DATE: April 17, 2013, 8:37 p.m.

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  1. evilted147: podizzle, what qr code?
  2. podizzle: on the paper wallets
  3. 5mil: J420N87, I'm waitin for it!
  4. oebs_pm: guys, do you expect chineese people wake up and dump btc soon?
  5. Aztec: cakecoin
  6. bleak: somebody doooooooooo something i'm so boooooored
  7. J420N87: HPC
  8. wolfoon: buy LTC and hold it
  9. Clickboxes: Litecoin crash
  10. vivit: CNDallas, what qr code?
  11. n33dl3z: 26 today. awesome xiao! it's a great day for a birthday! also my niece's birthday lol.
  12. jmmichael93: somebody sell off a ton of LTC, you know you want to
  13. evilted147: randomly generated address mate
  14. podizzle: chinese people will let the bots fight it out
  15. Fable: yes, trading today is suoper boring
  16. Bankrunner: chinese people are bots
  17. trdiablo: when will they add LTC/EUR to this site
  18. srpskebatice: BUY PPC IS GOOD
  19. hamspark: How about a coin whose goal it is to destroybitcoin via 51%, somebody could create this, right.... and it might start slow, but could eventually catch up, no?
  20. ToxinalX2: evilted147, a image that is scannable using a digital device, such as a smartphone
  21. mhdgraphics: Warez My Chikun???????
  22. bleak: noodlecoin!
  23. wolfoon: NOBODY sell LTC just buy it ok
  24. Simplyfun: bleak, I could ban you that's all I can do to make it unboring
  25. SilverBullet: let´s make our own trollboc coin tbc :)
  26. jmmichael93: ARGH, look at all those orders of 1 in LTC
  27. DmitryC: ok
  28. metacoin: aozora21: true but LTC/BTC had some crazy action
  29. needyman: I need help from support. I just emailed them. does anyone know how long it takes for them to get back?
  30. J420N87: jmmichael93, the ppl holding are smart enough to know that it will double in price within the next month
  31. demoniality: how many of you are day trading on here as your day job
  32. lunchtime: If chinese doesn't adjust to USD trend, they will dump a little. no big though.
  33. Clickboxes: Was it because of the hack news?
  34. podizzle: fable it wasnt boring when it was swinging from 100 to 80 with lag
  35. jandjbits: mhdgraphics, It's Arrising....
  36. b41770: cgminer is only showing 2 of my 4 cards
  37. bleak: Simplyfun, reenable emoticons!
  38. voneiden: emoticons! :mad:
  39. prophetx: bleak, +1
  40. Swof: Clickboxes, hack news?
  41. Chade: :trlf:
  42. coinhoax: why cant i do usd btce-code anymore but btc code?!
  43. gwopanaire: nuiihh
  44. jessemfguire: euro prices too high
  45. podizzle: demoniality, i wish man i hate my job i make more here some days
  46. kimble09: breaking news, my Top Sources are advising BTC holders to sell now while the BTC has peaked!
  47. ryantc: so my coins are just missing from my account without a trace???
  48. excelsius: guys whats the best pool to mone ltc?
  49. bleak: I kno just fishin'
  50. J420N87: escalte hedge o.O
  51. birdbrians: i think if you enable emoticons you have to enable links...
  52. rundropglide: chinese do not take big dumps they are tiny people
  53. evilted147: coinhoax, reset your browser cash then log back in
  54. demoniality: podizzle, one day bro, one day.
  55. vigurik: so what happened in Boston?any CT?
  56. prophetx: if BTC goes over $100 can we have emoticons back??
  57. Angril: kimble09, you trying to sound all pro? lol :D
  58. jessemfguire: on spot market. you know if we could buy the euros on this site and sell them on the spot market you could make 40% of your money everyday no risk
  59. mohamedayash: so when is ltc hitting gox?
  60. gwopanaire: buybuybuybuybuy :trlf:
  61. hamspark: BTC looking weird.
  62. kimble09: :trlf:
  63. ToxinalX2: We want our emotions back ! :mad: Or we will go on strike ! :trlf:
  64. bleak: Can we do an AMA with the mods?
