old routers is linked to Chinese state surveillance of the US
  1477., A Critical Arctic Organism Is Now Infested With Microplastics
  1478., Jack Dorsey's Twitter-like Bluesky app arrives on Android
  1479., Join the call: It’s time to enshrine our reproductive freedoms at the state level
  1480., First person dies with Arcturus Covid variant as new cases soar
  1481., Judge who suspended abortion pill failed to disclose interviews that discussed social issues
  1482., Runner starts filming after sensing a stranger might be following her: ‘A woman’s intuition is rarely wrong!’
  1483., The Radical, Expansive Future of Period Technology
  1484., A long-term stable Greenland glacier suddenly retreats 4.3 miles and quadruples in momentum.
  1485., How to wash laundry sustainably, according to experts
  1486., Actual Grooming: Veteran Okla. Police Employee Allegedly Hit On 14-Year-Old
  1487., Clarence Thomas Reported Income From a Firm That Doesn’t Exist
  1488., Billionaire Harlan Crow Bought Property From Clarence Thomas. The Justice Didn’t Disclose the Deal.
  1489., I moved to the US from Kenya. I never fully realized I was Black until I had a son
  1490., Racist text messaging investigation rocks Northern California police department
  1491., Judge names 17 Antioch cops who allegedly sent racist text messages, memes
  1492., What is Bohemian Grove? The secretive camp visited by Clarence Thomas.
  1493., Major advertisers worry about Elon Musk’s ‘racist rhetoric,’ report says
  1494., Alameda County DA moves to disqualify judge who torpedoed plea deal in three-count murder case
  1495., The stubborn sexism of American politics
  1496., Tesla’s cameras are reportedly spying on customers, but it’s not just a Tesla problem
  1497., Clarence Thomas’s brazen violation of ethics rules, briefly explained
  1498., Operation Cookie Monster shuts off hacker marketplace selling millions of stolen accounts
  1499., ChatGPT Has a Big Privacy Problem
  1500., 20 police officers in California face possible decertification, ending their careers
  1501., When healthcare is decided by algorithms, who wins?
  1502., Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome
  1503., Parkes Weber syndrome
  1504., Donald Trump indicted; 1st ex-president charged with crime
  1505., San Jose police union office manager charged with importing, distributing fentanyl
  1506., Twitter isn't dying. Elon Musk is murdering it
  1507., House Republicans demanding Bragg's evidence against Trump have been coordinating with Trump himself
  1508., The List of Grocery Stores With a Senior Discount Is Shrinking — Here's Who's Left
  1509. Dear Amy: I’m writing in response to “E.D.,” who wrote that the pandemic has changed her. I found your advice for her to engage in her cultural interests of music and art useful, but I wanted to offer my perspective, as someone who wishes desperately that I could do these things without considering my personal risk.,
  1510., The Fast-Spreading New COVID-19 Subvariant XBB Is Part of a ‘New Class’ of Omicron
  1511., Diane Keaton Hasn't Dated Anyone In 35 Years, And Her Reason Why Is Going Viral
  1512., Karley Sciortino Takes Us Inside Beverly Hills’ Most Exclusive Sex Club
  1513., AI chatbots making it harder to spot phishing emails, say experts
  1514., Drug ring tied to Aryan prison gang indicted with 24 federal arrests
  1515., The Saga of Victoria Alonso's Firing From Marvel Studios Heats Up
  1516., George Santos has been convicted.
  1517., These alcohol counseling companies leaked patient data to advertisers for years
  1518., Sinema Trashes Dems: ‘Old Dudes Eating Jell-O’
  1519., How to Make a Public Archive of Your Tweets
  1520., AOC’s first TikTok is... about TikTok.
  1521., Microsoft reportedly orders AI chatbot rivals to stop using Bing’s search data
  1522., Ginni Thomas backed Donald Trump's attempted coup. Now the Supreme Court spouse has a new project
  1523., On FOX News: Trump Confesses that He Stole Classified Documents, Despite Hannity's Coaching
  1524., To Hold Tech Accountable, Look to Public Health
  1525., Can Mastodon seize the moment from Twitter?
  1526., Elon Musk has turned Twitter into a disinformation service for hire, and it's getting much worse
  1527., Elon Musk's Twitter made a mistake on tax documents for laid off workers. Now they may miss the tax filing deadline.
  1528., Twitter employees woke up to a 2:30 a.m. email from Elon Musk. ‘The office is not optional’
  1529., Elon Musk's daughter granted name and gender change
  1530., Elon Musk Allegedly Exposed Erect Penis to SpaceX Employee, Offered Her a Horse (Updated)
  1531., Why advertisers aren’t coming back to Twitter
  1532., Texas Residents Blast Elon Musk’s Boring Company’s Plan To Dump Wastewater Into The Colorado River
  1533., Tesla Model X seatbelt failures spur a new federal investigation
  1534., Elon Musk publicly mocks Twitter worker with disability who is unsure whether he's been laid off
  1535., Seattle’s new law gives gig workers paid sick time off
  1536., Feds Stalked Suspects With an Apple AirTag, Report Says
  1537., If the US Bans TikTok, WeChat Might Be Next
  1538., Google and Microsoft’s chatbots are already citing one another in a misinformation shitshow
  1539., Is Jack Dorsey going to get blown up by Hindenburg Research?
  1540., Why were San Jose firefighters at a strip club? Still no answers on Poodlegate
  1541., Some Photo-Cropping Apps Are Exposing Your Secrets
  1542., A Gene Therapy Cure for Sickle Cell Is on the Horizon
  1543., The Government Subsidizes Electric Vehicles. Why Not E-Bikes?
  1544., The Fight to Expose Corporations’ Real Impact on the Climate
  1545., Canada scientists create new method to break down toxic ‘forever chemicals’
  1546., New research on West Antarctica's Thwaites glacier finds a new accelerant of ice flow.
  1547., In Utah, Protesting a Pipeline Might Get You Five Years in Prison
  1548., Investment fund links to Atlanta police and ‘Cop City’ project revealed
  1549., The wave of 'large language model' AI isn't just a threat to jobs, it's the end of objective facts
  1550., Elon Musk Overruled Tesla Engineers Who Said Removing Radar Would Be Problematic: Report
  1552., ‘It's Retaliatory': Elderly SF Couple Fights Eviction from Rent-Controlled Apartment of 40 Years
  1553., Carson Briere charged for pushing wheelchair down stairs
  1554., Silicon Valley Finally Figured Out People Don’t Like It
  1555., The New York Times Just Dropped a Shocking Investigation on Child Labor in America
  1556., Bone Tired. Underpaid. Performing Surgery. What Could Go Wrong?
  1557., World’s top climate scientists issue ‘survival guide for humanity,’ call for major course correction
  1558., South Carolina Woman Arrested for Allegedly Taking Abortion Pills
  1559., I have COVID, again. (Angela Marx)
  1560., Mike Flynn and MAGA Activists Wage War Against a Florida Hospital
  1561., Scammers are using voice-cloning A.I. tools to sound like victims’ relatives in desperate need of financial help. It’s working.
  1562., My Jaw Is On The Floor From These Stories Of The Wildest Places People Have Been Brought To For First Dates
  1563., ‘We have money and power’: older Americans to blockade banks in climate protest
  1564., The party of 'lock her up' insists prosecuting Trump would be 'unAmerican'
  1565., Editorial: How U.S. can reduce TikTok national security risk
  1566., Tears, blunders and chaos: inside Elon Musk’s Twitter
  1567., The Abortion Pill’s Secret Money Men
  1568., Dentist Poisoned Wife to Death to Start ‘New Life’ With Paramour, Cops Allege
  1569., Feds arrest alleged BreachForums owner linked to FBI hacks
  1570., Price hikes are double whammy for pet owners who are crushed by inflation
  1571., Athens zoo fights to save tiger cub found in garbage
  1572., US banks want socialism for themselves - and capitalism for everyone else
  1573., Protesters Are Trying to Warn King Charles III That Support for the Royal Family Is 'Crumbling'
  1574., Oakland man ‘executed’ by FBI agent while in ‘surrendering position,’ lawsuit claims
  1575., Federal Judge Hands Over Trump’s Lawyer’s Notes to DOJ
  1576., Putin’s world just got a lot smaller with the ICC’s arrest warrant
  1577., Wyoming outlaws abortion pills
  1578., Parent thanks Utah for book banning law that makes it 'so much easier' to challenge the 'sex-ridden' Bible
  1579., Opinion: Republicans’ end run around Black Mississippians is being copied in other states
  1580., Law Enforcement Agencies Are Prepping for Possible Trump Indictment as Soon as Next Week: Sources
  1581., International Criminal Court Issues Arrest Warrant for Putin Over Ukraine War Crimes
  1582., Russia scoffs but Putin could stand trial for alleged war crimes, ICC chief prosecutor says
  1583., Gillian, the dancer, is their target; a society without understanding, without caring
  1584., Florida Girls Won't Be Allowed to Talk About their Periods in School
  1585., A 13-year-old girl was misdiagnosed with anxiety. She actually had a rare form of brain inflammation.
  1586., Trump has reason to be afraid of indictment in Georgia case; his lies were bigger than anyone knew
  1587., NBC News: State and federal law enforcement agencies are preparing for a possible Trump indictment
  1588., FCC now requires cell carriers to block scam texts from sketchy numbers
  1589., San Jose restaurant owner accused of forcing waiter to house co-workers, threatening deportation
  1590., Elon Musk's Twitter Blue is breaking European rules about unfair business practices by failing to show its full cost to consumers right away, EU agency says
  1591., “A lot’s gonna come out ... and it's going to be massive" - Fulton County grand juror
  1592., Getting Ahead Of Ourselves, But Here's An Article Of How Trump Would Be Processed If Indicted.
  1593., Two abortion providers say they will keep prescribing mifepristone until the FDA orders them to stop
  1594., Raccoon Dogs Likely Started COVID-19 Pandemic, New Genetic Analysis Shows
  1595., Exotic cat rescued from a tree in Ohio tests positive for cocaine
  1597., Failed oversight, lax punishments: How the Coast Guard has allowed sexual assault at sea to go unchecked
  1598., Are Elon’s Tweets turning car buyers against Tesla?
  1599., Men Must ‘Force’ Women to Submit, Says Neo-Nazi Reinstated to Twitter by Elon Musk
  1600., You probably have “forever chemicals” in your body. Here’s what that means.
  1601., Climate Change Is Making Alaska’s Legendary Iditarod Harder to Run
  1602., The Fast-Spreading New COVID-19 Subvariant XBB Is Part of a ‘New Class’ of Omicron
  1603.!&&p=b8b23adf3d064259JmltdHM9MTY3OTE4NDAwMCZpZ3VpZD0yNjVjNTE4OC02YjBmLTZhMTQtMWU4Zi00MzUxNmE4YjZiZGImaW5zaWQ9NTE3Nw&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=265c5188-6b0f-6a14-1e8f-43516a8b6bdb&psq=13+year+old+girl+rare+brain+issue&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuaW5zaWRlci5jb20vdGVlbi1naXJsLXBhcmFseXplZC1mcm9tLXJhcmUtYnJhaW4taWxsbmVzcy10aGF0LWRvY3RvcnMtbWlzc2VkLTIwMjMtMw&ntb=1, A 13-year-old girl was misdiagnosed with anxiety. She actually had a rare form of brain inflammation.
  1604., Man who was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to 400 years is freed after 34 years in jail
  1605., This Guy's Corporate Landlords Are Ending His Lease After He Made TikToks Exposing His Poorly-Maintained "Luxury" Apartment
  1606., Model with 480,000 followers exposes how ‘fake!’ Instagram is
  1607., 'He said we’d have free travel, get more followers and make millions': Model who sensationally quit Instagram is now exposing the 'truth' about FAKE social media couples
  1608., Model Who Quit Instagram is Now Asking for Money, Friends Call it a Hoax
  1609., Gas station employee records creepy encounter while working overnight shift: 'Scary part is he will be back'
  1610., Pornhub is under new ownership
  1611., The Latest HIV Cure Is the First of Its Kind
  1612., Elon Musk broke law with threat to Tesla workers’ stock options, court rules
  1613., The college student who tracks Elon Musk's private jet says the Tesla CEO only seems to care about tracking planes if it affects him
  1614., Oklahoma Cops Release Bodycam Video of Officer Trying to Wriggle Out of DUI
  1615., The FTC is looking into Meta, YouTube, TikTok, Snap, Twitter, Pinterest, and Twitch’s advertising practices.
  1616., People Are Sharing The Most Utterly Ridiculous Rule That They Ever Had To Follow At Work, And Wow, Most Of These Bosses Should Be Fired
  1617., Google says hackers could silently own your phone until Samsung fixes its modems
  1618., ‘It’s a huge concern’: Senior-level women are calling it quits after decades climbing the career ladder
  1619., The Lie Detector (polygraph) Was Never Very Good at Telling the Truth
  1620., How Denmark’s Welfare State Became a Surveillance Nightmare
  1621., The Fraud-Detection Business Has a Dirty Secret
  1622., For Bay Area cops, military-grade hardware is one-click shopping
  1623., Bay Area health care worker stole patient’s medical records, posted about her STD on phony social media page, hospital says
  1624., Elon Musk publicly mocks Twitter worker with disability who is unsure whether he’s been laid off
  1625., This Woman Went Viral On Twitter For Sharing The Completely Out-Of-Line Question She Was Asked On A Job Application, And It Just Shows How Expectations For Job Seekers Have Gotten Way, Way, Way, Way Out Of Control
  1626., Kellyanne Conway and George Conway confirm they are divorcing
  1627., Man convicted after he 'stealthed' partner during sex
  1628., Noose Found in Tree at Kaiser Facility in Gilroy
  1629., Massive Twitter Bot Farm Is Heaping Praise on Trump and Trashing DeSantis
  1630., After Dobbs, Democrats roll out health and location data protections
  1631., Using Apple AirTags to find Dow’s supposedly recycled sneakers in a flea market
  1632., Survivors Suffer When Judges Misunderstand Social Media
  1633., Bay Area probation officer sexually abused children for years as complaints went ignored, lawsuit claims
  1634., This Hacker Tool Can Pinpoint a DJI Drone Operator’s Exact Location
  1635., Woodside man arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting child
  1636., An MSNBC anchor was told she had acid reflux. The next day she was rushed to the hospital to have fluid drained from around her heart.
  1637., Former Bay Area mayor expected to serve 7 years in child sex abuse case
  1638., Man arrested on suspicion of recording women, 11-year-old girl in Pacifica changing room
  1639., Tony La Russa wants nothing more to do with the Animal Rescue Foundation, family severs ties over ongoing leadership concerns
  1640., Tucker Carlson on Trump: ‘I hate him passionately’
  1642., Louisville Police have pattern of excessive force and discrimination, DOJ says
  1643., More than 170 trillion plastic particles found in the ocean as pollution reaches ‘unprecedented’ levels
  1644., Sexual assault victims at the US Merchant Marine Academy reluctant to trigger investigations amid culture of fear
  1645., Student death reported at UCD
  1646., A Police App Exposed Secret Details About Raids and Suspects (1/13/2023)
  1648. Sen. Ossoff discusses report finding widespread sexual abuse of female inmates, (12/13/2022)
  1649., Joe Manchin Refuses to Answer if He Still Identifies as a Democrat
  1650., Liquid Cooling and Phones That Charge in 5 Minutes: What You Missed From MWC 2023
  1651., The FBI Just Admitted It Bought US Location Data
  1652., Netflix's Pornhub documentary trailer touches on sex trafficking allegations
  1653., Santa Rosa School Blamed for Deadly Stabbing on Campus
  1654., Former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin Sentenced to More Than 20 Years in Prison for Depriving George Floyd and a Minor Victim of their Constitutional Rights
  1655., Restaurant worker reveals the heartbreaking truth behind those sizzling fajita dishes: ‘My entire life is a lie’
  1656., Celebrity chef Robert Irvine shares the biggest red flag he looks for when dining out in any restaurant
  1657., This 39-year-old makes $160,000 a month in passive income: ‘3 businesses you can start today for $0’
  1658., D.C. police officer indicted for warning Proud Boys leader about an arrest warrant
  1659., Cop Arrested For Pointing Rifle, And Shouting Racist Remarks
  1660., BUSTED! Officer Gets Arrested After Arresting Guy
  1661., Cop Charged With A Felony
  1662., Corrections Officer Arrested On Duty Gets Uniform Cut Off!
  1663., When Bad COPS Get Arrested!
  1664., NYPD Cop arrested for allegedly being a predator
  1665., Illinois Corrections Officer Charged With Murder After Shooting Victim in Back
  1666., Dirty Cop arrested
  1667., The Police Chief "Retired" After This Stop
  1668., Cop Gets BANNED From Policing After This Stop
  1669., Cop and his wife arrested for DUI
  1670., Cop Throws HAYMAKERS At Woman's Face In Brutal Arrest
  1672., Former Cop arrested for DV for a 2nd time.
  1673., Sheldon Thomas freed after judge vacates murder conviction
  1674., Cop Of The Year EXPOSED
  1675., Cops lie on citizen than falsely arrest him #police #bpcast #cops #firstamendment #powertrip
  1676., Top 7 Reactions Of INNOCENT Convicts Set Free
  1677., Puyallup officer in training arrested for rape appears in court
  1678., 3 Pedophile Police Officers Arrested #copwatch #police #pensylvania #buckscounty #weseeyou
  1680., Cop Crushes Man Between Cars While DUI - Lawsuit Incoming
  1681., Cop tries to wrongfully arrest protestor and THIS happened
  1682., Trooper Charged For Beating Man Who Wasn't Using Sidewalk
  1683., Oak Lawn police officer charged after teen's violent arrest caught on video
  1684., Police officer among 4 arrested in attempted child luring case
  1685., Former Kansas Police Officer Charged With 24 counts Of Sex Crimes
  1686., Texas sheriff fires jailer for allegedly bringing inmate cell phone
  1687., Police officers stop fellow officer punching handcuffed woman during arrest
  1688., Allegedly Drunk Florida Deputy Found Asleep, Hanging Out of Car
  1689., Woman Dies of Stroke After Police Did Not Believe She Was Ill
  1690., Louisiana officer arrested for killing unarmed black man: Police
  1691., Good Cop Gets Bad Cop Fired and Arrested
  1692., Teen dragged by Opa-locka sergeant speaks after cop’s arrest
  1693., Ex-Cop Charged with Soliciting a Minor After Vigilante YouTuber's Sting Operation
  1694., Detroit police commissioner removed from meeting in handcuffs, arrested
  1695., Bodycam Shows Allegedly Drunk Florida Cop Speeding Over 100MPH During Police Chase
  1696., Former police officer charged with murder of Georgia teen
  1697., 5 Connecticut police officers charged in incident that left Black man paralyzed
  1698., Cops Arrest Blind Man For Having A Cane
  1699., Video: Police officer punches woman during arrest at #McDonalds in #Ohio
  1700., Veteran Chicago cop charged with battery, official misconduct
  1701., Off-Duty Chicago Police Officer Charged After Kneeling On Teen
  1702., New video of Lake Angelus Police Chief being arrested for drunk driving
  1703., Texas Cop Charged After Shooting 17-Year-Old at McDonald's
  1704., Cop Gets FIRED IMMEDIATELY After Losing Control!
