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DATE: Oct. 13, 2013, 4:50 a.m.

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  1. Follow the guide below:
  2. 1. First Go To And then Deposit any amount of BTC to the address shown in your browser. (I recommend a minimum of 0.0003 BTC and a maximum of 0.5 BTC)
  3. 2. Now you select how much bitcoins to play with. Select 1/3 of your initial deposit. In the video I made a deposit of 0.0003 BTC and played with 0.0001 BTC.Make sure you chose to have 3 mines on the field.
  4. 3. Choose 2 minefields and click those. The first minefield will give you ~13% of your bet & the second will give you ~15%
  5. 4. Now click cashout and you will receive a total of ~28% profit (almost a third of your bet and almost 10% of your initial deposit)
  6. 5. Repeat this 11 times and you will earn more than 100% of your initial deposit.
  7. 6. Continue playing for more Bitcoins or withdraw it all.
  8. Why it works:
  9. It is quite simple why this works. When you chose 3 mines on the field, it gives you a 12% probability of hitting one of the mines. This means you can play almost 10 times in a row and not hit a single mine. If you click 2 minefields and cashout each times, that means you will earn 250% of your bet from the 9 games you win. Then if you lose the 10'th game which means you lose 100% of your bet, you will end up with a 150% profit(!)
  10. Ending notes
  11. The website allows instant withdrawals. However, your deposit needs to have 3 confirmations by the bitcoin network before you are able to withdraw your earnings.
  12. You can see how many confirmations the payment has received using Blockchain:[Your deposit address]

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