  65. jandjbits: :trlf:
  66. diegocon: :happy:
  67. J420N87: birdbrians, they disabled links because ppl were posting malware doors
  68. toboboto: Northern Chinese are not tiny
  69. Fable: sellt hose nmc's guys
  70. Bankrunner: Boston got gox'd
  71. laSeek: jessemfguire, It's pretty much the same as the usd price
  72. demoniality: we will all agree to pump the coin of simplyfun's choice if he re-enables emotions
  73. echo: gox going to 90s
  74. hayabusa2020: hey, does anyone wanna trade some magic cards?
  75. mrbildo: TRC definitely doing a thing here
  76. milezy: HOLD ME GUYS, I'm balls deep in PPC
  77. LiteCoinsLOL: prophetx lol it would be an emoticon orgy
  78. podizzle: MDCCLXXVI, utility of the coin is not affected by swings because the price is tied to USD and the merchants can instantly cash out (in theory)
  79. jessemfguire: not even close!
  80. Athomas1: time to buy, holy hell why would anyone be selling fight now. shut up banxed
  81. juicebox55: :omg:
  82. kimble09: angril, i am a professional working in a professional environment with top sources that wish to remain anonymous.
  83. hamspark: Hey, I like maleware!
  84. kr4x: Any investors interested in me building and running an LTC mining farm for them? PM me.
  85. wightsparky: someone is jamming up the order book for btc.
  86. birdbrians: J420N87, i understand.. i think that the emoticons are tied to links because they both stopped working at the same time
  87. Simplyfun: milezy, no caps please
  88. bleak: kimble09, lol
  89. Angril: keep buying ltc now and watch the price soar in a couple of weeks..
  90. Bankrunner: malware coins
  91. mrburningmonkey: podizzle - with bitpay it isnt even in theory, they guarantee the price and deposit that minus their fee into your account
  92. kimble09: i have investors that are looking for farmouts and farmins, it's up to you...
  93. laSeek: jessemfguire, euro*1.2 = 69.49*1.2 = 83.38 usd/btc
  94. jessemfguire: Its 500 pips below the price, the euro is trading way below market price on this site then it is anywhere else
  95. demoniality: Angril, what's your reasoning?
  96. EzioAuditore: trollcoins
  97. mhdgraphics: milezy- better start teabaggin'
  98. gbris: smileys back ( ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡° )
  99. ToxinalX2: hamspark, I like mall ware 2 lolz
  100. bleak: russiacoin! If only there was a coin for russia...
  101. Moldilox: these prices suck :(
  102. J420N87: kimble09, Fquare is another grat investment ( peep it)
  103. jackhunt5: what the dick guys... why is ltc so low? you had one job to do!?!? make sure ltc rises more than btc during pumps
  104. kr4x: kimble09, pm me
  105. oebs_pm: Angril, buy ltc later and watch the amount of usd you saved :)
  106. milezy: Simplyfun, sorry bud
  107. sungazer: what's a pip? :O
  108. jessemfguire: not what i am talking about... EUR/USD is trading at 1.3000
  109. bongskag: ( ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡° )
  110. birdbrians: ban hammer time =P
  111. mrbildo: bleak, RUR is russian ruble
  112. podizzle: mrburningmonkey very nice did not know that
  113. jandjbits: gbris, reminds me of a winnie the pooh episode ha!
  114. EzioAuditore: In soviet russia, coins have YOU!!!
  115. mohamedayash: jessemfguire, the problem is how do you get usd in the site and make it viable
  116. kimble09: j42, i've seen the jazz and want no part of it.
  117. Angril: demoniality, only common sense really. Btc won't drop below $50 any time soon, and ltc is just waiting to rise
  118. J420N87: dont ask how I know what I do....I just doo O.o
  119. 5mil: EzioAuditore, jajajajajaja
  120. ZeroG: everyone here is skeptical. going to take my business to gox i suppose
  121. sungazer: rubble... lol ;)
  122. laSeek: jessemfguire, good old supply and demand - you want the euro.. cough up for it ;)
  123. kodachrome: Im gunna make some bank, got 10k namecoins in my pocket, gunna wait, just one year, this is f'ing awesome
  124. Tittiez_: J420N87, like sex
  125. biotech85: how is dragon coin for chinese?