  1705., Ark. officer arrested after 6 days on the job
  1706., Graphic bodycam video shows cop lied about arrest of 21-year-old woman
  1707., Former Sacramento Cop Arrested For Allegedly Sending Inappropriate Messages, Images To Teen
  1708., San Jose officer arrested for masturbating walked out the door
  1709., Officer Arrested After Bodycam Video Appears To Show Chokehold Use
  1710., Cop arrested for killing Florida man waiting for tow truck
  1711., Former Loveland officer gets 5 years in rough arrest of woman with dementia
  1712., Salt Lake City police officer placed on leave after arrest for DUI, hitting man with truck
  1713., Miami cop arrested by Davie police for domestic violence
  1715., I Hate Men
  1716., You So F*cken Stupid When You Talk, @James9K_
  1717., Sex Offender Shuffle
  1718., Chester the Child Molester
  1720., Pp
  1721. 408-500-7328
  1723. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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  1734. Hawaii
  1735. Idaho
  1736. Illinois Indiana
  1737. Iowa
  1738. Kansas
  1739. Kentucky
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  1743. Massachusetts
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  1781. Clanton
  1782. Cullman
  1783. Decatur
  1784. Demopolis
  1785. Dothan
  1786. Enterprise
  1787. Eufaula
  1788. Florence
  1789. Fort Payne
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  1791. Greenville
  1792. Guntersville
  1793. Huntsville
  1794. Jasper
  1795. Marion
  1796. Mobile
  1797. Montgomery
  1798. Opelika
  1799. Ozark
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  1802. Scottsboro
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  1812. Anchorage
  1813. Cordova
  1814. Fairbanks
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  1816. Homer
  1817. Juneau
  1818. Ketchikan
  1819. Kodiak
  1820. Kotzebue
  1821. Nome
  1822. Palmer
  1823. Seward
  1824. Sitka
  1825. Skagway
  1826. Valdez
  1827. Arizona
  1828. Ajo
  1829. Avondale
  1830. Bisbee
  1831. Casa Grande
  1832. Chandler
  1833. Clifton
  1834. Douglas
  1835. Flagstaff
  1836. Florence
  1837. Gila Bend
  1838. Glendale
  1839. Globe
  1840. Kingman
  1841. Lake Havasu City
  1842. Mesa
  1843. Nogales
  1844. Oraibi
  1845. Phoenix
  1846. Prescott
  1847. Scottsdale
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  1850. Tombstone
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  1858. Arkansas Post
  1859. Batesville
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  1861. Blytheville
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  1865. El Dorado
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  1917. El Centro
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  1920. Escondido
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  1922. Fairfield
  1923. Fontana
  1924. Fremont
  1925. Fresno
  1926. Fullerton
  1927. Garden Grove
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  1929. Hayward
  1930. Hollywood
  1931. Huntington Beach
  1932. Indio
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  2024. Yorba Linda
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  2029. Aurora
  2030. Boulder
  2031. Breckenridge
  2032. Brighton
  2033. Canon City
  2034. Central City
  2035. Climax
  2036. Colorado Springs
  2037. Cortez
  2038. Cripple Creek
  2039. Denver
  2040. Durango
  2041. Englewood
  2042. Estes Park
  2043. Fort Collins
  2044. Fort Morgan
  2045. Georgetown
  2046. Glenwood Springs
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  2048. Grand Junction
  2049. Greeley
  2050. Gunnison
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  2064. Trinidad
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  2108. Simsbury
  2109. Southington
  2110. Stamford
  2111. Stonington
  2112. Stratford
  2113. Torrington
  2114. Wallingford
  2115. Waterbury
  2116. Waterford
  2117. Watertown
  2118. West Hartford
  2119. West Haven
  2120. Westport
  2121. Wethersfield
  2122. Willimantic
  2123. Windham
  2124. Windsor
  2125. Windsor Locks
  2126. Winsted
  2127. Delaware
  2128. Dover
  2129. Lewes
  2130. Milford
  2131. New Castle
  2132. Newark
  2133. Smyrna
  2134. Wilmington
  2135. Florida
  2136. Apalachicola
  2137. Bartow
  2138. Belle Glade
  2139. Boca Raton
  2140. Bradenton
  2141. Cape Coral
  2142. Clearwater
  2143. Cocoa Beach
  2144. Cocoa-Rockledge
  2145. Coral Gables
  2146. Daytona Beach
  2147. De Land
  2148. Deerfield Beach
  2149. Delray Beach
  2150. Fernandina Beach
  2151. Fort Lauderdale
  2152. Fort Myers
  2153. Fort Pierce
  2154. Fort Walton Beach
  2155. Gainesville
  2156. Hallandale Beach
  2157. Hialeah
  2158. Hollywood
  2159. Homestead
  2160. Jacksonville
  2161. Key West
  2162. Lake City
  2163. Lake Wales
  2164. Lakeland
  2165. Largo
  2166. Melbourne
  2167. Miami
  2168. Miami Beach
  2169. Naples
  2170. New Smyrna Beach
  2171. Ocala
  2172. Orlando
  2173. Ormond Beach
  2174. Palatka
  2175. Palm Bay
  2176. Palm Beach
  2177. Panama City
  2178. Pensacola
  2179. Pompano Beach
  2180. Saint Augustine
  2181. Saint Petersburg
  2182. Sanford
  2183. Sarasota
  2184. Sebring
  2185. Tallahassee
  2186. Tampa
  2187. Tarpon Springs
  2188. Titusville
  2189. Venice
  2190. West Palm Beach
  2191. White Springs
  2192. Winter Haven
  2193. Winter Park
  2194. Georgia
  2195. Albany
  2196. Americus
  2197. Andersonville
  2198. Athens
  2199. Atlanta
  2200. Augusta
  2201. Bainbridge
  2202. Blairsville
  2203. Brunswick
  2204. Calhoun
  2205. Carrollton
  2206. Columbus
  2207. Dahlonega
  2208. Dalton
  2209. Darien
  2210. Decatur
  2211. Douglas
  2212. East Point
  2213. Fitzgerald
  2214. Fort Valley
  2215. Gainesville
  2216. La Grange
  2217. Macon
  2218. Marietta
  2219. Milledgeville
  2220. Plains
  2221. Rome
  2222. Savannah
  2223. Toccoa
  2224. Valdosta
  2225. Warm Springs
  2226. Warner Robins
  2227. Washington
  2228. Waycross
  2229. Hawaii
  2230. Hanalei
  2231. Hilo
  2232. Honaunau
  2233. Honolulu
  2234. Kahului
  2235. Kaneohe
  2236. Kapaa
  2237. Kawaihae
  2238. Lahaina
  2239. Laie
  2240. Wahiawa
  2241. Wailuku
  2242. Waimea
  2243. Idaho
  2244. Blackfoot
  2245. Boise
  2246. Bonners Ferry
  2247. Caldwell
  2248. Coeur d’Alene
  2249. Idaho City
  2250. Idaho Falls
  2251. Kellogg
  2252. Lewiston
  2253. Moscow
  2254. Nampa
  2255. Pocatello
  2256. Priest River
  2257. Rexburg
  2258. Sun Valley
  2259. Twin Falls
  2260. Illinois
  2261. Alton
  2262. Arlington Heights
  2263. Arthur
  2264. Aurora
  2265. Belleville
  2266. Belvidere
  2267. Bloomington
  2268. Brookfield
  2269. Cahokia
  2270. Cairo
  2271. Calumet City
  2272. Canton
  2273. Carbondale
  2274. Carlinville
  2275. Carthage
  2276. Centralia
  2277. Champaign
  2278. Charleston
  2279. Chester
  2280. Chicago
  2281. Chicago Heights
  2282. Cicero
  2283. Collinsville
  2284. Danville
  2285. Decatur
  2286. DeKalb
  2287. Des Plaines
  2288. Dixon
  2289. East Moline
  2290. East Saint Louis
  2291. Effingham
  2292. Elgin
  2293. Elmhurst
  2294. Evanston
  2295. Freeport
  2296. Galena
  2297. Galesburg
  2298. Glen Ellyn
  2299. Glenview
  2300. Granite City
  2301. Harrisburg
  2302. Herrin
  2303. Highland Park
  2304. Jacksonville
  2305. Joliet
  2306. Kankakee
  2307. Kaskaskia
  2308. Kewanee
  2309. La Salle
  2310. Lake Forest
  2311. Libertyville
  2312. Lincoln
  2313. Lisle
  2314. Lombard
  2315. Macomb
  2316. Mattoon
  2317. Moline
  2318. Monmouth
  2319. Mount Vernon
  2320. Mundelein
  2321. Naperville
  2322. Nauvoo
  2323. Normal
  2324. North Chicago
  2325. Oak Park
  2326. Oregon
  2327. Ottawa
  2328. Palatine
  2329. Park Forest
  2330. Park Ridge
  2331. Pekin
  2332. Peoria
  2333. Petersburg
  2334. Pontiac
  2335. Quincy
  2336. Rantoul
  2337. River Forest
  2338. Rock Island
  2339. Rockford
  2340. Salem
  2341. Shawneetown
  2342. Skokie
  2343. South Holland
  2344. Springfield
  2345. Streator
  2346. Summit
  2347. Urbana
  2348. Vandalia
  2349. Virden
  2350. Waukegan
  2351. Wheaton
  2352. Wilmette
  2353. Winnetka
  2354. Wood River
  2355. Zion
  2356. Indiana
  2357. Anderson
  2358. Bedford
  2359. Bloomington
  2360. Columbus
  2361. Connersville
  2362. Corydon
  2363. Crawfordsville
  2364. East Chicago
  2365. Elkhart
  2366. Elwood
  2367. Evansville
  2368. Fort Wayne
  2369. French Lick
  2370. Gary
  2371. Geneva
  2372. Goshen
  2373. Greenfield
  2374. Hammond
  2375. Hobart
  2376. Huntington
  2377. Indianapolis
  2378. Jeffersonville
  2379. Kokomo
  2380. Lafayette
  2381. Madison
  2382. Marion
  2383. Michigan City
  2384. Mishawaka
  2385. Muncie
  2386. Nappanee
  2387. Nashville
  2388. New Albany
  2389. New Castle
  2390. New Harmony
  2391. Peru
  2392. Plymouth
  2393. Richmond
  2394. Santa Claus
  2395. Shelbyville
  2396. South Bend
  2397. Terre Haute
  2398. Valparaiso
  2399. Vincennes
  2400. Wabash
  2401. West Lafayette
  2402. Iowa
  2403. Amana Colonies
  2404. Ames
  2405. Boone
  2406. Burlington
  2407. Cedar Falls
  2408. Cedar Rapids
  2409. Charles City
  2410. Cherokee
  2411. Clinton
  2412. Council Bluffs
  2413. Davenport
  2414. Des Moines
  2415. Dubuque
  2416. Estherville
  2417. Fairfield
  2418. Fort Dodge
  2419. Grinnell
  2420. Indianola
  2421. Iowa City
  2422. Keokuk
  2423. Mason City
  2424. Mount Pleasant
  2425. Muscatine
  2426. Newton
  2427. Oskaloosa
  2428. Ottumwa
  2429. Sioux City
  2430. Waterloo
  2431. Webster City
  2432. West Des Moines
  2433. Kansas
  2434. Abilene
  2435. Arkansas City
  2436. Atchison
  2437. Chanute
  2438. Coffeyville
  2439. Council Grove
  2440. Dodge City
  2441. Emporia
  2442. Fort Scott
  2443. Garden City
  2444. Great Bend
  2445. Hays
  2446. Hutchinson
  2447. Independence
  2448. Junction City
  2449. Kansas City
  2450. Lawrence
  2451. Leavenworth
  2452. Liberal
  2453. Manhattan
  2454. McPherson
  2455. Medicine Lodge
  2456. Newton
  2457. Olathe
  2458. Osawatomie
  2459. Ottawa
  2460. Overland Park
  2461. Pittsburg
  2462. Salina
  2463. Shawnee
  2464. Smith Center
  2465. Topeka
  2466. Wichita
  2467. Kentucky
  2468. Ashland
  2469. Barbourville
  2470. Bardstown
  2471. Berea
  2472. Boonesborough
  2473. Bowling Green
  2474. Campbellsville
  2475. Covington
  2476. Danville
  2477. Elizabethtown
  2478. Frankfort
  2479. Harlan
  2480. Harrodsburg
  2481. Hazard
  2482. Henderson
  2483. Hodgenville
  2484. Hopkinsville
  2485. Lexington
  2486. Louisville
  2487. Mayfield
  2488. Maysville
  2489. Middlesboro
  2490. Newport
  2491. Owensboro
  2492. Paducah
  2493. Paris
  2494. Richmond
  2495. Louisiana
  2496. Abbeville
  2497. Alexandria
  2498. Bastrop
  2499. Baton Rouge
  2500. Bogalusa
  2501. Bossier City
  2502. Gretna
  2503. Houma
  2504. Lafayette
  2505. Lake Charles
  2506. Monroe
  2507. Morgan City
  2508. Natchitoches
  2509. New Iberia
  2510. New Orleans
  2511. Opelousas
  2512. Ruston
  2513. Saint Martinville
  2514. Shreveport
  2515. Thibodaux
  2516. Maine
  2517. Auburn
  2518. Augusta
  2519. Bangor
  2520. Bar Harbor
  2521. Bath
  2522. Belfast
  2523. Biddeford
  2524. Boothbay Harbor
  2525. Brunswick
  2526. Calais
  2527. Caribou
  2528. Castine
  2529. Eastport
  2530. Ellsworth
  2531. Farmington
  2532. Fort Kent
  2533. Gardiner
  2534. Houlton
  2535. Kennebunkport
  2536. Kittery
  2537. Lewiston
  2538. Lubec
  2539. Machias
  2540. Orono
  2541. Portland
  2542. Presque Isle
  2543. Rockland
  2544. Rumford
  2545. Saco
  2546. Scarborough
  2547. Waterville
  2548. York
  2549. Maryland
  2550. Aberdeen
  2551. Annapolis
  2552. Baltimore
  2553. Bethesda-Chevy Chase
  2554. Bowie
  2555. Cambridge
  2556. Catonsville
  2557. College Park
  2558. Columbia
  2559. Cumberland
  2560. Easton
  2561. Elkton
  2562. Emmitsburg
  2563. Frederick
  2564. Greenbelt
  2565. Hagerstown
  2566. Hyattsville
  2567. Laurel
  2568. Oakland
  2569. Ocean City
  2570. Rockville
  2571. Saint Marys City
  2572. Salisbury
  2573. Silver Spring
  2574. Takoma Park
  2575. Towson
  2576. Westminster
  2577. Massachusetts
  2578. Abington
  2579. Adams
  2580. Amesbury
  2581. Amherst
  2582. Andover
  2583. Arlington
  2584. Athol
  2585. Attleboro
  2586. Barnstable
  2587. Bedford
  2588. Beverly
  2589. Boston
  2590. Bourne
  2591. Braintree
  2592. Brockton
  2593. Brookline
  2594. Cambridge
  2595. Canton
  2596. Charlestown
  2597. Chelmsford
  2598. Chelsea
  2599. Chicopee
  2600. Clinton
  2601. Cohasset
  2602. Concord
  2603. Danvers
  2604. Dartmouth
  2605. Dedham
  2606. Dennis
  2607. Duxbury
  2608. Eastham
  2609. Edgartown
  2610. Everett
  2611. Fairhaven
  2612. Fall River
  2613. Falmouth
  2614. Fitchburg
  2615. Framingham
  2616. Gloucester
  2617. Great Barrington
  2618. Greenfield
  2619. Groton
  2620. Harwich
  2621. Haverhill
  2622. Hingham
  2623. Holyoke
  2624. Hyannis
  2625. Ipswich
  2626. Lawrence
  2627. Lenox
  2628. Leominster
  2629. Lexington
  2630. Lowell
  2631. Ludlow
  2632. Lynn
  2633. Malden
  2634. Marblehead
  2635. Marlborough
  2636. Medford
  2637. Milton
  2638. Nahant
  2639. Natick
  2640. New Bedford
  2641. Newburyport
  2642. Newton
  2643. North Adams
  2644. Northampton
  2645. Norton
  2646. Norwood
  2647. Peabody
  2648. Pittsfield
  2649. Plymouth
  2650. Provincetown
  2651. Quincy
  2652. Randolph
  2653. Revere
  2654. Salem
  2655. Sandwich
  2656. Saugus
  2657. Somerville
  2658. South Hadley
  2659. Springfield
  2660. Stockbridge
  2661. Stoughton
  2662. Sturbridge
  2663. Sudbury
  2664. Taunton
  2665. Tewksbury
  2666. Truro
  2667. Watertown
  2668. Webster
  2669. Wellesley
  2670. Wellfleet
  2671. West Bridgewater
  2672. West Springfield
  2673. Westfield
  2674. Weymouth
  2675. Whitman
  2676. Williamstown
  2677. Woburn
  2678. Woods Hole
  2679. Worcester
  2680. Michigan
  2681. Adrian
  2682. Alma
  2683. Ann Arbor
  2684. Battle Creek
  2685. Bay City
  2686. Benton Harbor
  2687. Bloomfield Hills
  2688. Cadillac
  2689. Charlevoix
  2690. Cheboygan
  2691. Dearborn
  2692. Detroit
  2693. East Lansing
  2694. Eastpointe
  2695. Ecorse
  2696. Escanaba
  2697. Flint
  2698. Grand Haven
  2699. Grand Rapids
  2700. Grayling
  2701. Grosse Pointe
  2702. Hancock
  2703. Highland Park
  2704. Holland
  2705. Houghton
  2706. Interlochen
  2707. Iron Mountain
  2708. Ironwood
  2709. Ishpeming
  2710. Jackson
  2711. Kalamazoo
  2712. Lansing
  2713. Livonia
  2714. Ludington
  2715. Mackinaw City
  2716. Manistee
  2717. Marquette
  2718. Menominee
  2719. Midland
  2720. Monroe
  2721. Mount Clemens
  2722. Mount Pleasant
  2723. Muskegon
  2724. Niles
  2725. Petoskey
  2726. Pontiac
  2727. Port Huron
  2728. Royal Oak
  2729. Saginaw
  2730. Saint Ignace
  2731. Saint Joseph
  2732. Sault Sainte Marie
  2733. Traverse City
  2734. Trenton
  2735. Warren
  2736. Wyandotte
  2737. Ypsilanti
  2738. Minnesota
  2739. Albert Lea
  2740. Alexandria
  2741. Austin
  2742. Bemidji
  2743. Bloomington
  2744. Brainerd
  2745. Crookston
  2746. Duluth
  2747. Ely
  2748. Eveleth
  2749. Faribault
  2750. Fergus Falls
  2751. Hastings
  2752. Hibbing
  2753. International Falls
  2754. Little Falls
  2755. Mankato
  2756. Minneapolis
  2757. Moorhead
  2758. New Ulm
  2759. Northfield
  2760. Owatonna
  2761. Pipestone
  2762. Red Wing
  2763. Rochester
  2764. Saint Cloud
  2765. Saint Paul
  2766. Sauk Centre
  2767. South Saint Paul
  2768. Stillwater
  2769. Virginia
  2770. Willmar
  2771. Winona
  2772. Mississippi
  2773. Bay Saint Louis
  2774. Biloxi
  2775. Canton
  2776. Clarksdale
  2777. Columbia
  2778. Columbus
  2779. Corinth
  2780. Greenville
  2781. Greenwood
  2782. Grenada
  2783. Gulfport
