Get paid to play strategy game! Golden Towns browser game


DATE: Nov. 12, 2013, 2:04 a.m.

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  1. (Please use my ref link if you register to the game. By this way you will help me for giving you these information)
  2. Play strategy game online in your browser and earn bitcoins for just gaming!!!
  3. In this tutorial ill show you how to earn gold and then exchange it for bitcoins:
  4. 1.
  5. -You can build gold mine
  6. -In gold mine you can produce gold for materials (vegetables, meat, wood, iron, stone, clay)
  7. -To produce 1 gold now you need 100 of all materials
  8. 2.
  9. -You can sell materials for gold
  10. -In market you can sell materials for gold
  11. -You can only trade if you have more than 60% happiness
  12. 3.
  13. -You can refer friends ( Please use my ref link )
  14. -All your referral will pay you taxes (10%) for all produced material and gold
  15. -You only get taxes after your referral reach level 2
  16. 4.
  17. -Write articles
  18. If you write an article and the administrator approve it you get gold(0.1 gold for international artical,0.05 gold for local article which is written in your own language)
  19. I already managed to trade my 3.5 gold with 17$. I know it's not big deal since it's very few money but it's cool because i have spend very few time and effort to get 17$ on my btc account.
  20. There are various ways to get paid. You can choose between PayPal, Bitcoin, Neteller, Moneybookers, Payza, Western Union, Local Bank Transfer or International Bank Transfer!
  21. Start playing now!
  22. Good luck my friends :)

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