The Best Cheap Dates I Been


DATE: April 29, 2024, 3:28 p.m.

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  9. I have been incel for 6 years now and over that stretch of time my view has shifted. For the record I never had violent thoughts, thoughts of rape, or anything like that. Nor did I feel a “hate” toward women. In my case after all this time I can say 2 questions do cross my mind on this topic. The first is, “If I was offered sex and just sex would I take it?”. The second is, “Does it really matter?”.
  10. While many people in my life know I have had a hard time they probably wouldn’t assume,”He’s incel”, or wonder if I were having sex or not. Truth is despite the fact I do not like to talk much (in general) if I am in a social situation I am pretty social. No one knows or needs to know.
  11. As far as my 2 questions go. If I were to have sex today but not have it for another 6 years would I really feel better? A fleeting experience with no deeper meaning that may never happen again would likely (at this point) make me feel more like sh*t.
  12. If my main motivation in life was the procurement of sex would that mean not having sex makes life pointless? I had to after a while hunker down and ask myself a question along that line. If I kept being swept into depression over something like this then what is the point of living? For some men sexual prowess and conquest isn’t a game but a core point of life. Do not take this the wrong way its not an insult or anything like. After my dad had prostate cancer he had some issues. It wasn’t something to laugh at but it does hurt the ego. Other men in my own family would be lost without sex. I wouldn’t undermine their needs either. I just had to ask myself are my needs really inline with that? the answer I came up with is no not really. Does that mean I do not wan’t sex? No of course I do but at this point anything meaningless would just make things worse most likely.

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