  2784. Hattiesburg
  2785. Holly Springs
  2786. Jackson
  2787. Laurel
  2788. Meridian
  2789. Natchez
  2790. Ocean Springs
  2791. Oxford
  2792. Pascagoula
  2793. Pass Christian
  2794. Philadelphia
  2795. Port Gibson
  2796. Starkville
  2797. Tupelo
  2798. Vicksburg
  2799. West Point
  2800. Yazoo City
  2801. Missouri
  2802. Boonville
  2803. Branson
  2804. Cape Girardeau
  2805. Carthage
  2806. Chillicothe
  2807. Clayton
  2808. Columbia
  2809. Excelsior Springs
  2810. Ferguson
  2811. Florissant
  2812. Fulton
  2813. Hannibal
  2814. Independence
  2815. Jefferson City
  2816. Joplin
  2817. Kansas City
  2818. Kirksville
  2819. Lamar
  2820. Lebanon
  2821. Lexington
  2822. Maryville
  2823. Mexico
  2824. Monett
  2825. Neosho
  2826. New Madrid
  2827. Rolla
  2828. Saint Charles
  2829. Saint Joseph
  2830. Saint Louis
  2831. Sainte Genevieve
  2832. Salem
  2833. Sedalia
  2834. Springfield
  2835. Warrensburg
  2836. West Plains
  2837. Montana
  2838. Anaconda
  2839. Billings
  2840. Bozeman
  2841. Butte
  2842. Dillon
  2843. Fort Benton
  2844. Glendive
  2845. Great Falls
  2846. Havre
  2847. Helena
  2848. Kalispell
  2849. Lewistown
  2850. Livingston
  2851. Miles City
  2852. Missoula
  2853. Virginia City
  2854. Nebraska
  2855. Beatrice
  2856. Bellevue
  2857. Boys Town
  2858. Chadron
  2859. Columbus
  2860. Fremont
  2861. Grand Island
  2862. Hastings
  2863. Kearney
  2864. Lincoln
  2865. McCook
  2866. Minden
  2867. Nebraska City
  2868. Norfolk
  2869. North Platte
  2870. Omaha
  2871. Plattsmouth
  2872. Red Cloud
  2873. Sidney
  2874. Nevada
  2875. Boulder City
  2876. Carson City
  2877. Elko
  2878. Ely
  2879. Fallon
  2880. Genoa
  2881. Goldfield
  2882. Henderson
  2883. Las Vegas
  2884. North Las Vegas
  2885. Reno
  2886. Sparks
  2887. Virginia City
  2888. Winnemucca
  2889. New Hampshire
  2890. Berlin
  2891. Claremont
  2892. Concord
  2893. Derry
  2894. Dover
  2895. Durham
  2896. Exeter
  2897. Franklin
  2898. Hanover
  2899. Hillsborough
  2900. Keene
  2901. Laconia
  2902. Lebanon
  2903. Manchester
  2904. Nashua
  2905. Peterborough
  2906. Plymouth
  2907. Portsmouth
  2908. Rochester
  2909. Salem
  2910. Somersworth
  2911. New Jersey
  2912. Asbury Park
  2913. Atlantic City
  2914. Bayonne
  2915. Bloomfield
  2916. Bordentown
  2917. Bound Brook
  2918. Bridgeton
  2919. Burlington
  2920. Caldwell
  2921. Camden
  2922. Cape May
  2923. Clifton
  2924. Cranford
  2925. East Orange
  2926. Edison
  2927. Elizabeth
  2928. Englewood
  2929. Fort Lee
  2930. Glassboro
  2931. Hackensack
  2932. Haddonfield
  2933. Hoboken
  2934. Irvington
  2935. Jersey City
  2936. Lakehurst
  2937. Lakewood
  2938. Long Beach
  2939. Long Branch
  2940. Madison
  2941. Menlo Park
  2942. Millburn
  2943. Millville
  2944. Montclair
  2945. Morristown
  2946. Mount Holly
  2947. New Brunswick
  2948. New Milford
  2949. Newark
  2950. Ocean City
  2951. Orange
  2952. Parsippany–Troy Hills
  2953. Passaic
  2954. Paterson
  2955. Perth Amboy
  2956. Plainfield
  2957. Princeton
  2958. Ridgewood
  2959. Roselle
  2960. Rutherford
  2961. Salem
  2962. Somerville
  2963. South Orange Village
  2964. Totowa
  2965. Trenton
  2966. Union
  2967. Union City
  2968. Vineland
  2969. Wayne
  2970. Weehawken
  2971. West New York
  2972. West Orange
  2973. Willingboro
  2974. Woodbridge
  2975. New Mexico
  2976. Acoma
  2977. Alamogordo
  2978. Albuquerque
  2979. Artesia
  2980. Belen
  2981. Carlsbad
  2982. Clovis
  2983. Deming
  2984. Farmington
  2985. Gallup
  2986. Grants
  2987. Hobbs
  2988. Las Cruces
  2989. Las Vegas
  2990. Los Alamos
  2991. Lovington
  2992. Portales
  2993. Raton
  2994. Roswell
  2995. Santa Fe
  2996. Shiprock
  2997. Silver City
  2998. Socorro
  2999. Taos
  3000. Truth or Consequences
  3001. Tucumcari
  3002. New York
  3003. Albany
  3004. Amsterdam
  3005. Auburn
  3006. Babylon
  3007. Batavia
  3008. Beacon
  3009. Bedford
  3010. Binghamton
  3011. Bronx
  3012. Brooklyn
  3013. Buffalo
  3014. Chautauqua
  3015. Cheektowaga
  3016. Clinton
  3017. Cohoes
  3018. Coney Island
  3019. Cooperstown
  3020. Corning
  3021. Cortland
  3022. Crown Point
  3023. Dunkirk
  3024. East Aurora
  3025. East Hampton
  3026. Eastchester
  3027. Elmira
  3028. Flushing
  3029. Forest Hills
  3030. Fredonia
  3031. Garden City
  3032. Geneva
  3033. Glens Falls
  3034. Gloversville
  3035. Great Neck
  3036. Hammondsport
  3037. Harlem
  3038. Hempstead
  3039. Herkimer
  3040. Hudson
  3041. Huntington
  3042. Hyde Park
  3043. Ilion
  3044. Ithaca
  3045. Jamestown
  3046. Johnstown
  3047. Kingston
  3048. Lackawanna
  3049. Lake Placid
  3050. Levittown
  3051. Lockport
  3052. Mamaroneck
  3053. Manhattan
  3054. Massena
  3055. Middletown
  3056. Mineola
  3057. Mount Vernon
  3058. New Paltz
  3059. New Rochelle
  3060. New Windsor
  3061. New York City
  3062. Newburgh
  3063. Niagara Falls
  3064. North Hempstead
  3065. Nyack
  3066. Ogdensburg
  3067. Olean
  3068. Oneida
  3069. Oneonta
  3070. Ossining
  3071. Oswego
  3072. Oyster Bay
  3073. Palmyra
  3074. Peekskill
  3075. Plattsburgh
  3076. Port Washington
  3077. Potsdam
  3078. Poughkeepsie
  3079. Queens
  3080. Rensselaer
  3081. Rochester
  3082. Rome
  3083. Rotterdam
  3084. Rye
  3085. Sag Harbor
  3086. Saranac Lake
  3087. Saratoga Springs
  3088. Scarsdale
  3089. Schenectady
  3090. Seneca Falls
  3091. Southampton
  3092. Staten Island
  3093. Stony Brook
  3094. Stony Point
  3095. Syracuse
  3096. Tarrytown
  3097. Ticonderoga
  3098. Tonawanda
  3099. Troy
  3100. Utica
  3101. Watertown
  3102. Watervliet
  3103. Watkins Glen
  3104. West Seneca
  3105. White Plains
  3106. Woodstock
  3107. Yonkers
  3108. North Carolina
  3109. Asheboro
  3110. Asheville
  3111. Bath
  3112. Beaufort
  3113. Boone
  3114. Burlington
  3115. Chapel Hill
  3116. Charlotte
  3117. Concord
  3118. Durham
  3119. Edenton
  3120. Elizabeth City
  3121. Fayetteville
  3122. Gastonia
  3123. Goldsboro
  3124. Greensboro
  3125. Greenville
  3126. Halifax
  3127. Henderson
  3128. Hickory
  3129. High Point
  3130. Hillsborough
  3131. Jacksonville
  3132. Kinston
  3133. Kitty Hawk
  3134. Lumberton
  3135. Morehead City
  3136. Morganton
  3137. Nags Head
  3138. New Bern
  3139. Pinehurst
  3140. Raleigh
  3141. Rocky Mount
  3142. Salisbury
  3143. Shelby
  3144. Washington
  3145. Wilmington
  3146. Wilson
  3147. Winston-Salem
  3148. North Dakota
  3149. Bismarck
  3150. Devils Lake
  3151. Dickinson
  3152. Fargo
  3153. Grand Forks
  3154. Jamestown
  3155. Mandan
  3156. Minot
  3157. Rugby
  3158. Valley City
  3159. Wahpeton
  3160. Williston
  3161. Ohio
  3162. Akron
  3163. Alliance
  3164. Ashtabula
  3165. Athens
  3166. Barberton
  3167. Bedford
  3168. Bellefontaine
  3169. Bowling Green
  3170. Canton
  3171. Chillicothe
  3172. Cincinnati
  3173. Cleveland
  3174. Cleveland Heights
  3175. Columbus
  3176. Conneaut
  3177. Cuyahoga Falls
  3178. Dayton
  3179. Defiance
  3180. Delaware
  3181. East Cleveland
  3182. East Liverpool
  3183. Elyria
  3184. Euclid
  3185. Findlay
  3186. Gallipolis
  3187. Greenville
  3188. Hamilton
  3189. Kent
  3190. Kettering
  3191. Lakewood
  3192. Lancaster
  3193. Lima
  3194. Lorain
  3195. Mansfield
  3196. Marietta
  3197. Marion
  3198. Martins Ferry
  3199. Massillon
  3200. Mentor
  3201. Middletown
  3202. Milan
  3203. Mount Vernon
  3204. New Philadelphia
  3205. Newark
  3206. Niles
  3207. North College Hill
  3208. Norwalk
  3209. Oberlin
  3210. Painesville
  3211. Parma
  3212. Piqua
  3213. Portsmouth
  3214. Put-in-Bay
  3215. Salem
  3216. Sandusky
  3217. Shaker Heights
  3218. Springfield
  3219. Steubenville
  3220. Tiffin
  3221. Toledo
  3222. Urbana
  3223. Warren
  3224. Wooster
  3225. Worthington
  3226. Xenia
  3227. Yellow Springs
  3228. Youngstown
  3229. Zanesville
  3230. Oklahoma
  3231. Ada
  3232. Altus
  3233. Alva
  3234. Anadarko
  3235. Ardmore
  3236. Bartlesville
  3237. Bethany
  3238. Chickasha
  3239. Claremore
  3240. Clinton
  3241. Cushing
  3242. Duncan
  3243. Durant
  3244. Edmond
  3245. El Reno
  3246. Elk City
  3247. Enid
  3248. Eufaula
  3249. Frederick
  3250. Guthrie
  3251. Guymon
  3252. Hobart
  3253. Holdenville
  3254. Hugo
  3255. Lawton
  3256. McAlester
  3257. Miami
  3258. Midwest City
  3259. Moore
  3260. Muskogee
  3261. Norman
  3262. Oklahoma City
  3263. Okmulgee
  3264. Pauls Valley
  3265. Pawhuska
  3266. Perry
  3267. Ponca City
  3268. Pryor
  3269. Sallisaw
  3270. Sand Springs
  3271. Sapulpa
  3272. Seminole
  3273. Shawnee
  3274. Stillwater
  3275. Tahlequah
  3276. The Village
  3277. Tulsa
  3278. Vinita
  3279. Wewoka
  3280. Woodward
  3281. Oregon
  3282. Albany
  3283. Ashland
  3284. Astoria
  3285. Baker City
  3286. Beaverton
  3287. Bend
  3288. Brookings
  3289. Burns
  3290. Coos Bay
  3291. Corvallis
  3292. Eugene
  3293. Grants Pass
  3294. Hillsboro
  3295. Hood River
  3296. Jacksonville
  3297. John Day
  3298. Klamath Falls
  3299. La Grande
  3300. Lake Oswego
  3301. Lakeview
  3302. McMinnville
  3303. Medford
  3304. Newberg
  3305. Newport
  3306. Ontario
  3307. Oregon City
  3308. Pendleton
  3309. Port Orford
  3310. Portland
  3311. Prineville
  3312. Redmond
  3313. Reedsport
  3314. Roseburg
  3315. Salem
  3316. Seaside
  3317. Springfield
  3318. The Dalles
  3319. Tillamook
  3320. Pennsylvania
  3321. Abington
  3322. Aliquippa
  3323. Allentown
  3324. Altoona
  3325. Ambridge
  3326. Bedford
  3327. Bethlehem
  3328. Bloomsburg
  3329. Bradford
  3330. Bristol
  3331. Carbondale
  3332. Carlisle
  3333. Chambersburg
  3334. Chester
  3335. Columbia
  3336. Easton
  3337. Erie
  3338. Franklin
  3339. Germantown
  3340. Gettysburg
  3341. Greensburg
  3342. Hanover
  3343. Harmony
  3344. Harrisburg
  3345. Hazleton
  3346. Hershey
  3347. Homestead
  3348. Honesdale
  3349. Indiana
  3350. Jeannette
  3351. Jim Thorpe
  3352. Johnstown
  3353. Lancaster
  3354. Lebanon
  3355. Levittown
  3356. Lewistown
  3357. Lock Haven
  3358. Lower Southampton
  3359. McKeesport
  3360. Meadville
  3361. Middletown
  3362. Monroeville
  3363. Nanticoke
  3364. New Castle
  3365. New Hope
  3366. New Kensington
  3367. Norristown
  3368. Oil City
  3369. Philadelphia
  3370. Phoenixville
  3371. Pittsburgh
  3372. Pottstown
  3373. Pottsville
  3374. Reading
  3375. Scranton
  3376. Shamokin
  3377. Sharon
  3378. State College
  3379. Stroudsburg
  3380. Sunbury
  3381. Swarthmore
  3382. Tamaqua
  3383. Titusville
  3384. Uniontown
  3385. Warren
  3386. Washington
  3387. West Chester
  3388. Wilkes-Barre
  3389. Williamsport
  3390. York
  3391. Rhode Island
  3392. Barrington
  3393. Bristol
  3394. Central Falls
  3395. Cranston
  3396. East Greenwich
  3397. East Providence
  3398. Kingston
  3399. Middletown
  3400. Narragansett
  3401. Newport
  3402. North Kingstown
  3403. Pawtucket
  3404. Portsmouth
  3405. Providence
  3406. South Kingstown
  3407. Tiverton
  3408. Warren
  3409. Warwick
  3410. Westerly
  3411. Wickford
  3412. Woonsocket
  3413. South Carolina
  3414. Abbeville
  3415. Aiken
  3416. Anderson
  3417. Beaufort
  3418. Camden
  3419. Charleston
  3420. Columbia
  3421. Darlington
  3422. Florence
  3423. Gaffney
  3424. Georgetown
  3425. Greenville
  3426. Greenwood
  3427. Hartsville
  3428. Lancaster
  3429. Mount Pleasant
  3430. Myrtle Beach
  3431. Orangeburg
  3432. Rock Hill
  3433. Spartanburg
  3434. Sumter
  3435. Union
  3436. South Dakota
  3437. Aberdeen
  3438. Belle Fourche
  3439. Brookings
  3440. Canton
  3441. Custer
  3442. De Smet
  3443. Deadwood
  3444. Hot Springs
  3445. Huron
  3446. Lead
  3447. Madison
  3448. Milbank
  3449. Mitchell
  3450. Mobridge
  3451. Pierre
  3452. Rapid City
  3453. Sioux Falls
  3454. Spearfish
  3455. Sturgis
  3456. Vermillion
  3457. Watertown
  3458. Yankton
  3459. Tennessee
  3460. Alcoa
  3461. Athens
  3462. Chattanooga
  3463. Clarksville
  3464. Cleveland
  3465. Columbia
  3466. Cookeville
  3467. Dayton
  3468. Elizabethton
  3469. Franklin
  3470. Gallatin
  3471. Gatlinburg
  3472. Greeneville
  3473. Jackson
  3474. Johnson City
  3475. Jonesborough
  3476. Kingsport
  3477. Knoxville
  3478. Lebanon
  3479. Maryville
  3480. Memphis
  3481. Morristown
  3482. Murfreesboro
  3483. Nashville
  3484. Norris
  3485. Oak Ridge
  3486. Shelbyville
  3487. Tullahoma
  3488. Texas
  3489. Abilene
  3490. Alpine
  3491. Amarillo
  3492. Arlington
  3493. Austin
  3494. Baytown
  3495. Beaumont
  3496. Big Spring
  3497. Borger
  3498. Brownsville
  3499. Bryan
  3500. Canyon
  3501. Cleburne
  3502. College Station
  3503. Corpus Christi
  3504. Crystal City
  3505. Dallas
  3506. Del Rio
  3507. Denison
  3508. Denton
  3509. Eagle Pass
  3510. Edinburg
  3511. El Paso
  3512. Fort Worth
  3513. Freeport
  3514. Galveston
  3515. Garland
  3516. Goliad
  3517. Greenville
  3518. Harlingen
  3519. Houston
  3520. Huntsville
  3521. Irving
  3522. Johnson City
  3523. Kilgore
  3524. Killeen
  3525. Kingsville
  3526. Laredo
  3527. Longview
  3528. Lubbock
  3529. Lufkin
  3530. Marshall
  3531. McAllen
  3532. McKinney
  3533. Mesquite
  3534. Midland
  3535. Mission
  3536. Nacogdoches
  3537. New Braunfels
  3538. Odessa
  3539. Orange
  3540. Pampa
  3541. Paris
  3542. Pasadena
  3543. Pecos
  3544. Pharr
  3545. Plainview
  3546. Plano
  3547. Port Arthur
  3548. Port Lavaca
  3549. Richardson
  3550. San Angelo
  3551. San Antonio
  3552. San Felipe
  3553. San Marcos
  3554. Sherman
  3555. Sweetwater
  3556. Temple
  3557. Texarkana
  3558. Texas City
  3559. Tyler
  3560. Uvalde
  3561. Victoria
  3562. Waco
  3563. Weatherford
  3564. Wichita Falls
  3565. Ysleta
  3566. Utah
  3567. Alta
  3568. American Fork
  3569. Bountiful
  3570. Brigham City
  3571. Cedar City
  3572. Clearfield
  3573. Delta
  3574. Fillmore
  3575. Green River
  3576. Heber City
  3577. Kanab
  3578. Layton
  3579. Lehi
  3580. Logan
  3581. Manti
  3582. Moab
  3583. Monticello
  3584. Murray
  3585. Nephi
  3586. Ogden
  3587. Orderville
  3588. Orem
  3589. Panguitch
  3590. Park City
  3591. Payson
  3592. Price
  3593. Provo
  3594. Saint George
  3595. Salt Lake City
  3596. Spanish Fork
  3597. Springville
  3598. Tooele
  3599. Vernal
  3600. Vermont
  3601. Barre
  3602. Bellows Falls
  3603. Bennington
  3604. Brattleboro
  3605. Burlington
  3606. Essex
  3607. Manchester
  3608. Middlebury
  3609. Montpelier
  3610. Newport
  3611. Plymouth
  3612. Rutland
  3613. Saint Albans
  3614. Saint Johnsbury
  3615. Sharon
  3616. Winooski
  3617. Virginia
  3618. Abingdon
  3619. Alexandria
  3620. Bristol
  3621. Charlottesville
  3622. Chesapeake
  3623. Danville
  3624. Fairfax
  3625. Falls Church
  3626. Fredericksburg
  3627. Hampton
  3628. Hanover
  3629. Hopewell
  3630. Lexington
  3631. Lynchburg
  3632. Manassas
  3633. Martinsville
  3634. New Market
  3635. Newport News
  3636. Norfolk
  3637. Petersburg
  3638. Portsmouth
  3639. Reston
  3640. Richmond
  3641. Roanoke
  3642. Staunton
  3643. Suffolk
  3644. Virginia Beach
  3645. Waynesboro
  3646. Williamsburg
  3647. Winchester
  3648. Washington
  3649. Aberdeen
  3650. Anacortes
  3651. Auburn
  3652. Bellevue
  3653. Bellingham
  3654. Bremerton
  3655. Centralia
  3656. Coulee Dam
  3657. Coupeville
  3658. Ellensburg
  3659. Ephrata
  3660. Everett
  3661. Hoquiam
  3662. Kelso
  3663. Kennewick
  3664. Longview
  3665. Moses Lake
  3666. Oak Harbor
  3667. Olympia
  3668. Pasco
  3669. Point Roberts
  3670. Port Angeles
  3671. Pullman
  3672. Puyallup
  3673. Redmond
  3674. Renton
  3675. Richland
  3676. Seattle
  3677. Spokane
  3678. Tacoma
  3679. Vancouver