  126. jessemfguire: pip is a measure of a currency change. on the EURUSD it is 1% of 1 penny
  127. bleak: mrbildo, ruble sounds like rumble dildo combined into one word
  128. bongskag: the tubes / white punks on dope
  129. Bankrunner: all of these coins will eventually be merged into one currency
  130. podizzle: in soviet russa NOVAcoin has you
  131. tparfitt: what is everyone saying about ltc
  132. demoniality: Angril, cool. i like to ask just to gather info and weed out who's just saying it to try and encourage flash buying
  133. gbris: traders chat is so entertaining, we make friends and stuff
  134. evilted147: a girl with nice feet + sex = www.paperwalletprints.co.uk/
  135. Clyde9119: LTC is awful sell all of it
  136. J420N87: Tittiez_, perfect analogy
  137. sungazer: i haven't made any friends yet ._.
  138. milezy: inb4 ban
  139. laSeek: Bankrunner, unlikely
  140. mrburningmonkey: waletbit is another service, european rather than US, fees vary so it can be better than bitpay for some people
  141. birdbrians: do you poop or pee first
  142. coinhoax: there isnt russian but you can buy Turkish Republic Coin (TRC) if you want, its from turkey
  143. Asterisk: bankrunner, 50 more btc clones will be released over the next 50 years, and btc will still be the primary chain.
  144. viatorek: ok lets buy some TRC
  145. ToxinalX2: evilted147, ban ban ban ban ban
  146. jessemfguire: I don't want euro's I want to buy them on this site then sell them on the SPOT market for a free 500 pip profit all day every day. anyone who is selling euros on this site is letierally giving away free money right now
  147. biotech85: podizzle, who is behind NVC?
  148. prophetx: i think all the weak hands have been shaken out ...
  149. bongskag: bitcoin fwend ....
  150. dimapv: damn, LTC needs more volume...
  151. evilted147: sorryyy
  152. bleak: hey Guys GUys what if every country made it's own coin?!
  153. gbris: /me voted ban ( ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡° )
  154. mrbildo: TRC train heading non stop to 0.007sville
  155. sungazer: yay! fwends!
  156. ervichov: novacoin.org go learn biotech85
  157. Matsarello: bleak, you will be killed then
  158. tparfitt: ltc or btc at the moment
  159. jessemfguire: same with the different prices for BTC across all the exchanges
  160. Bankrunner: so BTC = dollars, LTC = dimes, PPC = pennies
  161. bongskag: lol inbetweeners
  162. hayabusa2020: I've got some magic cards for sale, Ive been gathering them in an online exchange
  163. ZeroG: weak hands have been shaken out and now angry they can't buy in lower
  164. podizzle: biotech85 bathzaldar (sp?) created a coin crossed between ltc and ppc and premined it then released it
  165. 5mil: bleak, what if every computer made it's own coin
  166. gbris: anyone from France?
  167. pawell990: buy a molly for btc
  168. mohamedayash: jessemfguire, try getting usd here in time
  169. oebs_pm: let's do something panic together and we'll not be bored anymore :)
  170. bleak: 5mil, Mind = Blown
  171. Autrui: Me gbris
  172. karthimx: LTC is future
  173. demoniality: bleak, where
  174. bongskag: gbris, french people are from france
  175. allhailamy: Today has been sooooooooo bbboooorrriiinnnggg
  176. Angril: demoniality, i actually am not into pumping/dropping or whatever its called. I am just a miner who made a lot of profit off btc at its peak, and now i will make money with ltc.
  177. jessemfguire: yeah thats what stopped me, all the USD funding chioces for this site are sketcky as fuck
  178. podizzle: biotech85 the rumor is that the russian mafia use novacoin to pump and dump
  179. sungazer: could get several grams for a btc ;D
  180. ToxinalX2: 5mil, then they wouldn't be money, not even currencies
  181. EzioAuditore: hayabusa2020, shomething in the trend of "Gox" ?
  182. gbris: bongskag, here, have this rock
  183. prophetx: people getting their Tax money back and putting it into BTC and LTC
  184. mrbildo: TRC will make you money in next few hours
  185. bleak: Crash Everything!
  186. nickyboy: bleak, it would mean ppl having full trust again ina centralised system, why trust your virtual coins if you can't trust your fiat?
  187. bongskag: gbris, it looks broken i dont want it
  188. jessemfguire: All of them are in foreign languages and/or out of north africa lolAn
  189. biotech85: podizzle, nice joke!
