Fantasy and reality


DATE: May 18, 2022, 1:31 p.m.

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  10. Well, at least the words 'dominant' and 'submissive' are in our vocabulary. More than that, I've asked her to visit this site. I don't aspire to be the sort of masterful man that the more bodice-ripping contributions to this site talk about, but I want her at least to know something about the fantasies that currently dominate me.
  11. I also emailed her the address of Taken in Hand and later asked her if she'd looked, so I think I'm making it clear how important this is to me. She told me she'd visited, seen the words 'When rape is a gift' on the front page, and found she had something better to do. A few sarcastic subsequent remarks lead me to think she has a very bad image of the site. I may have to start mailing her selected articles.
  12. It's just occurred to me that I should start with my own article. Hmm, that's scary. Anyway, it might be more useful for her to see discussion by others first.
  13. She's also referred coyly and obscurely to fantasies of her own ... while insisting that there should be a very strong line drawn between fantasy and reality. I've warned her that I intend to start drawing her out on this subject.
  14. The journey of a thousand miles …
  15. Theo

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