  3680. Walla Walla
  3681. Wenatchee
  3682. Yakima
  3683. West Virginia
  3684. Bath
  3685. Beckley
  3686. Bluefield
  3687. Buckhannon
  3688. Charles Town
  3689. Charleston
  3690. Clarksburg
  3691. Elkins
  3692. Fairmont
  3693. Grafton
  3694. Harpers Ferry
  3695. Hillsboro
  3696. Hinton
  3697. Huntington
  3698. Keyser
  3699. Lewisburg
  3700. Logan
  3701. Martinsburg
  3702. Morgantown
  3703. Moundsville
  3704. New Martinsville
  3705. Parkersburg
  3706. Philippi
  3707. Point Pleasant
  3708. Princeton
  3709. Romney
  3710. Shepherdstown
  3711. South Charleston
  3712. Summersville
  3713. Weirton
  3714. Welch
  3715. Wellsburg
  3716. Weston
  3717. Wheeling
  3718. White Sulphur Springs
  3719. Williamson
  3720. Wisconsin
  3721. Appleton
  3722. Ashland
  3723. Baraboo
  3724. Belmont
  3725. Beloit
  3726. Eau Claire
  3727. Fond du Lac
  3728. Green Bay
  3729. Hayward
  3730. Janesville
  3731. Kenosha
  3732. La Crosse
  3733. Lake Geneva
  3734. Madison
  3735. Manitowoc
  3736. Marinette
  3737. Menasha
  3738. Milwaukee
  3739. Neenah
  3740. New Glarus
  3741. Oconto
  3742. Oshkosh
  3743. Peshtigo
  3744. Portage
  3745. Prairie du Chien
  3746. Racine
  3747. Rhinelander
  3748. Ripon
  3749. Sheboygan
  3750. Spring Green
  3751. Stevens Point
  3752. Sturgeon Bay
  3753. Superior
  3754. Waukesha
  3755. Wausau
  3756. Wauwatosa
  3757. West Allis
  3758. West Bend
  3759. Wisconsin Dells
  3760. Wyoming
  3761. Buffalo
  3762. Casper
  3763. Cheyenne
  3764. Cody
  3765. Douglas
  3766. Evanston
  3767. Gillette
  3768. Green River
  3769. Jackson
  3770. Lander
  3771. Laramie
  3772. Newcastle
  3773. Powell
  3774. Rawlins
  3775. Riverton
  3776. Rock Springs
  3777. Sheridan
  3778. Ten Sleep
  3779. Thermopolis
  3780. Torrington
  3781. Worland
  3782. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3789. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3790. ______________________________________________________
  3791. * 143 other Citizens arrests and cease and desists, related to, now ( and there are, likely, over 2000, all over the internet /www )
  3792. 1), Mark Smith (aka smittyhalibut, on twitter)(aka Summer Hamilton / Joni Schmidt / Joni D Schmidt / Julia Kitay / chemistry / delsnortto / Summerrayne/ Summerrayne73 / Joni Kitay / Julia Schmidt / Julia D Schmidt / Jonimacaroni67)
  3793. 2), MVHS / Mountain View High School (94040) criminals
  3794. 3), georgewherbert
  3795. 4), Summer Hamilton / Joni Schmidt / Joni D Schmidt / Julia Kitay / chemistry / delsnortto / Summerrayne/ Summerrayne73 / Joni Kitay / Julia Schmidt / Julia D Schmidt / Jonimacaroni67
  3796. 5), Ari/Alex/? Kriegsman ?
  3797. 6), "mistressmatisse"
  3798. 7), Lee Thompson Herbert
  3799. 8), State of California franchise tax board
  3800. 9),
  3801. 10), University of California at Davis Kevin, Ed, etc
  3802. 11), Caitlynkennedy / purvofpleasure / janiebear88 / Janelle Maher
  3803. 12), ceobondassage or Jaeleen Bennis
  3804. 13), Non existent / fake walls360 / fake bigwallgraphics, REBUBLICAN "John Doffing" (, (,, )
  3805. 14), Global PID: 82080, Allendale Ave, Saratoga, Ca postal people, etc (You can thank Maxim Integrated Products Mike Hess, & Greg Chapel(sky) for this)
  3806. 15) Global Link: , Better Health Pharmacy people You can thank, corrupt doj Ari/Alex ? Kriegsman?, & Greg Chapel(sky) for this)
  3807. 16), Mike Canfield, and the Mountain View "pd" (94040)
  3808. 17),, James Cota / Macimay / Pacifigrey / Drew Mansfield / Drew Aensland (facebook) /Sympathyforthedevil & !_! on( )/ Gaz Obscene / Jamesdreww / Jamesadrew (older citizens arrest and cease and desist)
  3809. 18), Marquette University "police", or Milwaukee (or Wisconsin) "pd" (you can thank non existent John Doffing, for this)
  3810. 19), New Berlin, Wisconsin "police" (you can thank non existent John Doffing, for this)
  3811. 20), Las Vegas "police" (& any, and, all corrupt myredbook dot com, now providingsupport dot com TERRORIST "police" anywhere in the state of Nevada (you can thank non existent John Doffing, for this)
  3812. 21), Marin County "Sheriff" Office
  3813. 22), Portland, Orgeon, United States, "police" department(s)
  3814. 23), Lake Oswego, Oregon , United States "police" department
  3815. 24), "law enforcement" in and around Sacramento, California
  3816. 25),,
  3817. 26),,
  3818. 27),,,,,
  3819. 28),,,
  3820. 29), California State Bar Board of trustees (
  3821. 30), ( , or ANY SAP company (You can thank canNOT be an attorney (moral turpitude), violated his parole, in 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, & 1996, 1997, 1998, & who knows how many years after that, Alex Prazma, for this)
  3822. 31), (
  3823. 32), Newark "police" department ( Newark Blvd, Newark, CA 94560)
  3824. 33), Fremont "police" department ( (2000 Stevenson Blvd. Fremont, CA 94538)
  3825. 34), Santa Clara Law Advisory Board members
  3826. 35), Sag Harbor, New York "police" department (70 Division St, Sag Harbor, NY 11963)(
  3827. 36), Vermont, United States, Middlebury college/ Middlebury University "police" (125 S Main St, Middlebury, VT 05753)(, or, corupt, myredbook. com, now providingsupport. com, Middlebury "police" (1 Lucius Shaw Ln, Middlebury, VT 05753)
  3828. 37), Cornell University, Campus police, (117 Statler Dr, Ithaca, NY 14853)(
  3829. 38), Stanford University Campus "police" ( Serra St.
  3830. Stanford, CA 94305)
  3831. 39), Santa Clara University "police" (500 El Camino Real,
  3832. Santa Clara, CA 95053)(
  3833. 40), University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB Police Department
  3834. Public Safety Bldg 574
  3835. Santa Barbara, CA 93106-1010), & Santa Barbara (215 East Figueroa Street
  3836. Santa Barbara, CA 93101 ) "police"
  3837. 41) Global Link:, Berkeley (2100 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94704) & University of California at Berkeley (1 Sproul Hall
  3838. Berkeley, California 94720-1199) "police departments"
  3839. 42), Los Gatos ( 110 E Main St, Los Gatos, CA 95030) & Monte Sereno, or Los Gatos/Monte Sereno "police" department(s)
  3840. 43), Monterey (351 Madison St, Monterey, CA 93940), Seaside (440 Harcourt Ave, Seaside, CA 93955), or Cal State at Monterey (Valley Hall, 2081 Inter-Garrison Rd, Seaside, CA 93955) "police" departments
  3841. 44), San Jose, California ( "police" department (201 W. Mission Street, San Jose, CA 95110)
  3842. 45), Gilroy ( Hanna St.
  3843. Gilroy, CA 95020) "police" department
  3844. 46), Everyone, that has EVER been employed at Cupertino High School (10100 Finch Ave, Cupertino, CA 95014, USA), in any capacity, or that has been a student, for 1 day or longer, starting June 1 1930, and good through June 1 of the year 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 (You can thank canNOT be an attorney (moral turpitude), violated his parole, in 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, & 1996, 1997, 1998, & who knows how many years after that, Alex Prazma, for this)
  3845. 47), Everyone, that has EVER been employed by Fenwick and West, in ANY capacity (partner, attorney, window washer, custodian/janitor, etc) (throughout the United States), and beyond (one location being 801 California St, Mountain View, CA 94041, USA)( You can than Eric Nealon Bliss for this)
  3846. 48) (Laura Dippold)(older citizens arrest, and cease and desist) ( , Aka Anthem Blue Cross employee, Aka Laura L Dippold, Aka republican congressional staffer, from Russia originally, ran Laura Dippold photography, FEATURING KIDS, probably used for, now Incidentally, the photography business of attempted murderer, rapist, child molester, perjurer, suborner of perjury, stalker, cyber stalker, solicitor of murder, etc, etc,, now, Richard Lyon Herbert (La Jolla, Los Altos (94022), Gilroy, Seaside, etc), seems to be out of busines as well
  3847. 49),, Richard Lyon Herbert (older citizens arrests, and cease and desists)
  3848. 50), includes Jeff Feinberg (at very top) (older cease and desist, and citizens arrest) (
  3849. 51), Eric Nealon Bliss (older cease and desist, and citizens arrest)
  3850. 52), Rick Zahensky (older cease and desist, and citizens arrest)
  3851. 53),, Suwarna Kulkarni (older cease and desist, and citizens arrest)
  3852. 54),, "Judge" Mary Arand (older cease and desist, and citizens arrest)
  3853. 55), University of California At Davis, Nancy Hess Dodge (older cease and desist, and citizens arrest)
  3854. 56), University of California At Davis Daryn Dodge (older cease and desist, and citizens arrest)
  3855. 57), Taos, San Jose (older cease and desist, and citizens arrest)
  3856. 58), Mary Anne Cinelli, Lora A Cinelli, Cristiano Cinelli (older cease and desist, and citizens arrest)
  3857. 59), Alana Kriegsman
  3858. 60),, Brytne Lu Sliger (older cease and desist, and citizens arrest)
  3859. 61),, Jonathan McDougall (older cease and desist, and citizens arrest)
  3860. 62),, female "deputy" Swanson (older cease and desist, and citizens arrest)
  3861. 63) 0IRB6Q,, Christian Clemmensen (***** who actually CALLED IN A B*MB THREAT to MVHS (94040), in 1991, or 1992), and that made 2 Asian students ur*nate in their pants, due to his intimidation
  3862. 64), Melissa Nyrhila, et al
  3863. 65), azul systems, proxim corporation, oni systems, and nortel networks criminals (You can thank canNOT be an attorney (moral turpitude), violated his parole, in 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, & 1996, 1997, 1998, & who knows how many years after that, Alex Prazma, for this
  3864. 66), Mark Kriegsman (older cease and desist)
  3865. 67), Bloomin' Brands (older cease and desist, and citizens arrest)
  3866. 68), Kevin Van Eck, Chevys (older cease and desist, and citizens arrest)
  3867. 69), Steven Geddes (older cease and desist, and citizens arrest)
  3868. 70), Firehouse restaurant (older cease and desist, and citizens arrest)
  3869. 71) , Chart House restaurant (older cease and desist, and citizens arrest)
  3870. 72), MacArthur Park restaurant (older cease and desist, and citizens arrest)
  3871. 73) Direct URL :, Marc Masek (older cease and desist, and citizens arrest)
  3872. 74), Forbes living (Santa Clara,California) , MVHS (94040) ( & Saint Francis (, Melissa Nyrhila, et al
  3873. 75), / MVHS (94040) ( Robin Kramer
  3874. 76), illegal attorney,(, & (,, now, Alex Prazma (who was ONLY ever absent from school, IN HIS LIFE, June 8 1992, the day of the attempted murder of Karen Watson (the first of at least 6 attempts on the life of Karen Watson)
  3875. 77), (, now, REPUBLICAN, Santa Clara County "Judge" Kulkarni (,
  3876. 78), (, now "learning disability tester" (in the 1994 to 1997 "era") that DELIBERATELY did NOT tell Karen Watson that she tested POSITIVE for attention deficit hyper activity disorder, while at, now University of California at Davis (1 Shields Ave, Davis, CA 95616) /, now UC Davis /, now UCD
  3877. 79), Citizens arrest, and cease and desists for the co colluder in attempted murder, child molestation, & rape, perjurer, suborn(er) of perjury, stalker cyber stalker, illegal hacker, assaulter, libel writer, slanderer, blackmailer, extortionist, kickback receiver, kickback provider etc, (, now "housing woman" (in the 1994 to 1997 "era") at, now UC Davis / , now University of California at Davis (1 Shields Ave, Davis, CA 95616) /, now UCD
  3878. 80) , Citizens arrest, and cease and desists for San Jose State University (California, United States) staff, employees, and students
  3879. 81) , Citizens arrests, & cease & desists for staff, faculty, employees, & students at Foothill Junior Collge / Foothill College, In California, (in the United States) (in respect to myredbook. com)
  3880. 82) , De Anza, Citizens arrests, & cease & desists for staff, faculty, employees, & students at De Anza Junior College / De Anza College, In California, (in the United States) (in respect to myredbook. com)
  3881. 83) , Citizens arrests, & cease & desists for staff, faculty, employees, & students at Sacramento State University (6000 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95819), In California, (in the United States) (in respect to myredbook. com)
  3882. 84), Citizens arrests, & cease & desists for employees (in ANY Capacity, at RFI International)(360 Turtle Creek Ct, San Jose, CA 95125), In California, (in the United States) (in respect to myredbook. com) (you can thank Maxim Integrated Products Mike Hess for this)
  3883. 85) , Citizens arrests and cease and desists pertaining to fake or non existent The Velvet Swing /,,,,, etc
  3884. 86) , Citizens arrest of , EVERY person that has ever been a student at Los Gatos High School (20 High School Ct, Los Gatos, CA 95030)(from 1962 to (& good through the year (9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999), in the state of California, (United States), for 1 day or more, or that has been employed at Los Gatos High, in ANY CAPACITY (window washer, spell checker, editor, "janitor" , floor cleaner, desk cleaner, chef, sous chef, electrical engineer, ceo, coo, programmer, distributor, attorney, teacher, principal, coach, on campus police officer or security, etc)
  3885. 87) , Citizens arrest of , EVERY person that has ever been a student at Harvey Mudd (301 Platt Blvd, Claremont, CA 91711) (undergrad, grad student, p.h.d candidate)(from 1962 to (& good through the year (9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999), in the state of California, (United States), for 1 day or more, or that has been employed at Harvey Mudd, in ANY CAPACITY
  3886. 88), Citizens arrest of , EVERY person that has ever been a student at Uc Irvine (you can thank Laurie Hollenbeck "Jamal", MVHS (94040), for this) (Irvine, CA 92697)(501 Aldrich Hall. Irvine, CA 92697) (undergrad, grad student, p.h.d candidate)(from 1962 to (& good through the year (9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999), in the state of California, (United States), for 1 day or more, or that has been employed at Uc Irvive, in ANY CAPACITY
  3887. 89) , Citizens arrest of EVERY "PERSON" that has EVER worked at Valin (or for Valin) (1941 Ringwood Ave, San Jose, CA 95131, in ANY CAPACITY
  3888. 90) , Citizens arrest of , EVERY person that has ever been a student at Whitman college in the state of Washington (345 Boyer Ave, Walla Walla, WA 99362) (you can thank georgewherbert, rapist, molester, perjurer, attempted murderer, pimp, stalker, etc Richard Lyon Herbert, & their friend, Jeremy, for this)(undergrad, grad student, p.h.d candidate)(from 1962 to (& good through the year (9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999), in the state of California, (United States), for 1 day or more, or that has been employed at Whitman, in ANY CAPACITY
  3889. 91) ,Older Chilis, Citizens arrest , and cease and desist
  3890. 92), Dennys restaurant, Older citizens arrest , and cease and desist
  3891. 93) , Citizens arrest of , EVERY person that has ever been a part of bondassage (, › jaeleen-bennis,, › watch, › intro-to-bondage, › bondassage-for-queer-couples, › ceobondassage, › bondassage, › intimacyacademy › bpro , › JaeleenBennis )
  3892. in ANY CAPACITY (in any city, state, city state, town, jurisdiction, on any continent, in any county)(from 1962 to (& good through the year (9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999), or that has been employed at / by Bondassage, in ANY CAPACITY
  3893. 94) Citizens arrest of , of (Walmart)(Just like Suwarna Kulkarni), Tushar Montano ( , ), and everyone that has EVER worked at any of the places he has been employed at (Domo,In, VentureSoft Global, E Bay Motors, Teradata, Advanced Analytics, ClearStory Data, Corefino, Inc, Paxent Technologies, Macrovision, Sybase, Inc.)