  190. LordPiku: so why does it say Paypal at the top right as a method to pay when there is no option for me to pay with paypal..lol
  191. 5mil: ToxinalX2, It had the desired effect...
  192. podizzle: no joke lol
  193. Bankrunner: I'm waiting for this inevitable dip so I can buy a couple dozen BTC's at a reasonably fair price
  194. laSeek: Bankrunner, BTC - salaries, buying computers, etc, LTC - coffee, bar tabs, everyday shopping, PPC - donations to the homeless
  195. mrbildo: LordPiku, trollbox is trollbox
  196. demoniality: Angril, i'm with you as far as ltc is concerned. the only thing that makes me doubt it's price rising is the fact that everybody is not all over it right now. surely mtgox taking it is going to push it right up. what am i missing?
  197. prophetx: New IRS program, invest in BTC and show a loss to save money on taxes ;)
  198. ervichov: podizzle, it was premined by community no himself it was just released in russian side of forums first then btc-e destroyed 110k coins publicly showing transaction block chain. NVC will recover form bad rep just like LTC did when it was mined by GPU by creators durrng time when they were saying its
  199. bobby78d: i'm glad i can't pay with paypal i would be broke by now
  200. hayabusa2020: EzioAuditore, yeah, they cost 200btc or 4 buttplugz
  201. nickyboy: laSeek, lol
  202. gbris: could someone massbuy or masssell, pump, dump, ddos, please do something!
  204. yipyo: NMC crashing!
  205. Amok: i am in france
  206. ronnymil: its not going to fall anymore, its going up!!!
  207. ToxinalX2: 5mil, <--- Troll?
  208. viatorek: TRC train on the way
  209. mastadonballs: bankrunner you're too late... upswing for a while... but itll go back down, but not at the price you're looking for...
  210. savemydinner: Please PM if you want to sell some XRP!
  211. Aztec: trc is as exciting as its going to get for a while
  212. birdbrians: jessemfguire, not if you post in all caps
  213. plarkplark: start the pump
  214. prophetx: funnel profits to random BTC address and claim they were stolen from you....
  215. laSeek: ervichov, LTC wasn't mined by the devs - it was released to the public after 2 blocks - which is the min to release a coin.
  216. hamspark: BTC stalled. Ran out of fuel.. Going to crash.
  217. needmoreltc: jessemfguire, google it
  218. EzioAuditore: hayabusa2020, You're goxxing me right ?!?!
  219. jessemfguire: please???
  220. oebs_pm: chinese are waking up, be ready for btc dump by chinese miners :)
  221. ToxinalX2: jessemfguire, ban ban ban ban ban ban ban
  222. mastadonballs: i dont think we'll see the fifties ever again... just like you'll never see the likes of .08 usd ltcs
  223. efx: ervichov, look kid, either get your facts straight or stop lying...god damn I get tired of you little idiots spouting BS
  224. Grover: jessemfguire, goto bitcointalk.org, alt currencies and there's a lot of help there
  225. podizzle: ervichov are you saying people used gpus while everyone else used cpus
  226. gbris: waiting for crash s:leep:
  227. ervichov: laSeek, do you forget the gpu mining was told to ppl was not possible while creators were gpu mnining lol
  228. savemydinner: Please PM if you want to sell some XRP!
  229. 5mil: ToxinalX2, about 50/50...
  230. Bankrunner: mastadonballs, that means I'm too early, question is, how early?
  231. plarkplark: LTC was not premined. Just some small miners in the beginning
  232. pi3mast3r: jessemfguire, lmgtfy.com/?q=mining+ltc+on+gpu
  233. prophetx: move to Capri with 2 hot swedish bitches
  234. hamspark: PPC looking ready for a crash also.
  235. syngiun: is there a way to zoom in or out on this graph like we can on clarkmoody?
  236. birdbrians: all coins have to be premined
  237. mrbildo: What time to Chile wake up? I heard Chilean miners make BANK
  238. Angril: demoniality, it seems that if virtual currencies survive, then btc and ltc will be the two main ones. All these other coins are short term investments with pumping and dropping. btc and ltc are more long term then anything else.
  239. bleak: Are there chinese miners? Anyone here go on the Chinese language trollbox?
  240. Finale: will btc go up or down? hhmmmm
  241. ToxinalX2: 5mil, me 2
  242. jessemfguire: thanks!
