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DATE: Dec. 22, 2021, 3:32 p.m.

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  9. A relationship in which my husband leads, protects and cherishes, and I make myself available for him, and joyfully receive and follow him wherever he takes us. I have always longed to belong to a kind and loving man completely, to be his, to obey and submit to him, the man, the head of his household, my lord and master, for ever.
  10. I have not given up hope. One day...
  11. I was also really drawn to the flower image, moved by it. How she brought the beauty of the flowers into the home with such care and blessing, yet he was the one who lovingly gave them to her in the first place by planting them for her. Now there is a man who instinctively understands male giving and how a woman gives back. It’s a very rich and healing image.
  12. One day…
  13. by Under His Wing on 2006 Feb 9 - 06:41 | reply to this comment
  14. Imagery...
  15. Thanks for sharing this part of your life, Sarah. The mental image of such a gentleman as your grandfather (as English as English gets - my grandfather was also from England) is very sharp and clear.
  16. Contentment is an extremely wonderful position, and it seems that your grandparents had arrived at this location in life - particularly with each other. From your writings we gather that these were two people who were in synch, who knew each other so well, and were so content in their respective role in their relationship.
  17. And, by the way, it is apparant that your grandfather's grandaughter is as clever and sharp as he was.
  18. Sam
  19. by Sam2020 on 2006 Feb 9 - 11:06 | reply to this comment
  20. The Deep Impact of Memories
  21. Sarah, I really love how you looked at your own family for inspiration. I can neglect to do that because my more immediate family was overall abusive. But there was a relationship in my family as well that moved me growing up, and you have inspired me to give it closer attention. It’s a different one than yours obviously, and I also know I won’t be able to express my experience so poetically (I was very moved by your vividness), but since your post inspired me to look at part of my own family more closely I thought I’d share it here.

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