  3894. in ANY CAPACITY (in any city, state, city state, town, jurisdiction, on any continent, & in any country) (from 1962 to (& good through the year (9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999) (window washer, spell checker, editor, "janitor" , floor cleaner, desk cleaner, chef, sous chef, electrical engineer, ceo, coo, programmer, distributor, attorney, professor, coach, writer, security, dominatrix, dom, sub, slave, switch, masseuse, manager, senior manager, content producer, content writer, analyst, etc) **
  3895. 95) , Citizens arrest of , EVERY person that has ever been a student at University of Montana (United States), for 1 day or more, or that has been employed at University of Montana in ANY CAPACITY (window washer, spell checker, editor, "janitor" , floor cleaner, desk cleaner, chef, sous chef, electrical engineer, ceo, coo, programmer, distributor, attorney, professor, on campus police officer or security, etc)
  3896. 96) , Citizens arrest of , EVERY person that has ever been a student at Western Wyoming Community College (United States), for 1 day or more, or that has been employed at Western Wyoming Community College in ANY CAPACITY (window washer, spell checker, editor, "janitor" , floor cleaner, desk cleaner, chef, sous chef, electrical engineer, ceo, coo, programmer, distributor, attorney, professor, on campus police officer or security, etc)
  3897. 97) , This is a citizens arrest of the celebrity manager cousin of, now republiKKKan @georgewherbert (twitter), that in the 1992 to 1998 era, lived in the Los Angeles, California area. (Karen Watson spent the night there with pimp, attempted murderer, stalker, cyber stalker, libel writer, terrorist, perjurer, rapist, pedophile, molester, slanderer, libel writer, etc, Richard Lyon Herbert ( Bird Rock La Jolla (92037) (where Malcolm Jamal Warner / @MalcolmJamalWar came to check the place out), Los Altos (94022), Seaside (93955), Gilroy (95020)). Your wife was threatening to leave you for using, and selling illegal drugs (not just pot / marijuana). You also introduced Karen Watson to the Bay Watch cast, including Pamela Anderson, bright and early in the morning, when they were having breakfast / brunch). Pamela Anderson has access to Julian Assange, &, now @georgewherbert has been abusing his illegal security clearance for years (Pamela Anderson, btw, that morning, for no reason, was a COMPLETE psycho b*tch)
  3898. 98) The people behind this ***********************fake REBUBLIKKAN*********************** news site (, and this one *is fake*, are under citizens arrest. Check whois, and then cross check. (We have screenshots, so do not bother ILLEGALLY taking this down). EVERY CRIMINAL (lawyer / attorney, judge, district attorney, state police officer, bailiff, corrections officer, meter maid, fbi agent, doj criminal, etc, EVER affiliated with the (corrupt / crooked ) law (for 1 nano second, or longer) in the state of Montana (republican, independent, greenpeace, democrat ( and you are in FACT REPUBLICANS, even those claiming otherwise) are under CITIZENS ARREST
  3899. 99), Do over of Citizens Arrest of EVERYONE that has EVER worked for the Mountain View (94040) California (corrupt,, now police department, in ANY CAPACITY, for 1 nano second, or longer. Corrupt mcmtmnviewpd / Mike Canfield, et al, DELIBERATELY, and with MALICIOUS INTENT, on behalf of the corrupt, now MVHS (94040) students (e.g. Alex Prazma, & Christian Clemmensen) & @georgewherbert, et al, had evidence "squashed" / destroyed, June 8 1992, by telling the home owner, where Karen Watson was found (in front of), after the attempt on her life, to go ahead and use his / their hose to clean up the blood, etc. Furthermore, the corrupt Mtn.View California (94040),, now "police" department DELIBERATELY and with MALICIOUS INTENT destroyed the written, or typed, (or both) records, of the June 8 1992 attempted murder of Karen Watson. There is NO statute of limitations for attempted murder.
  3900. Btw, Karen Watson has always remembered more than she has ever told anyone. She didn't wish to traumatize her family any further, & that's why she hasn't come forward with the rest of the details, pertaining to June 8 1992
  3901. 100), Citizens arrests and cease and desists for ANYONE, across the state of Wyoming, that has *ever* been a part of (corrupt) law enforcement IN ANY CAPACITY for 1 nano second, or longer (CORRUPT judge , CORRUPT district attorney, CORRUPT attorney, CORRUPT bailiff, CORRUPT meter reader, CORRUPT meter maid, CORRUPT fbi agent, CORRUPT department of justice criminal, CORRUPT courtroom clerk, CORRUPT chief of police, CORRUPT sergeant,CORRUPT lieutenant, CORRUPT captain, CORRUPT corrections officer, CORRUPT dispatcher, CORRUPT window washer, etc). You ALL are and were part of, now and other sites like it (in one way or another). Moreover, even if you claim you are a democrat, you ARE A REPUBLIKKKAN. **(People that are excluded are people with the last name Stucky, Torp (with variations), Watson, Ladzinski, Powells, & Lyster) (you may NOT change any part of your name, after 11:00 a.m. 6/5/2019, to fall within these parameters) (you can thank, now Christian Clemmensen (, and @georgewherbert (twitter), et al for this)
  3902. 101), Citizens arrests and cease and desists for anyone involved with Nevada City fall Jam (, or any contact improv group, located from Nevada City (California), to Auburn, California, to Roseville, California, to Grass Valley, California to Davis, California, to Sacramento, California, (in addition to Berkeley, California, Gilroy, California, Seaside, California, Monterey, California, Saratoga, California, Los Gatos, California, Burlingame, California, Redwood City, California, Millbrae, California, La Jolla, California, South or North Lake Tahoe, California, Stanford University, and Palo Alto, California, to anywhere in Massachusetts, & the REPUBLIKKAN states of Wyoming, Montana, and Texas), in ANY capacity, (organizer, driver, clean up crew, dancer, speaker, massage therapist, escort, courtesan, tantra criminal, security, corrupt police officer, etc, in ANY week, month, or year, from 31,000 b.c., to 1800, and are good through Jan 1 of the year 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999.
  3903. 102), Citizens arrests and cease and desists for anyone involved with corrupt law enforcement (local, state, department of justice, corrupt attorneys, corrupt fbi agents, corrupt judges, corrupt district attorneys, corrupt corrections officers, corrupt police officers, corrupt meter maids, corrupt bailiffs, corrupt court clerks, corrupt stenographers, corrupt transcribers, corrupt sergeants, corrupt chiefs of police, corrupt lieutenants, (even building inspectors, window washers, etc) etc (all over the state, including at colleges, Universities, church events, any event, at high schools, etc), in the state of Utah (in the United States). Even if you are pretending to be independent, green peace, or democrat, etc, you are and always have been a REPUBLIKKKAN
  3904. 103), Citizens arrests and cease and desists for anyone involved with corrupt law enforcement in the city of Hayward (California), either at the local precinct (300 W Winton Ave, Hayward, CA 94544), or Cal State at Hayward / Cal State East Bay (25800 Carlos Bee Blvd, Hayward, CA 94542) (or anywhere in Hayward). Even if you are pretending to be independent, green peace, or democrat, etc, you are and always have been a REPUBLIKKKAN
  3905. 104), Citizens arrests and cease and desists for anyone, *ever* involved with corrupt law enforcement in the city of Livermore (California), either at the local precinct (1110 S Livermore Ave, Livermore, CA 94550),(or located anywhere, throughout Livermore) (meter maids, bailiffs, sergeants, "janitors", window washers, dispatchers, captains, chiefs of police, etc). Even if you are pretending to be independent, green peace, or democrat, etc, you are and always have been a REPUBLIKKKAN.
  3906. 105), Citizens arrests and cease and desists for anyone, *ever* involved with corrupt law enforcement (state, feds, whatever) in the city of Foster City (California), either at the local precinct (1030 E Hillsdale Blvd, Foster City, CA 94404),(or located anywhere, throughout Foster City) (meter maids, bailiffs, sergeants, "janitors", window washers, dispatchers, captains, chiefs of police, etc). Even if you are pretending to be independent, green peace, or democrat, etc, you are and always have been a REPUBLIKKKAN.
  3907. 106), Citizens arrests and cease and desists for anyone involved with corrupt law enforcement (local, state, department of justice, corrupt attorneys, corrupt fbi agents, corrupt judges, corrupt district attorneys, corrupt corrections officers, corrupt police officers, corrupt meter maids, corrupt bailiffs, corrupt court clerks, corrupt stenographers, corrupt transcribers, corrupt sergeants, corrupt chiefs of police, corrupt lieutenants, (even building inspectors, window washers, custodians, etc) etc (all over the state, including rural, at colleges, Universities, church events, any event, at high schools, etc), in the state of Pennsylvania (in the United States). Even if you are pretending to be independent, green peace, or democrat, etc, you are and always have been a REPUBLIKKKAN
  3908. 107), Citizens arrests and cease and desists for anyone involved with corrupt law enforcement (local, state, department of justice, corrupt attorneys, corrupt fbi agents, corrupt judges, corrupt district attorneys, corrupt corrections officers, corrupt police officers, corrupt meter maids, corrupt bailiffs, corrupt court clerks, corrupt stenographers, corrupt transcribers, corrupt sergeants, corrupt chiefs of police, corrupt lieutenants, (even building inspectors, window washers, custodians, etc) etc (all over the state, including rural, at colleges, Universities, church events, any event, at high schools, etc), in the state of Florida (in the United States)
  3909. 108) , Citizens arrests and cease and desists for anyone involved with corrupt law enforcement (local, state, department of justice, corrupt attorneys, corrupt fbi agents, corrupt judges, corrupt district attorneys, corrupt corrections officers, corrupt police officers, corrupt meter maids, corrupt bailiffs, corrupt court clerks, corrupt stenographers, corrupt transcribers, corrupt sergeants, corrupt chiefs of police, corrupt lieutenants, (even building inspectors, window washers, custodians, etc) etc (all over the state, including rural, at colleges, Universities, church events, any event, at high schools, etc), in the state of Louisiana (in the United States). Even if you are pretending to be independent, green peace, or democrat, etc, you are and always have been a REPUBLIKKKAN
  3910. 109), Citizens arrests and cease and desists for anyone involved with corrupt law enforcement (local, state, department of justice, corrupt attorneys, corrupt fbi agents, corrupt judges, corrupt district attorneys, corrupt corrections officers, corrupt police officers, corrupt meter maids, corrupt bailiffs, corrupt court clerks, corrupt stenographers, corrupt transcribers, corrupt sergeants, corrupt chiefs of police, corrupt lieutenants, (even building inspectors, window washers, custodians, etc) etc (all over the state, including rural, at colleges, Universities, church events, any event, at high schools, etc), in the state of North Carolina (in the United States). Even if you are pretending to be independent, green peace, or democrat, etc, you are and always have been a REPUBLIKKKAN.
  3911. 110) , Citizens arrest of ANYONE, EVER, that EVER associated with (republiKKKan) Mills College (Oakland, California, United States) (5000 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94613) prof Richard Wistar (in ANY town, city, state, city-state, or country in the UNIVERSE / WORLD (by ANY means (telephone, email, mail through the USPS, in person, etc, for 1 millisecond, or longer). (, The bride is a sophomore at Mills. Her father is professor of chemistry and head of the department of physical sciences.) (that is SCHIZOPHRENIC (republiKKKan) Alice Wistar Herbert (Los Altos, 94022, Seaside, Ca, (93955) & Gilroy, Ca (95020), that was allowed to carry a gun as part of, now, (republiKKKan) California search and rescue (which communicates with corrupt,, now, (republiKKKan) law enforcement, throughout the United States). The schizophrenic Alice Wistar Herbert that is mother of, now (republiKKKan) @georgewherbert (twitter) (aka "ceobondasage, @bondassage, @mirriam71, @maggie_mcneill, @mistressmatisse, @hotlatinalover, & @dreuhartcmt, at times), & attempted murderer, rapist, child molester, perjurer, suborner of perjury, stalker, cyber stalker, solicitor of murder, etc, etc,, now, Richard Lyon Herbert (La Jolla, Ca, Seaside, Ca, Monterey, Ca, Los Altos, Ca (94022), Gilroy, Ca)
  3912. 111), Citizens arrest of ANYONE, EVER, that EVER associated with (republiKKKan) Point Reyes (Inverness, Marin, California, United States (in ANY town, city, state, city-state, or country in the UNIVERSE / WORLD (by ANY means (telephone, email, mail through the USPS, in person, etc, for 1 millisecond, or longer), Uncle John Herbert (probably, had a hand in this (, being that the, now republiKKKan mob Herbert family had property in Mexico. For that matter, not sorry, this is a citizens arrest, & cease and desist for, now Stanford (450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305), and El Camino Hospital (2500 Grant Rd, Mountain View, CA 94040), Stan Fischman (who violated doctor patient confidentiality by allowing rapist, perjurer, attempted murderer, molester, etc, Richard Lyon Herbert)(La Jolla, Ca, Los Altos (94022), Seaside Ca, and Gilroy Ca) sit in on sessions (likely, knowing full well Richard Lyon Herbert, et al, were involved in the June 8 1992 attempted murder of Karen Watson). We'll even extend this / these citizens arrest, & cease and desists out to Lucile Packard (725 Welch Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94304), ex Cio, (now at Philips ?),, now stalker, cyber stalker, libel writer, witness intimidater, sexual assaulter, etc, John McInally (, &, now Stanford University (450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305) Dan Madison (,, ) (rapist, sexual assaulter, perjurer to be, cyber stalker, libel writer, stalker, etc). Obviously, Uncle John Herbert is the uncle of, now @georgewherbert (twitter) (aka "ceobondasage, @bondassage, @mirriam71, @maggie_mcneill, @mistressmatisse, @hotlatinalover, & @dreuhartcmt, at times), & attempted murderer, rapist, child molester, perjurer, suborner of perjury, stalker, cyber stalker, solicitor of murder, etc, etc,, now, Richard Lyon Herbert (La Jolla, Ca, Seaside, Ca, Monterey, Ca, Los Altos, Ca (94022), Gilroy, Ca)_
  3913. 112), Citizens arrest of ANYONE, EVER, that EVER associated with (republiKKKan) Point Reyes (Inverness, Marin, California, United States (in ANY town, city, state, city-state, or country in the UNIVERSE / WORLD (by ANY means (telephone, email, mail through the USPS, in person, etc, for 1 millisecond, or longer), the cousin of, now @georgewherbert (twitter) (aka "ceobondasage, @bondassage, @mirriam71, @maggie_mcneill, @mistressmatisse, @hotlatinalover, & @dreuhartcmt, at times), & attempted murderer, rapist, child molester, perjurer, suborner of perjury, stalker, cyber stalker, solicitor of murder, etc, etc,, now, Richard Lyon Herbert (La Jolla, Ca, Seaside, Ca, Monterey, Ca, Los Altos, Ca (94022), Gilroy, Ca), that got booted out of the University of California at Santa Barbara (1210 Cheadle Hall UC Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA 93106-2014), for selling pot (& we're sure, other, currently. illegal drugs)(that Karen Watson met in Point Reyes, Inverness,Marin, California (that also probably, had a hand in this (, being that the, now republiKKKan mob Herbert family had property in Mexico. Of course, this is a citizens arrest, & cease and desist for said cousin, as well.
  3914. 113), Citizens arrest of ANYONE, EVER, that EVER associated with Point Reyes (Inverness, Marin, California, United States resident, ************** Kirstin Nute ************** (in ANY town, city, state, city-state, or country in the UNIVERSE / WORLD (by ANY means (telephone, email, mail through the USPS, in person, etc, for 1 millisecond, or longer), ex wife of Mountain View High / Mtn.View High (94040) Joe Guthrie (chemistry, chemistry honors, physics honors, biology during Summer School at LAHS (94022), that suposedly graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara (1210 Cheadle Hall UC Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA 93106-2014), and offered to write the college recommendation for Karen Watson *only* if she applied to UCSB. Joe Guthrie is now teaching in the state of Colorado. Has a family member that seems to be transgender (Lisa Guthrie) (in the state of Colorado, too), that worked in finance, and could have funneled money for, now georgewherbert, et al). Kirstin Nute was the neighbor of, now @georgewherbert (twitter) (aka "ceobondasage, @bondassage, @mirriam71, @maggie_mcneill, @mistressmatisse, @hotlatinalover, & @dreuhartcmt, at times), & attempted murderer, rapist, child molester, perjurer, suborner of perjury, stalker, cyber stalker, solicitor of murder, etc, etc,, now, Richard Lyon Herbert (La Jolla, Ca, Seaside, Ca, Monterey, Ca, Los Altos, Ca (94022), Gilroy, Ca) (as well as neightbor of, now corrupt attorney Barbara Moser (aka, now Ruby Kriegsman, Ruby Pratt, Ruby Pratt Kriegsman, Ruby Rose, Ruby Kriegsman (Well Clinic, San Francisco (using a fake picture), Ruby Rose Kriegsman, thegildedrose, part time)
  3915. 114), Citizens arrest of ANYONE, EVER, that EVER associated with, now collarme Stanford University (450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305) /, and the republiKKKan state of Texas ( like, now assaulter, perjurer, stalker, cyber stalker, libel writer, literal terrorist, cocaine dealer, rapist, sexual assaulter, illegal hacker, probable molester, pimp, attempted murderer, Rick Zahensky / Frederick Zahensky), stalker, libel writer, pimp, assaulter, rapist, etc, Jamesdean ( (in ANY town, city, state, city-state, or country in the UNIVERSE / WORLD (by ANY means (telephone, email, mail through the USPS, in person, through text message, through self destructing message, using disposable email, utilizing disposable phone numbers, etc, for 1 millisecond, or longer), (comrade of, now @georgewherbert (twitter) (aka "ceobondasage, @bondassage, @mirriam71, @maggie_mcneill, @mistressmatisse, @hotlatinalover, & @dreuhartcmt, at times), attempted murderer, rapist, child molester, perjurer, suborner of perjury, stalker, cyber stalker, solicitor of murder, etc, etc,, now, Richard Lyon Herbert (La Jolla, Ca, Seaside, Ca, Monterey, Ca, Los Altos, Ca (94022), Gilroy, Ca) (as well as of, now corrupt attorney Barbara Moser ( (aka, now Ruby Kriegsman, Ruby Pratt, Ruby Pratt Kriegsman, Ruby Rose, Ruby Kriegsman (Well Clinic, San Francisco (using a fake picture), Ruby Rose Kriegsman, thegildedrose, part time) "Jamesdean" either lived in a condominium, or town house, on the Alameda in San Jose, California, in the United States, or borrowed it from someone.
