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  22. This is all a long way from lists……
  23. For those of you who have incredible insight and positive outcomes picking your life partners on your own, congratulations, this story WAS NOT WRITTEN FOR YOU! It was written for those of us who have OVER and OVER and OVER picked the same LOSER but with a different face. This paragraph sums it up, "This is not an exercise to find a partner that never triggers you or has a negative trait. Even in the best of relationships there will be conflict, disappointment, and hurt. What we are doing is breaking patterns of going after the same kind of partner that you have been choosing that is not working for you." NOT WORKING for YOU is the buzz phrase here. If you keep picking out guys like your alcoholic dad or women like your controlling mother, over and over with the same outcome, (dysfunctional relationships), then the problem is IN YOUR OWN HEAD, not in the people who are attracted to you or vice versa. And may I add, the stronger your dysfunction, the STRONGER the attraction to this misfit. Love at first sight for you actually means, "WOW, I can finally FIX my dad or mom by working through this person's OBVIOUS problems. MY LOVE WILL CHANGE THEM." If you EVER use that phrase when relating to anyone, RUN to the local sanitorium and BEG to be contained until it passes. It is your illness talking, again. I am tired of hearing ad nauseum from people whining over an over again about the NEGATIVE traits of the people they CHOSE to be with because they won't CHANGE FOR LOVE!!!!

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