Dating For Expats


DATE: Oct. 22, 2021, 3:21 p.m.

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  10. @Mattias
  11. Hey Mattias thats when i started this 22 days ago is when i brought a a good looking girl home she got sexual right away i was turned on but couldnt perform in bed. Zero activity downstairs it was fingering to completion so after i blew it by becoming a a little girl and getting emotional when i found out she was dating and there was another guy in the picture (we were apparently friends with benefits) and then writhing in endless crying fits i was like no more this is never going to happen again.
  12. I’m day 22 and i am still flatlining. the last 2 days ive had little urges to look at women or fantasize it wasnt intense and i kept it under control for the most part, i feel sensations in my penis and get kinda erect but it seems shortlived and doesnt get max size.
  13. In the beginning i was literally pushed into a blackhole of despair like i had no hope it was very dark and i had to go out in public and be around others for comfort.
  14. Those urges are now under control but i still have no interest in women i can see a hot girl but i am not motivated like i was before to get her number or get a instadate. Before when i was masterbating i would approach virtually every hot girl i see but this flatline has really neutered me at the moment.
  15. I’ve read from so many posts about flatlining it always goes away, the last post i read it took a month before he got mr winkie going again.

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