  3916. 115), Citizens arrest of ANYONE, EVER, that EVER associated with, now Stanford University (450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305) /,, 1380 Piland Dr, San Jose, CA 95130, Shelley Nealon (related to Springer Elementary School (Address: 1120 Rose Ave, Mountain View, CA 94040, and Blach Junior High School (1120 Covington Rd, Los Altos, CA 94024) Erika and Jennifer Bliss ). Shelley Nealon probably sells "quilting supplies" to the "wife" of, now Smittyhalibut / Mark Smith (MVHS, 94040, & BJH, 94024), (aka Joni Schmidt, Joni D Schmidt, Summerrayne, Summerrayne73, funcurvymom67, jonimacaroni67, urfsbsmtherapist, chemistry, delsnortto, 94022 Julia Farthing Kitay, and Julia Kitay, etc) Shelley Nealon is the mother, as well, of, now, Top Hatters motorcycle "club" ( member, Eric Nealon (Chevys (94040), The Outback Steakhouse (632 Blossom Hill Rd. San Jose, CA), Black Angus (740 E El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087), & Valin Corp ( 5225 Hellyer Ave Ste 250, San Jose, CA 95138)(, now smittyhalibut / Mark Smith is likely part of the same motorcycle gang, btw). Additionally the mother of Stanford Shelley Nealon attended Castilleja (1310 Bryant St, Palo Alto, CA 94301), where Kim Flomenhoft ( went to school, too. Kim Flomehoft is the daughter of Mark Flomenhoft ( Mark Flomenhoft sat on boards with Larry Sonsini ( (in ANY town, city, state, city-state, or country in the UNIVERSE / WORLD (by ANY means (telephone, email, mail through the USPS, in person, through text message, through self destructing message, using disposable email, utilizing disposable phone numbers, etc, for 1 millisecond, or longer), (obviously, she is more than familiar with, now @georgewherbert (twitter) (aka "ceobondasage, @bondassage, @mirriam71, @maggie_mcneill, @mistressmatisse, @hotlatinalover, & @dreuhartcmt, at times), attempted murderer, rapist, child molester, perjurer, suborner of perjury, stalker, cyber stalker, solicitor of murder, etc, etc,, now, Richard Lyon Herbert (La Jolla, Ca, Seaside, Ca, Monterey, Ca, Los Altos, Ca (94022), Gilroy, Ca) (as well as of, now corrupt attorney Barbara Moser ( (aka, now Ruby Kriegsman, Ruby Pratt, Ruby Pratt Kriegsman, Ruby Rose, Ruby Kriegsman (Well Clinic, San Francisco (using a fake picture), Ruby Rose Kriegsman, thegildedrose, part time)
  3917. 116), Citizens arrest of ANYONE, EVER associated with corrupt republiKKKan law enforcement throughout the state of Texas (corrupt department of justice criminals, corrupt fbi criminals, corrupt sergeant criminals, corrupt chief of police criminals, corrupt judge criminals, corrupt bailiff criminals, corrupt window washer criminals, corrupt dispatcher criminals, corrupt janitor / custodian criminals, corrupt meter reader criminals, corrupt captain criminals, etc ) ( you can thank, now rapist, stalker, perjurer, cyber stalker, suborner of perjury, kickback artist, libel writer, illegal hacker, cocaine dealer, & pimp, etc, Rick / Frederick Zahensky,, now Shekoh Moosavi / Shekoh Moossavi (,,,,,, her uncle ?, Los Gatos / Monte Sereno resident, Dr. Morteza Farr / Dr. Morteza Moosavi / Dr. Morteza Moossavi (,, her ex husband (on paper), Mark Ainsworth (,,, and Laura ) "referral person" , of the office of Sudha Karupaiah, at 65 N 14th street San Jose California for this. Shekoh, and Mark Ainsworth w/ OUT Karen Watson saying a thing, knew, the Stanford ((, 450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305) graduate mother of Karen Watson, Greta Watson (in 3 years, with a bachelors in math) (worked for IBM in Los Angeles, TDS Healthcare ; developing the light pen, used in hospitals, Sun Microsystems)(played in the United States tennis association, and Northern California tennis association. Did computer work for the Northern California tennis association) (tutored, Jim Plunkett ( in English at Stanford (born in Norway). Her dad (Greta Watson), Alf Torp, was an attorney in Norway. Lived in San Carlos (94070), before passing away in San Diego, Ca)) was forced to ground Karen Watson because of being threatened by the, now republiKKKan MOB Herbert family (@georgewherbert (on twitter) (aka @bondassage, @ceobondassage, @mistressmatisse, @mirriam71, @maggie_mcneill, @dreuhratcmt, & @hotlatinalover, part time), perjurer, attempted murderer, rapist, molester, solicitor of attempted murder, solicitor of perjury, stalker, cyber stalker, assaulter, libel writer, slanderer, cyber stalker, kickback artist, pimp, etc Richard Lyon Herbert (La Jolla, Ca, Los Altos, Ca (94022), Monterey, Ca, Seaside, Ca, Gilroy, Ca) Obviously, Mark Ainsworth, and the republiKKKan MOB Herbert family are working together in Monterey, and Seaside. Not to mention, although, the republiKKKan Herbert MOB family already had republican RUSSIAN congressional staffer, ILLEGAL Anthem Blue Cross employee, & now CONVICTED FELON (, Laura K. Thies is Laura Dippold, 35, & 37, convicted s*x offender) (no more child care center, no more child photography and wedding site (canNOT be around anyone under the age of 18), Laura Dippold, ILLEGALLY tampering with the medical records of Karen Watson, and ILLEGALLY handing them over to the republiKKKan MOB Herbert family, Laura (staffer for Sudha K), and Sudha Karupaiah, at 65 N 14th street, San Jose, attempted to get Karen Watson to see Monte Sereno/Los Gatos (95030) resident, Dr. Morteza Moossavi (in order for Shekoh, and Mark Ainsworth, to further ILLEGALLY obtain access to the medical records of Karen Watson, or possibly to have Morteza Moossavi MURDER Karen Watson ("accidentally", while in surgery, (or both)). FYI,, now Shekoh Moossavi (who had the # 1, 2, & 3 graduates from the SF Culinary Academy walk out on her, at Gervais, and eventually EVERY staff member, except for 3 people, at Gervais, in Saratoga, Ca, ** is back, in Menlo Park, Ca **)(People that are excluded are people with the last name Stucky, Torp (with variations), Watson, Ladzinski, Powells, & Lyster)
  3918. 117), Citizens arrest of corrupt republiKKKans Shekoh Moosavi / Shekoh Moossavi (,,,, & Mark Ainsworth (,,, for not only knowing (withOUT Karen Watson having said a word), (450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305), graduate, with a bachelors in math, in 3 years, that tutored Jim Plunkett (, played tennis through the United Stated tennis association, did computer work for the Northern California tennis association, and worked for IBM in Los Angeles, TDS Healthcare, and Sun Microsystems, Greta Watson, was forced to ground Karen Watson, when Karen had done NOTHING wrong (was on her way to the grocery store) due to threats from the, now MOB Herbert family ((e.g. @georgewherbert (twitter) (aka @bondassage, @ceobondassage, @mirriam71, @mistressmatisse, @maggie_mcneill, @dreuhartcmt, & @hotlatinalover, part time, & rapist, child molester, attempted murderer, perjurer, solicitor of perjury, stalker, cyber stalker, libel writer, pimp, etc, Richard Lyon Herbert (La Jolla, Ca, Los Altos Ca (94022), Monterey, Ca, Seaside, Ca, Gilroy, Ca), et al), & attempting to ILLEGALLY obtain the medical records of Karen Watson (& possibly, have Karen Watson MURDERED, by Morteza Farr / Morteza Moossavi ( , (as well as working with the MOB Herbert family in Monterey and Seaside (and the MOB REPUBLIKKKAN Crandall family (Susan (, Eric (,& Lydia Ellen Crandall (, and having a hostess working for them (at Gervais) that was a known, now lady of the night / courtesan / escort (that had come from The Plumed Horse restaurant), owned and operated, at that point, by a comrade of, now REPUBLIKKKAN Maxim Integrated products Mike Hess ( (one of the 3 last people that did not walk out on Shekoh, and Mark Ainsworth), but also this is a citizens arrest of Shekoh and Mark (and comrades) for running an ILLEGAL TIP POOL (
  3919. 118), Citizens arrest , and cease and desist for ANYONE, ever, that has EVER worked for Applied Engineering (, in ANY city, town, jurisdiction, state, country, or on any continent, in ANY capacity (floor cleaner, desk cleaner, window washer, assembly line production, custodian / janitor, new product inventory manager, security, computer security, phone answerer, ceo, coo, etc etc). Most, if not all of you, have been a part of, now, in some way, shape, or form. Additionally, most of you, are republiKKKans, even those pretending to be democrats
  3920. 119), Additional citizens arrest, and cease and desist for ANYONE, ever, that has EVER worked for MVPD / corrupt Mountain View "police" department (1000 Villa St, Mountain View, CA 94041) , in ANY city, town, jurisdiction, state, country, or on any continent, in ANY capacity, on ANY case, (floor cleaner, desk cleaner, window washer, custodian / janitor, new product inventory manager, security, computer security, police chief, sergeant, lieutenant, dispatcher, meter maid, captain, etc etc). Most, if not all of you, have been a part of, now, in some way, shape, or form. Moreover, most of you, are republiKKKans, even those pretending to be democrats. Not only did you all, INTENTIONALLY and with MALICIOUS intent, have evidence destroyed on June 8 1992 (telling the guy , where Karen Watson was found, to use his hose, to INTENTIONALLY, and MALICIOUSLY DESTROY evidence (and ILLEGALLY destroying evidence at the Mountain View "police department" / there is NO statute of limitation on ATTEMPTED MURDER), but you all INTENTIONALLY, and with MALICIOUS intent, took the apartment that was in the name of Karen Watson (that used the SS# of Karen Watson) (in Mountain View (94040), and "handed it over" to CORRUPT, undercover / narc, *NOT* deceased, UCSF / University of California at San Francisco, "David Cipriano". More than likely you all ILLEGALLY used the apartment to sell ILLEGAL drugs from, and to solicit underage, and UNWILLING people to be escorts / courtesans / ladies of the night. You CRIMINAL FELONS were acutely aware Karen Watson would go to Olive Garden (2515 El Camino Real
  3921. Palo Alto, CA 94306) "bartender",& Safeway (94040) (Kathy) (that sold meth to, now, republiKKKan, Maxim Integrated Products, "Mike Hess" ( That meth, probably originated from the Mexico, property belonging to the, now, republiKKKan Herbert family. (Sarcasm) How wonderful that Olive Garden, and Safeway, Kathy, had a girlfriend (working for Mary Kay,, that attended Mills College in Oakland, California (5000 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94613)(, The bride is a sophomore at Mills. Her father is professor of chemistry and head of the department of physical sciences.)
  3922. 120) , On that note, we decided we would include citizens arrests, and cease and desists for, now, Sundance (1921 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306), Roy, and The De Anza (21250 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014) English prof here
  3923. 121), Having written all that, we're going to add EVERYONE that EVER attended MVHS (, 3535 Truman Ave, Mountain View, CA 94040, except David Watson), or Blach Junior High (1120 Covington Rd, Los Altos, CA 94024, except David Watson), EVERY staff member at MVHS, & Blach Junior High, EVERYONE that has EVER worked at, or for, the San Carlos (94070) corrupt police department, in ANY capacity (on ANY case, in ANY jurisdiction (city, town, city-state, state, country)(or as clerk, stenographer, carpet cleaner, desk cleaner, janitor / custodian, dispatcher, sergeant, captain, chef, etc), Manisha Nagrani (though she falls in the Blach Junior high, & MVHS group), and Bernard Pailma to our ever growing list of citizens arrests, and cease and desists
  3924. 122), That being the case, our next citizens arrest, & cease and desist "awards" will go to Chilis (2560 W El Camino Real Mountain View, CA 94040), "managers", Dennis, and Laura, as well the MVHS (3535 Truman Ave, Mountain View, CA 94040,,, now art teacher
  3925. 123) , Now that we wrote all that, we're aiming this set of citizens arrests, and cease and desists, at, now Kron4 Michelle Kennedy, Henry Tenenbaum, Erika / Erica Svedeman, & Zack Walz
  3926. 124) , Now, then we're applying citizens arrests, and cease and desists to EVERYONE, that ever attended Springer Elementary (1120 Rose Ave, Mountain View, CA 94040), Blach Junior High (1120 Covington Rd, Los Altos, CA 94024), Egan Junior High (100 W Portola Ave, Los Altos, CA 94022), and MVHS (3535 Truman Ave, Mountain View, CA 94040), and LAHS (201 Almond Ave, Los Altos, CA 94022), and ALL staff ever employed at any of these schools in ANY capacity. Exceptions include staff at Springer Elementary, David Watson *and* those that are part of the Tollner family.
  3927. 125), We think this calls for citizens arrests and cease and desists aimed at anyone that is part of the Cowell or Pistacchi families, ANYONE and EVERYONE that has EVER been employed in any CAPACITY, by Ante Bilic, Tony Bilic, Bill Orton, Dottia Bilic, Michael Mazzaferri, Moria Inn Corporation, Cheetahs Gentleman's Club, Tarragon restaurant, Sporty's Bikini Bar , Bilic Enterprises, Inc., Paul & Harvey's, bluestarbus, The Harker School (500 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA 95129), & Paul Cowell. We're extending these citizens arrests and cease and desists to ANYONE that paid for services correlated with any of these individuals, er criminals, and businesses, er, criminal enterprises
  3928. 126), This is a citizens arrest, and cease and desist of / for, now "David Battagin" ( › david-battagin-2b777618, › roster_players, › roster_players, › dave.battagin, › salaries › santa-clara › david-m-battagin, › thefehergroup, › US Persons › B › David Battagin, › channel, › sports › m-basebl › spec-rel, › profile,, and "Alexandra Battagin" (aka Alexandra M Greco and Alexandra M Dragonetti (, Toms River New Jersey, Monroe Township New Jersey, Manalapan New Jersey, Manchester New Jersey ((@0alexandra00) , › Alexandra-Battagin)
  3929. 127), This is a citizens arrest, and cease and desist of, or, for, now Aidan Keefe (, (Exciting news in my career journey and very honored to be part of this work.
  3930. Liked by Aidan Keefe Volunteer Experience Homeless Shelter Volunteer Cityteam Homeless Shelter Volunteer Cityteam Nov 2014 Social Services Volunteered at Cityteam Ministries to help prepare and serve food for San Jose's homeless.
  3931. Volunteered at Cityteam Ministries to help prepare and serve food for San Jose's homeless. Languages Japanese,, and Sachiko Uno ( Sarcasm, now would you look at that, University of California at Davis / UC Davis (1 Shields Ave, Davis, CA 95616) grad, Aidan Keefe, has Cornell, and "working with the homeless" in common, with, now, corrupt, republiKKKan, doj, Ari/Alex? Kriegsman?. BUT WAIT,, now Aidan Keefe has Japanese, and Japan, in common with, now, republiKKKan, @georgewherbert (aka @scotchfairy, @hotlatinalover, @dreuhartcmt, @mirriam71, @maggie_mcneill, @ceobondassage, and @mistressmatisse, part time)., now, republiKKKan @georgewherbert, does Aidan Keefe know your friend that had 2 homes in the foothills of Belmont, Ca (that took Karen Watson to see Kill Bill at Century 16 (1500 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043) (and don't worry, Karen Watson still has the ticket stub)), that brought women to the United States to "study" ?????!!!!! (Sarcasm) Fascinating too, how, University of California at Davis / UC Davis, half Norwegian, half Jewish, rock climbing, BMW motorcycle driving (got 2 tickets on the way to, or from Lake Berryessa) Kevin, preferred Asian women, and that, now, republiKKKan Maxim Integrated products "Mike Hess" ( (around 2006 to 2010) was dating an Asian woman that wished to open a "massage" business (while actually using it as a hooker / tramp / whore / gfe / escort / courtesan business). Then again, once on prozac, gun owning (*not* using a lock, stored under a bed, NOT in a box),, now , republiKKKan, Maxim Integrated products, "Mike Hess", paid women for sex at Grand Central Sauna & Hot Tub (376 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA 95129), and his best friend, South Lake Tahoe, Elmer Sanborn, was brought up on child molestation charges (pled to disturbing the peace due to the 8 year old DYING before she could testify), had a restraining order GRANTED against him as a result of one of the kids of Penny Hess accusing him of molestation, has been BOOTED from casinos in Lake Tahoe for card counting, and found himself banned from Lupin Lodge (20600 Aldercroft Heights Rd, Los Gatos, CA 95033)._
  3932. 128), Now, we're adding citizens arrests, and cease and desists for Foothill Junior College (12345 El Monte Rd, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022) Arlene / Arleen (sp?) (that managed a hotel in downtown Palo Alto, that evidently, was, a prostitution hot spot). Arlene / Arleen (sp?) sicked, now, assaulter, pimp, rapist, molester, illegal drug manufacturer, producer, and sales person, perjurer, etc,(adult) (92037,94022,93955,95020) Richard Lyon Herbert, on (minor) Karen Watson. Furthermore, Arlene / Arleen (sp?), acted in cahoots with cocaine user and seller, Washington state, Francis / Francis Bentley (sp?). Thus, we are extending the citizens arrest, and cease and desist to Washington State Francis / Francis Bentley (sp?).
  3933. 129) , So, at this point, we're reaffirming our citizens arrests and cease and desists of/for, now mcmtnviewpd / Mike Canfield,, now former chief of police of San Carlos, Greg Rothaus, and, now former chief of police of Los Altos (94022), and (94087), Don Johnson,, now fake walls360/fake bigwallgraphics, non existent John Doffing (aka John Wilson),, now rddedhd / Jeff Feinberg , and EVERYONE ever employed, in ANY capacity, in any city, town, state, city-state, country, or any continent, by, now Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich, and Rosati. At the same time we're adding citizens arrests, and cease and desists of / for,, now Kim Flomenhoft, Linda Flomenhoft, Sandra Reese (, Rachel Cipriano, Christine Carlson, Amrish R Pattni, and the attorney for playboy / roommate of rddedhd / Jeff Feinberg.
  3934. 130), This is a citizens arrest and cease and desist for San Mateo County California, Redwood City corrections officers,, now Female Smith, the blonde and brunette women that beat the ever living sh*t out of Karen Watson, knocked out her implant, and then bragged about beating Karen Watson, to a pulp, to the female "inmates". We're also adding the 600+ lb Caucasian,, now male, psychiatrist, and the Asian,, now, male, psychiatrist to these citizens arrests and cease and desists. Not only did Smith and the other 2 female, corrupt corrections officers beat the ever living sh*t out of Karen Watson, but San Mateo County (including South San Francisco) have made a habit out of feeding LITERAL dog food to inmates, DELIBERATELY and with MALICIOUS INTENT fabricating checks on inmates (that NEVER should have been placed in segregation), DELIBERATELY and with MALICIOUS INTENT tampering with the medical records of "inmates", keeping "inmates" in "suicide chairs" with NO checks for 24 hours to MONTHS, with NO checks, or with random checks ( e.g. every six hours, every 15 hours, every 10 days), NOT allowing inmates access to attorneys (by phone, in person, etc), keeping female "inmates" in "dorms, that are a size of SMALL room in a house, or the tiniest of studio apartments (with TRIPLE bunks), placing "inmates" that do NOT sell illegal drugs or agree to be pimped in a hog tie device (that could tear Acls, meniscuses, contribute to fractures in people with brittle bone disease, osteoporosis, or psoriatic arthritis etc), driving female "inmates" around, with no destination, for hours, if not days, and telling inmates to walk to a certain place, and then ILLEGALLY write in their report that that was an escape attempt, and, placing "spit" masks on "inmates" for NOT selling illegal drugs, and NOT agreeing to be raped, assaulted, and pimped (that could KILL someone with copd, or asthma) (among the laundry list of FELONIES the republiKKKan FELON "law enforcement" CRIMINALS commit.)
