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DATE: Sept. 3, 2021, 3:22 p.m.

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  13. Basically,
  14. I wonder about the people that have no looks or no talent or are just plain bad looking...are they completely screwed? For example, let's say they are a 2 and they can only become a 4...that still won't ever be model-like in a girls eyes.
  15. Then there are the guys that are a 6 and can become an 8 and so on...
  16. Everyone can definitely improve:
  17. Everyone should definitely find their style but I feel like I don't know anymore the right path.
  18. Also I am 6 ft 3 but weigh around 230 lbs so I have a football player body and can't really fit into those clothings although I am trying to lean to 200 currently is my goal. What would be your advice for bulkier guys that can/are attractive but not necessarily the same as "pretty boy" types.
  19. February 8, 2010 5:11:00 PM EST
  20. Anonymous said...
  21. Vigilante-
  22. Looks do matter, but not in the same way as when we look at women. There's three things to this from what I have seen
  23. 1- Look at Neil Strauss back before he "upgraded" his looks. He was the typical scrawny balding guy. Now he looks better. Perfect? no, but that brings me to point 2
  24. 2- It's all about the types of chicks you want and where you are. If you want the sexiest women in the world then GOOD LUCK, because its prolly not gonna happen. If you want good looking women, who have flaws but are still beautiful, then looks are step one AND are dependent on where you are. If you are a well built guy, but all your friends are male models, and superstar athletes, then you are fucking yourself over. Looks are all about standing out, but u also want to have some control over who is around you. If u go to the club, dont waste your time goin up to the perfect 10 who has a bunch of perfect guys on her (i know assanova will disagree but u gotta start somewhere and that aint where lol), go for the cute girls who seem bored, and be fun. YES ur looks matter here, but giving them a good time are what counts more. There are plenty of times when these women will get approached by better looking guys who will piss her off by being rude or obnoxious, so by being fun, your lack of perfect looks will balance out. Be a step above the rest of the guys, or if u cant, then try to go for the girls who aren't talking to better looking guys than u. My thing is- if I cant beat the guys ass in my vicinity physically, then I just try to separate myself to where i am in a place where i can do so, or just avoid the other guys as much as possible.

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