Painful or erotic?


DATE: April 20, 2022, 2 p.m.

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  9. by Louise C on 2005 Jul 10 - 07:30 | reply to this comment
  10. Not Macho
  11. I don't think Noone is being macho or pretentious or abusive. He is expressing a fact about his relationship with his wife. The facts of his relationship are the stuff of fantasy for many women. And for the few women who experience gifts from someone like Noone, they know the peace, security, and eroticism such a relationship brings to them.
  12. Many men know that many women need this type of relationship. Men who are truly dominant, choose to live a life with these women because it is part of their nature to control and love in this way. So it brings them peace, as well.
  13. Erotic harmony occurs with complementarity in psychological preference and physical need. He draws from her her screams of pain and ecstacy, into which he himself is drawn, both with mutual faith and trust in each other.
  14. In contrast, in abusive relationships, both feel out of control. The screams are literally discordant. So abuse is a response to a chaotic relationship. Taken in Hand relatonships are the exact opposite of that.
  15. by PhysicianSJM on 2005 Jul 10 - 12:39 | reply to this comment
  16. I see no brutality

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