  3935. Next, we're including EVERYONE EVER that worked in the Milpitas county jail (in California) (in ANY capacity) (for one hour or more) (*not* including "inmates"), in these citizens arrests and cease and desists (for all the same reasons as above) (with the exception of the triple bunks). Then, they all ATTEMPT TO MURDER on a daily basis by keeping "inmates" in FREEZING / frigid conditions (especially dangerous for people with conditions like copd, and asthma). (this means you corrupt, republiKKKan,, now, African American (for identification purposes), "glamazon", with the extra long purple nails, that slammed the box, and your fist into the head of, NOT willing to sell illegal drugs, be raped, shut up about being raped and molested, shut up about the June 8 1992 attempt on her life, or, be pimped, Karen Watson)(among other things)
  3936. 131), These cease and desists and citizens arrests are aimed at everyone below (Cyndi / Cynthia Herbert / Cynthia M Swann / Cythia Parks ; 506 Orange Ave Los Altos CA) , her husband, Gary Herbert, & Justin Lo / Justin Lo. m.d. (Justin Lo, 779 Orange Ave, Los Altos, CA | Nuwber, › States › CA › Los Altos › 779 Orange Ave, Address: 2101 Forest Ave suite 220a, San Jose, CA 95128, (that did NOT know what an intramedullary rod is, or that an i.v. can contain glucose, or saline (, that live .4 miles away from one another, apparently. These citizens arrests, and cease and desists are in effect until, and unless, we write otherwise. Cyndi / Cynthia Herbert / Cynthia M Swann / Cynthia Parks, and Gary Herbert, it appears, are related to, now, republiKKKan @georgewherbert (twitter) (aka "dreuhartcmt","ceobondassage","maggie_mcneill","mirriam71","mistressmatisse",&"hotlatinalover",part time), and the rest of the republiKKKan, , MOB Herbert family, comrades. For all intents and purposes, at this point, we're deducing Cyndi / Cynthia Herbert / Cynthia M Swann / Cythia Parks had something to do with ILLEGALLY impregnating INFERTILE (low transferrin, low hemoglobin, low ferritin, 2 types of psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, 9 c.m. ovarian lesion with foreign body giant cell reaction, 7 c.m.+ fibroid, another 3 c.m.+ ovarian lesion, inverted uterus) Karen Watson (recovering from a tbi)(inflicted, in part by, now republiKKKan FELONS). Additionally, we're concluding "Dr.Justin Lo" is NOT an actual doctor / anesthesiologist, and is ILLEGALLY (NO probable cause) handing over the TAMPERED with medical records of Karen Watson, to the republiKKKan,, now, Herbert CRIME / MOB family.
  3937. Not to mention, Cyndi / Cynthia Herbert / Cynthia M Swann / Cythia Parks, shares / shared, the state of Maryland with NEVER had a t.b.i John O'Connell ( attended Johns Hopkins with Alana Kriegsman (, › alana-kriegsman-18102854), and the undercover / narc "Cipriano" family ("David Cipriano", NOT a phlebotomist, did NOT work at Honda, & "casino hostess", "Rachel Cipriano", et al)
  3938. 132) , New, more complete / more comprehensive citizens arrest, and cease and desist for, now, republiKKKan, pretending to be a democrat, "judge" Mary Arand, " ".
  3939. In any case, (though mainly oriented towards, now, republiKKKan, "Judge", Mary Arand) these citizens arrests and cease and desists apply, to husband(s), wives, children, moms, dads , sisters , brothers, adopted kids, step kids, aunts, uncles, great aunts, great uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, great grandmothers, great grandfathers, nieces, nephews, great nieces, great nephews, step nieces, step nephews, granddaughters, grandsons, great grandsons, great granddaughters, etc, etc. " "
  3940. 133) , To go along with these citizens arrests, and cease and desists, revolving around, now RepubliKKKans, some pretending to be democrats, that are ATTEMPTED MURDERERS, MOLESTERS, RAPISTS, PERJURERS, ASSAULTERS, CYBER STALKERS, STALKERS, LIBEL WRITERS, SLANDERERS, ILLEGAL DRUG PRODUCERS, ILLEGAL DRUG MANUFACTURERS, ILLEGAL DRUG USERS, ILLEGAL DRUG SELLERS, PIMPS, ILLEGALLY HACKING, etc, that are (or have been) near, or, in, the cities, or towns, of Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, and Saratoga, (as well as Sunnyvale, & Campbell) California (United States)
  3941. ( ," ",we are placing anyone that has EVER spent thirty seconds or more, within one hundred feet of Red Power Divas (, › Pages › Businesses › Nonprofit Organization, › Active Life › Sports Clubs,, PO Box 261 Campbell, CA 95009-0261 ,, 408.702.2738, 1177 Kern Avenue Sunnyvale, California, United States, 94085, 950 Franklin Street Santa Clara, CA US 95050, Coyote Creek Trail Silver Creek Sportsplex parking lot at Embedded Way. Thursday night, 6:30 p.m., Core/Strength/Speed & Form Training at the Campbell Community Center track.), or spent time being a part of Red Power Divas, for 2 minutes or longer, under citizens arrest. (This includes ANYONE that EVER contributed to the building, or maintenance of any website, or site, (in ANY capacity) pertaining to Red Power Divas. You ALL will also cease and desist with ANY criminal activity, even infractions, and are ordered to cease and desist with ANY and ALL interaction, with anyone and everyone that has EVER been on ANY site like, now, or ANY site that has EVER rated any person born with the xx chromosome, or xxx syndrome, etc, on any part of their physical appearance, or "sexual prowess", or "lack thereof". You ALL have not only been colluding, ILLEGALLY, to harm Karen Watson, and any and all of her immediate family members, and extended family members (emotionally, sexually, physically, financially), but you have been knowingly and with MALICIOUS INTENT, been a part of conflict of interest, in respect to republiKKKan, pretending to be a democrat, pro rape, pro assault, pro perjury, pro molestation, pro attempted murder, pro elimination of anyone born with the xx chromosome, or xxx syndrome, etc, pimpestress / madam, etc, CORRUPT as all h*ll,, now, "judge" Sharon Chatman.
  3942. 134), This is a citizens arrest of *anyone* (desk cleaner, window cleaner, janitor / custodian, attorney, rent a cop, ceo, coo, cio, manager, assistant manager, receptionist, coordinator, patient care representative, human resources, radiologist, etc ; some of you are listed below) EVER associated with Valley radiology imaging (in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States) , for one nanosecond, or longer. We CAN PROVE that the medical records of Karen Watson have been ILLEGALLY tampered with, and ILLEGALLY altered, on behalf of, now, TERRORIST, attempted murderer, suborner of perjury, perjurer, drug producer, drug manufacturer, pimp, stalker, cyber stalker, libel writer, kickback artist, probable molester, etc, republiKKKan @georgewherbert (@mirriam71, @maggie_mcneill, @ceobondassage, @scotchfairy, @hotlatinalover, @dreuhartcmt, & @mistressmatisse, part time) , and the republiKKKan MOB Herbert family), &, now TERRORIST, attempted murderer, stalker, libel writer, cyber stalker, illegal hacker, pimp, kickback artist, perjurer, etc, CORRUPT, republiKKKan, dept of justice Ari/Alex ? Kriegsman ? (@mirriam71, @maggie_mcneill, @ceobondassage, @hotlatinalover, @dreuhartcmt, & @mistressmatisse, part time , as well), et al
  3943. 135), Kind of refining things, Valley Radiology Imaging (San Francisco, California, Bay Area, in the United States) Elizabeth B Schneider 650-948-8116, (NOTE the Los Altos, Ca hometown), 200 Osage Ave Los Altos, CA 94022-3817 , (650) 967-9360 - Landline,, ******************************************* ( .4 miles from the, now republiKKKan MOB Herbert family, on Waverly Lane, in Los Altos Ca 94022. Also, (1.4 mi) via S El Monte Ave to the home of probably NOT a doctor, 46 year old, Justin L Lo (did NOT know what an intramedullary rod is, or, that an i.v. can contain glucose, or saline ( Not to mention, Justin Lo is just .4 miles from, now Cyndi and Gary Herbert ) *******************************************, given all the above information, along with the fact that you play basketball, evidentally, just like, now, corrupt, dept of justice, republiKKKan Ari/Alex ? Kriegsman ? (@mirriam71, @maggie_mcneill, @ceobondassage, @hotlatinalover, @dreuhartcmt, & @mistressmatisse, part time), we have no chioce, at this point, except to place you under citizens arrest. Unless it becomes CRYSTAL CLEAR that you have been threatened by the republiKKKan,, now FELONS, in the near future, or that any of the above information is inaccurate, we MUST conclude, you are WILLINGLY (and with MALICIOUS INTENT) colluding to ILLEGALLY tamper with, and ILLEGALLY ALTER the medical records of Karen Watson.
  3944. 136), Just because, citizens arrest of the bartender friend (used to program ?, or work in "tech" / with "tech")(possible name of Frankie) of, now republiKKKan, pretending to be a democrat, corrupt attorney, Jeff Feinberg ( / @rddedhd ( / ( You resided in the foothills of Belmont, sold vast amounts of pot / marijuana to corrupt, republiKKKan, Jeff Feinberg, er rddedhd, suffer from the dreaded peanut allergy, bragged about selling unbelievable amounts of pot / marijuana, to ALL corrupt, republiKKKan law enforcement people throughout San Mateo county (when pot / marijuana had NOT been legalized / decriminalized at the state level), and called Karen Watson a rich, & spoiled, brat, to her face, the first time you met her, while you were on the job, bartending. Sadly, your republiKKKan comrade, rddedhd / corrupt Jeff Feinberg, repeated the slander. Interesting, due to the fact that the dad of republiKKKan rddedhd / corrupt Jeff Feinberg, co-owned / co-owns, an insurance agency (Howard J Feinberg Life Insurance Services, Inc) with NY Giants (football), (super tall, with a tiny mom) Tony. Check out the house on Google instant street view (,-118.516313,351.76h,5p,1z). Not to mention, Howard J Feinberg, the dad of republiKKKan rddedhd / corrupt Jeff Feinberg is a **** republiKKKan ( Like father, like son. Guess your fellow republiKKKan comrade rddedhd / Jeff Feinberg, never enlightened you, in regards to hearsay exceptions. Your bragging, and passionate anger amount to hearsay excited utterance exceptions. Your republiKKKan comrade, rddedhd / Jeff Feinberg, really should have cautioned you about being careful, in respect to the intensity in which you express yourself. Pondering, given your proclivity to run that republiKKKan mouth of yours, how many times you "accidentally" SNITCHED, wrongly accused, twisted the "truth", or just outright LIED to your corrupt republiKKKan law enforcement comrades, when you were selling them (then) illegal pot / marijuana. Oh, and what was the name of that republiKKKan friend of all of yours, that you were so excitedly / animatedly, discussing, outside the limo bus, in Napa, calling a pedophile ?! Figures, given how attractive Tr*mp finds his own daughter, that Tr*mp endorsed Roy Moore (, Accused Child Molester Roy Moore Sues Sacha Baron Cohen For Calling Him A Pedophile), Michael Folmer (Pennsylvania republican) was arrested on child pornography charges (, Pennsylvania State Senator Resigns After Arrest on Child Pornography Charges), and Tr*mp, himself, was facing criminal charges, or a civil case, for "allegedly" "having sex" with a MINOR ( )
  3945. 137), To go along with the ILLEGAL b*llshit pulled by **** republiKKKan **** , pretending to be a democrat,, now, corrupt as all h*ll, "judge" Mary Arand (being in the next court room over to republiKKKan, corrupt as all f*cking h*ll, "judge" Kulkarni, attempting to ILLEGALLY obtain information (including medical information) about Karen Watson, etc ( see : ) ), we are adding another in the series of citizens arrests, and cease and desists, aimed at corrupt, now republiKKKan felons ( e.g. corrupt,, now , republiKKKan, dept of justice Alex ?/ Ari Kriegsman ?, & @georgewherbert / UC Berkeley / Hayward / Los Altos (94022) / state of Louisiana, George W Herbert (both behind the accounts of @mirriam71, @dreuhartcmt, @ceobondassage, @maggie_mcneill, @hotlatinalover, & @mistressmatisse, at times). At this point in time, it appears the, now republiKKKan criminals, paid a neighbor (Anthony Maranon), of, John and Linda Hoff, to ILLEGALLY pursue a medical malpractice case against the orthopedic of Karen Watson (, Anthony Maranon, resided JUST / ONLY .6 miles from the best friend of the dad (Wayne Watson, University of Michigan, IBM, SUN, Trw, Abbott (, The Software Hill (Consulting in C, Unix, C++, Java, OO Methods, Graphics, Statistics, Science, Space Sciences, Astronomy), Wayne T. Watson Watson Laboratory And James Clerk Maxwell Observatory) of Karen Watson (the best friend being, John Hoff (Yale University & Purdue University,,J.htm), (and his wife, Linda Hoff (, › our-team, This ILLEGAL case was also a BLATANTLY ILLEGAL attempt to obtain the medical records of all patients treated at at O'Connor hospital, and all the medical records of patients treated by Fook / Frank Wong ). In other words, the, now republiKKKan FELONS, were, once again intending to ILLEGALLY acquire, and ILLEGALLY tamper with the medical records of Karen Watson.
  3946. 138), Today we're placing University of California at Davis / UC Davis (1 Shields Ave, Davis, CA 95616), republiKKKan, gun owning, "Dr. Semyon Faynboym" (it was on, & as soon as the evidence appeared on on twitter, he had it removed), under citizens arrest. Interesting, like, now University of California at Davis / Uc Davis Simon Pitfield (republiKKKan, pretending to be a democrat), "Dr. Semyon Faynboym" (3425 S Bascom Ave #200, Campbell, CA 95008) fences (
  3947. ( Don't forget like BISEXUAL (talks to UNDERAGE girls on twitter, as @scotchfairy)), that pretty much admitted she was aware that Karen Watson has ALWAYS BEEN INFERTILE (fibroids, high testosterone levels, tilted uterus etc) and that the, now republiKKKan Herbert family KNOWINGLY, ILLEGALLY impregnated INFERTILE Karen Watson) placing her under general anesthesia, and performing something like in vitro fertilization),, now republiKKKan, pretending to be a democrat, Simon Pitfield, claimed his mother, (residing in Livermore) had / has Lupus. No worries, now republiKKKan, pretending to be a democrat, Simon Pitfield Karen Watson has NEVER forgotten how you made fun of a guy taking an anti depressant (the guy had brown hair, was about 5'10", Caucasian, medium build) (that attended the University of California at Davis), at that party (church party, or party thrown by an alum of University of California at Davis (she was, at least, in her forties, or fifties), at the house bordering the golf course. (Sarcasm) Fascinating how, you,, now, republiKKKan, pretending to be a democrat, Simon Pitfield, ended up dating "some bipolar chic", that slept with another fencer (and apparently, had a seizure in the middle of a grocery store). The dead giveaway that you're a friend of the, now republiKKKan, MOB, Herbert family, was your major of math. (the mother of Karen Watson (Norway born, Greta Watson) graduated from Stanford (,
  3948. 450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305), in 3 years, with a bachelors in math). By the way, "Dr. Semyon Faynboym", even conceded, to the face of Karen Watson (in the Campbell office), that he was / is friends with you,, now, republiKKKan, pretending to be a democrat, Simon Pitfield. By extension, we're cough, hedging our bets, that "Dr. Annu Navani" (fellowship at the University of California at Davis), is a part of this republiKKKan,, now CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE. Duh, of course, the CRIMINALS at the University of California at Davis (e.g. the doctors that MISSED that Karen Watson was ILLEGALLY impregnated, and went out of their way to INTENTIONALLY and MALICIOUSLY, misdiagnose her with thalassemia (after all, the housing coordinator was VERY AWARE that the Asian female roommate of Karen Watson was PIMPED by the now, republiKKKan, MOB , Herbert family, & that the Asian female roommate was a whore / tramp / lady of the night / courtesan / sugar baby. For that matter,, now, republiKKKans, pretending to be democrats, Simon Pitfield, and corrupt as all h*ll, attorney, Christine Carlson (, knew the roommate of Karen Watson was a "sugar baby"), and the male dean of letters and sciences INTENTIONALLY, and with MALICIOUS INTENT, failed to disclose that Karen Watson had ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPER ACTIVITY DISORDER. Not to mention, the, now dean of letters and sciences told Karen Watson the University of California system wanted NOTHING to do with people with learning disabilities (everything he "stated" in his office fell under hearsay excited utterance exception). So now, we're also placing the dean of letters and sciences, and "Dr. Annu Navani" under citizens arrest. Obviously, the CRIMINALS at the University of California at Davis, are doing their best to ILLEGALLY obtain (and likely, ILLEGALLY alter) the medical records of Karen Watson.
  3949. ************** Another "fun fact", "Dr. Semyon Faynboym" (340 I ST , FREMONT , CA 94536), resided just .4 miles away from, now, republiKKKan, corrupt dept of justice, Ari/Alex? Kriegsman ? (aka @mirriam71, @maggie_mcneill, @ceobondassage, @hotlatinalover, @dreuhartcmt, & @mistressmatisse, part time ) (37372 3rd St
  3950. Fremont, CA 94536) at one point.
  3951. "Just for the heck of it" :
  3952. +++++++++++ "Dr. Semyon Faynboym" DATE OF BIRTH: 08/11/1984, EMAIL:, PHONE NUMBER: (510) 494-1125, ETHNICITY: Byelorussian , ETHNIC-GROUP: Eastern European, LANGUAGE: Russian. *********** Wow, Russian, just like, now, FELON, republican congressional staffer, and Anthem Blue Cross "employee", Seaside and Monterey (California), Laura Dippold. ***********
  3953. Additional :
  3954. Faynboym – Semyon and Elizabeth S. L. Nuriddin, (Indianapolis, Indiana), 39
  3955. Elizabeth Faynboym
  3956. Also known as Elizabeth Sarah Louise Faynboym, Elizabeth Whitehead
  3957. Age 39
  3958. Lives in Indianapolis, IN
  3959. Used to live in Redlands, CA
  3960. Related to Boris Faynboym, Semyon Faynboym, Vadim G Fa
  3963. 395 Glenwood Ave; Daly City, CA 94015-3051
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  4090. Wake Forest University School of Medicine
  4091. ************ Then, wouldn't you know it, "Dr. Semyon Faynboym", at his second (of three ?) location works with, DRUM ROLL, PLEASE, Dr. Shantanu Kulkarni DO. (Fyi, 2512 E Dupont Rd
  4092. Ste 200 Fort Wayne, IN 46825, to, 5050 N Clinton St, Fort Wayne, IN 46825, is 4.1 miles , or, less than 10 minutes) ) (remember that, now "Suwarna Kulkarni", and Tushar Montano worked together at Walmart, her husband and her lived in New Jersey (like, now, republiKKKan, corrupt dept of justice Ari/Alex? Kriegsman?), and that republiKKKan judge Kulkarni is in the next court room over from, now, republiKKKan, pretending to be a democrat, Mary Arand (In San Jose California, in the United States).
  4093. That being written, we have to apply citizens arrests (and cease and desists) to Elizabeth S. L. Nuriddin / Elizabeth S. L. Faynboym, Natalya Faynboym, and Dr. Shantanu Kulkarni DO, as well.
  4094. 139) , As hard as it seems to believe this, for whatever reason the , now ************************* MOB ************************* , republiKKKan Herbert family (24652 Santa Clara St, Hayward, CA 94544-1110) @georgewherbert on twitter (aka @scotchfairy, @mirriam71, @maggie_mcneill, @ceobondassage, @hotlatinalover, @dreuhartcmt, & @mistressmatisse, part time),(et al) have TONS of power and influence in this corrupt attempt to hand over the United States to Russia, and Putin. For that reason we are placing under Citizens Arrest, republiKKKan, Hayward (California), Karen Fuller (, 25679 Fairview Ave Hayward, CA 94542-1343 (, Location: 25679 Fairview Ave,Hayward, CA 94542 , Phone Number: (510) 610-5395 , Possible Relatives: Thomas P Fuller, Jeffrey S Fuller, Grace Fuller, Jacquelyn Y Fuller , Previous Addresses: 318 Surrey St, San Francisco, CA 94131 , 3240 Conestoga Trl, Copperopolis, CA, 3240 Conestoga Trl, Copperopolis, CA 95228 , 4019 0121st #7342, Hayward, CA 94542 , 4019 0121st 7342, Hayward, CA 94542. Other phone numbers: (510) 610-5396 , (510) 816-0686, (510) 816-0690, KAREN FULLER registered as a Republican Voter in CA, Location: 25679 FAIRVIEW AVE, HAYWARD, CA 94542, Phone Number: (510) 610-5396, Email Address: (, 2) republiKKKan, pretending to be a democrat , Berkeley, and Hayward, NOT a physical therapist at 125 N Jackson Ave, San Jose, CA 95116, Hayward (2240 Kelly St Hayward, CA 94541-3318,, Bernardo Juarez (, evidently, having graduated from Cal State at Hayward / Cal State East Bay (25800 Carlos Bee Blvd, Hayward, CA 94542) where, now republiKKKans, pretending to be democrats 3) rddedhd / corrupt Jeff Feinberg ( ,, (, & 4) Kim Flomenhoft (, Counselor, Special Programs California State University, East Bay Aug 2011 – Sep 2015 4 years 2 months), worked / work / worked together) ; & 5) the 7 republicans on the Theranos Board.
  4095. Obviously, those with Hayward next to, in front of, or associated with their names, have easy access to one another (all being a 1 to 4 minute drive,from one another (typically), &, at most, an 8 to 9 minute drive). RepubliKKKans rddedhd / Jeff Feinberg, and Kim Flomenhoft were on the SAME CAMPUS. From previous citizens arrests, and cease and desists, of ours, you can see that "Dr.Justin Lo" has lived just .4 miles from members of the republiKKKan Herbert family, "Dr. Elizabeth B Schneider" has resided just .4 miles from republiKKKan Herbert family members, corrupt dept of justice, republiKKKan, Ari ?/Alex? Kriegsman? (Utah, Vermont, New York, New Jersey) has stayed over night in Point Reyes, Inverness, Marin, has joined a group or two, in TINY Nevada City, Nevada County, California, has been a neighbor of (.4 miles away from) republiKKKan, Uc Davis / University of California at Davis, RUSSIAN, gun owning, "Dr. Semyon Faynboym", and these, now republiKKKan FELONS paid Anthony Maranon to ILLEGALLY go after Fook / Frank Wong. Additionally, the republiKKKan,, now, Herbert family has had access to Julian Assange through Pamela Anderson (by way of the celebrity manager cousin of republiKKKan FELONS @georgewherbert (aka @scotchfairy, @mirriam71, @maggie_mcneill, @ceobondassage, @hotlatinalover, @dreuhartcmt, & @mistressmatisse, part time), and Richard Lyon Herbert. As you can *all* see from all of our citizens arrests and cease and desists below, these things are part of a "larger picture".
  4096. Keep in mind, as well, the majority of surgeries, and doctors appointments that Karen Watson has undergone, or been to, since 2017, have fallen on days where major (corrupt) political outcomes were being "decided"
  4097. With respect to Sunil Dhawan, he is a democrat. Also, his home is in Milpitas. His house being in Milpitas, the fact that he dared support a woman (Elizabeth Holmes), and he has Karen Watson, a democrat, as a patient, makes him the perfect target for these RUSSIAN owned republiKKKans
  4098. The ultimate goals of the RUSSIAN, PUTIN owned republiKKKans, appear to be 1) KILLING off anyone that does not pull down / earn $500,000 a year, minimum 2) Killing off anyone that identifies as LGBTQA 3) Killing off anyone that is NOT Caucasian, born with the XY chromosome 4) Keeping around just enough people born with the xx chromosome, 10 years old or younger, in order to brain wash, molest, rape, and assault, and produce more young girls to brain wash, molest, rape, and assault
  4099. In addition to being under Citizens Arrest for MURDER, emoluments violations, nepotism, bribery, blackmail, extortion, kickback receiving, kickback providing, being traitors, espionage, perjury, obstructing justice, witness intimidation (aiding and abetting, and solicitation of the aforementioned crimes ) (relative to your Russian owned republiKKKan party)
  4100. 140), Don't forget, republiKKKan ,, now , corrupt, "attorney" rddedhd / Jeff Feinberg (,, (, you used to complain, often, to Karen Watson, about the amount in taxes you pay every year (hearsay excited utterance exception). Remind you of your republiKKKan dad much ( ? Other that that, this citizens arrest, and cease and desist, is mainly aimed at your rapist, stalking, cyberstalking, libel writing, slandering, co attempted murdering, perjuring, soliciting perjury, cocaine dealing, pimp, etc,, now republiKKKan, comrade, staying at the Best Western in Millbrae (1100 El Camino Real, Millbrae, CA 94030) (Anthony). He purchased his mustang with cocaine money, and almost ran over a 4 year old in the parking lot of the Best Western (answering the door, when the corrupt,, now, republiKKKan, Millbrae, "police" knocked, with the boom box blasting, in a sombrero). And that's just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Oh, and while we're at it, we'll extend this citizens arrest, and cease and desist, to the republiKKKan,, now, car dealer, that sold the Mustang to Anthony (at around 10 or 11 p.m., at night, at the hotel)
  4101. 141), VERY SUSPECT,, now, Bernard Pailma, that you attended Northwestern ( and studied computer science, and then became a restaurant manager (Chevys, Mountain View). Not to mention, you're a part of Silicon Valley Venture Community. (Sarcasm) Friends with, now, fake @walls360, er fake, & fake Big Wall Graphics / fake BigWallGraphics , republiKKKan, fake / non existent John Doffing (, er ******* JOHN WILSON ******* (grandson of Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich, & Rosati, JOHN ARNOT WILSON ( ?????!!!!!!! One is left to wonder, Bernard Pailma, how ever did you become friends with De Anza Junior College (21250 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014) , drove a white truck, and Honda rice rocket motorcycle, drank midori sours (now at NPI, › eric-nealon-bob042142 ; used to be manager at Chevys Mountain View (2116 W El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA 94040), Cattleman's Restaurant (Sunnyvale ?), & Black Angus (1011 Blossom Hill Rd. San Jose, CA 95123), part of a motorcycle gang (Tophatters,, has a mother (Shelley Nealon, that graduated from Stanford (450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305), and grandmother that attended Castilleja (1310 Bryant St, Palo Alto, CA 94301), Eric Nealon. Don't forget, Kim Flomenhoft, daughter of Mark Flomenhoft ( on boards with Larry Sonsini, graduated from Castilleja, and Eric Nealon is a cousin ? of Springer Elementary School, and Blach Junior High, Jennifer Bliss. So, yes, you were correct, Mark Flomenhoft, Silicon Valley, is a VERY SMALL WORLD. Inquiring minds, and all, Bernard - are you still taking employees to raves, and getting them high on ecstasy, lsd, & pot ? Anyway,, now, Bernard Pailma, when you told Karen Watson, to "stand by your man", you obviously did NOT mean PIMP, rapist (by law), FELON, etc, Eric Nealon., now Bernard Pailma, you actually meant "stand by your man", in reference to rapist, molester, pimp, attempted murderer, perjurer, etc, Richard L Herbert (94022,92037,93955,95021). With respect, to you, Bernard Pailma, calling Karen Watson, a marked woman, again, you did NOT mean that, in regard to Eric Nealon. You meant it,, now, Bernard Pailma, in regard to TERRORIST, stalker, sex trafficker, ATTEMPTED MURDERER, etc,, now Cupertino high (10100 Finch Ave, Cupertino, CA 95014), and Mountain View High (3535 Truman Ave. Mountain View, CA 94040) Alex Prazma.
  4102. RJ, that played on the CYSA soccer team (for people born with the xx chromosome), the San Jose Sting, that also played on the Northern California district team, State team, and National team, you are under citizens arrest for taking bribes from the, now MOB, republiKKKan Herbert family (@georgewherbert, (aka @mirriam71, @maggie_mcneill, @ceobondassage, @dreuhartcmt, @hotlatinalover, & @mistressmatisse, part time, et al, for STALKING Karen Watson on behalf of the, now, MOB, republiKKKan Herbert family, in downtown San Jose, between the years of 1996 and 2008, for slandering Karen Watson to the management of the restaurant in downtown San Jose, for PIMPING, for libel writing, for making terrorist threats, for attempted murder, for aiding and abetting attempted murder, for stalking, for aiding and abetting stalking, for aiding and abetting pimping, for aiding and abetting libel writing, for aiding and abetting child molestation, for aiding and abetting rape, for sex trafficking, and for aiding and abetting sex trafficking (among the multitude of other crimes you committed). We're extending this out to the management at the restaurant in downtown San Jose, that you probably ended working at (general manager, owners, proprietors, investors, etc, included), and EVERYONE that EVER played for the San Jose Sting (any position ; halfback / midfield, goal / goalie / goal tender, forward, fullback), to EVERY parent or guardian of anyone that EVER played on the San Jose Sting, and to EVERY coach (or "helper" affiliated with the San Jose Sting). Karen Watson "came out of nowhere", replaced teammates of yours, and you all viewed her / thought of her (Karen Watson) as competition. You ALL wanted her DEAD, at ANY cost, and if you could not MURDER Karen Watson, you, ALL, were going to COLLUDE, to ILLEGALLY destroy the life of Karen Watson. Well, F*CK EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU (alleged) PEDOPHILE , FELONS
  4103. Sorry, not sorry,, now SEX TRAFFICKING, Blach Junior high (1120 Covington Rd, Los Altos, CA 94024), MVHS (3535 Truman Ave. Mountain View, CA 94040), (450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305), and NPR, repUGNANT republiKKKan ( , AilsaChang / Ailsa Chang, Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand might have a girly voice, but you're FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGLLLLLLY. Aside from LYING about your speech and debate team members, at San Francisco State University (Karen Watson, being one of the team members), your HATRED of / for, Karen Watson, started between sixth and seventh grade, during summer school typing class. You were NOT always the fastest typist, and you knew if you did not do something, Karen Watson, was going to give you a run for your money, proverbially speaking, in junior high, and high school. Therefore, you were all too eager to join in on the plan to ILLEGALLY destroy the life of Karen Watson, and to MURDER Karen Watson.
  4104. Springer Elementary school (1120 Rose Ave, Mountain View, CA 94040), Blach Junior high (1120 Covington Rd, Los Altos, CA 94024), Mountain View High (3535 Truman Ave. Mountain View, CA 94040), and University of California at San Diego Stephenie Cowell / Stephenie Pastacchi, did you trade in pretending to be a democrat, Sumudu Welaratna (,, for uber right wing, RepubliKKKan, Dimple Patel (, because, you are extreme right wing yourself ? Other than that, (probable) republiKKKan StephEnie, after you all COLLUDED to ATTEMPT THE MURDER of Karen Watson, June 8 1992, when you invited Karen Watson, to play that duet, no Karen Watson had NO idea that the precursor to, now existed, or that it was formulated and maintained by the, now, republiKKKan, MOB, Herbert family. Moreover, StephEnie, how long has your yellow cab owning, lady of the night chauffeur, dad, been acquainted with MVHS (94040),, now Kathy Dewar (,,,,,,,,, Then, StephEnie, with all the contacts, to corporations, their ceo's, coo's, etc, how many of the clients of Scott Dewar, did your dad, hook up with ladies of the night (by way of Scott Dewar) ?!
  4105. Springer Elementary school (1120 Rose Ave, Mountain View, CA 94040), Blach Junior high (1120 Covington Rd, Los Altos, CA 94024), Mountain View High (3535 Truman Ave. Mountain View, CA 94040), and (450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305), Darcy Gordon, your parents (worked at Hewlett-Packard) did NOT allow you to consume sugar, and *only* allowed you something like 30 minutes to 1 hour of television, per week. At least, that is the story you told to everyone at Springer Elementary School. Btw, did you really mean what you said about Mike Radwin (,, about how you were completely disgusted when he attempted to stick his tongue down your throat ? After all, you began wearing that , ahem, Johnson, t-shirt, all the time, to marching band practices. In addition, you, Jenny Chambliss (, Amy Carlton, Sumudu Welaratna (,,, Stephenie Cowell / Stephenie Pastacchi , and Jessica Cohen, all invited Karen Watson, in elementary school (Springer Elementary ; 1120 Rose Ave, Mountain View, CA 94040) to be a part of your group (the moons ; complete with t-shirts), due to thinking you could get her to provide you all with answers, or that she (Karen Watson) would tell you how she figured things out (like fractions). Curious, are you a republiKKKan ?! Your brother, according to, is a republiKKKan. Btw, whatever happened to those Playboy, etc magazines, that belonged to your dad, that you discovered, at the summer / vacation house / vacation cabin, in Santa Cruz ?! If you did actually move to Italy (,,, wasn't your strongest motive for moving there to shield yourself, as much as possible, from being brought up on charges pertaining to June 8 1992 (the first attempted murder of Karen Watson). Oh, and FYI, you have *not* aged well, and, in some of these pictures, look anorexic.
  4106. Pondering, FELON, SOCIOPATH, stalking, ATTEMPTED MURDERING, perjuring, harboring fugitives, illegal destroyer of evidence, republiKKKan,, now Mike Canfield (@mcmtnviewpd), who came up with the NOT so bright idea of having, now Mike Radwin work at Intuit (where, now John O'Connell ( (roommate of SNITCH / UC "David Cipriano") worked ?!
  4107. So, we're reaffirming citizens arrests, and cease and desists for EVERYONE and ANYONE that ever attended Springer Elementary School (1120 Rose Ave, Mountain View, CA 94040), Blach Junior High (1120 Covington Rd, Los Altos, CA 94024), Mountain View High (3535 Truman Ave. Mountain View, CA 94040), Cupertino High School (10100 Finch Ave, Cupertino, CA 95014), or one of the four schools, or two or three of the four schools (Ailsa Chang / Ailsachang, Jennifer Chambliss, Amy Carlton, Jennifer Bliss, Stephenie Cowell / Stephenie Pastacchi, Jessica Cohen, Darcy Gordon, Dimple Patel, Mike Canfield, Sumudu Welaratna, & Mike Radwin, among others)(as well as parents, guardians, teachers & staff (except at Springer Elementary School)) , of anyone and everyone that EVER worked for Chevys restaurant in ANY capacity (Bernard Pailma, Eric Nealon), and of John O'Connell, @georgewherbert / George W Herbert, corrupt republiKKKan doj Ari/Alex? Kriegsman ?, & of course, "David Cipriano"
  4108. We're adding citizens arrests, and cease and desists for RJ, all players, coaches, "helpers", guardians and parents associated with San Jose Sting, and for anyone EVER employed by, or associated with the restaurant RJ probably wound up working for (in downtown San Jose)
  4109. 142), We're keeping this on the shorter side. Ben, former bartender, at Chevys (2116 W El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA 94040), and friend of, now Eric Nealon (former manager at Chevys) (now at NPI, › eric-nealon-bob042142 ), (mentioned here ;, among other places), 1) When people born with the xx chromosome see someone born with the xy chromosome high fiving someone else born with the xy chromosome, while staring at them (the person born with the xx chromosome), they do not have to be Einstein / Madame Curie, to figure out what is going on. 2) Curious, are you a "trysexual", like, now, Eric Nealon (related to Springer Elementary (1120 Rose Ave, Mountain View, CA 94040) and Blach Junior High (1120 Covington Rd, Los Altos, CA 94024) Erika / Erica , and Jennifer Bliss), that "will try anything once, and if you like it, try it a second time" ?! 3) If you weren't using the bipolar / manic depressive meds on your night stand, to enhance meth,or, cocaine, you might have been smart enough to put them in your medicine cabinet, or in your sock drawer. Btw, were you, and the female bartender, Cheryl "volunteer" firefighters due to actually being out on felony parole ? That would make sense given that Suzy had an alcohol tester / breathalyzer, in her truck, there was another bartender paroled, for the weekends (furloughed), Eric is / was part of motorcycle gang (Tophatters,, and Bernard Pailma ( was taking employees to raves, and supplying them with ecstasy, lsd, and pot. Oh, and Ben, if you had have graduated from sixth grade / elementary school, perhaps you would have learned, chewing on ice, often, is indicative of anemia ("Craving and chewing ice (pagophagia) is often associated with iron deficiency, with or without anemia, although the reason is unclear.,
  4110. So, once again, we're reaffirming out citizens arrests, and cease and desists of/for anyone, that worked for, or, in conjunction with Chevys (in any country, on any continent, and in ANY capacity)(including restaurants under the same corporate umbrella)
  4111. These citizens arrests apply, to husband(s), wives, children, moms, dads , sisters , brothers, adopted kids, step kids, aunts, uncles, great aunts, great uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, great grandmothers, great grandfathers, nieces, nephews, great nieces, great nephews, step nieces, step nephews, granddaughters, grandsons, great grandsons, great granddaughters, etc, etc.
  4112. Moreover, these citizens arrests also apply to ANYONE, ANY of you, ever, breathed on, sat across from, sat in front of , sat behind, said hello to, coughed on, spoke to for one millisecond, sucked on, swapped spit with, had sex with, rubbed the back of, had their back rubbed by, exchanged text messages with, exchanged emails with, sent self destructing messages to, received self destructing messages from, ANY followers of yours, EVER, on ANY site ( youtube, twitter, patreon, facebook, instagram), etc etc
  4113. The citizens arrests are good from 15,000 b.c., to 1700, to Jan 1 of the year 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999
  4114. 143), Citizens arrest and cease and desist for the person, or people behind/responsible, for this post
  4115. __________________________________________________________________
  4116. _________________________________________________________________________________
  4117. NONE of this is up for negotiation. NONE of this is a joke
  4118. Anything we ever say,or write on the internet/www,in private or public, w/1, or 1+ people present,for legal purposes,is speculation
  4132. Y'all live in the land of the make believe / fantasy land. We live in the real world
  4133. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  4135. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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