  243. bongskag: cant believe people think it will sustain 90 .. look at the last week ..
  244. nickyboy: jessemfguire, talk to laseek or check out bitcointalk forums they are very good
  245. Suman: Crash already so that I can see my buy orders go through
  246. wolfoon: I am investing a ton in LTC while it is still low
  247. Aztec: will china buy or sell?
  248. 5mil: savemydinner, is cool to deal with we just made a deal with xrp and everything worked out fine! just sayin...
  249. sungazer: bitches love stashes of cryptocurrency... they can't wait to check out my private keys :O
  250. tparfitt: we thinking ltc will rise?
  251. efx: ervichov, FALSE. This has been proven false, yet you still repeat it...Did you avoid reading or soemthing?
  252. demoniality: Angril, agreed bro, you fill me with confidence
  253. manfredi: 你好
  254. vigurik: can someone pm me if i can mine LTC on dedicated server, what cons/pros of mining on it
  255. kr4x: Selling 2 Gigabyte Windforce 7950s $450 for both with shipping included, PM me if you might be interested
  256. birdbrians: sungazer, lol
  257. podizzle: prophetx lol now yore talking. honestly i read argentinia is bitcoin crazy like the girls will do anything for crypto
  258. toasty208: How do we think LTC will go in the coming weeks?
  259. ZeroG: the market can stay irrational longer than you want to wait for $30 bitcoin
  260. Suman: LTC will go lower, IMO
  261. Athomas1: LTC is rising
  262. 5mil: This is the Troolbox right?
  263. echo: gox 89.59 soon 90 ^
  264. Angril: demoniality, I also do know of some popular companies who are thinking of adding both btc and ltc as a form of currency exchange. I wont disclose their names here however.
  265. Bankrunner: 你好
  266. Autrui: vigurik: can someone pm me if i can mine LTC on dedicated server, what cons/pros of mining on it << u can but it will be slow...
  267. ervichov: podizzle, yes that is what i am sayign thats why ltc was a scam coin too for a while and yet its all good with time :)
  268. tparfitt: when is gox starting ltc
  269. demoniality: Suman, why
  270. prophetx: podizzle, i was looking at the reddit pics last night for btc girls was pretty funny
  271. needmoreltc: vigurik, unless you have amd gpu , it not worth it.
  272. Aztec: it's all going to be fine
  273. battletross: athomas1 did you look at the graph or are you just trolling/stupid
  274. yongren1987: 有多少中国人
  275. chw: 5mil, yes the trollbox, you are now a troll
  276. sistafista: toasty208, LTC will rise if BTC also rises
  277. vigurik: alright, thanks
  278. gbris: no trollbox for now, BTC is asleep
  279. savemydinner: Want to buy XRP, please PM!
  280. sungazer: yes you can mine LTC on a dedicated server, no it won't be economical unless you already have access to them for free.
  281. exobyte: do people here think we can't see the price on Gox?
  282. 5mil: Trollbox...bhahahahha
  283. mastadonballs: Bankrunner, 50 was a reasonable price but i dont think itll go back down to that price again... just invest a little and make profits from the dips thru trading
  284. podizzle: prophetx, yah my reddit is half porn gifs
  285. demoniality: Angril, very interesting my man!
  286. h4ck3r: i am chn
  287. plarkplark: Free NMC boys BTCE-NMC-BU25TUK0-0UGR6F0Z-X8FA805L-YIEEBD62-9VYRQFDK
  288. GoldDrive: Theoretically, Gox will start trading LTC this week or next
  289. Simplyfun: fox19891989, english only please
  290. echo: gox 89.69 soon 90
  291. gbris: as nothing happens, does anyone want to play a little RPG in this trollbox to animate?
  292. efx: ervichov, except it wasn't...Stop making stuff up, I can provide you with plenty of evidence that you are in fact either highly confused or lying.
  293. Bankrunner: 50 was, and is, a reasonable price
  294. tparfitt: so when got starts ltc, it will rocket no?
  295. toasty208: sistafista, could BTC not stay around 80 and LTC go up to 8 or 10?
  296. Suman: @demon - just my 2pence really - when BTC stabilises everybody will get back into it. LTC is a long term; and uncertain game (I am mining LTC, though)
  297. needmoreltc: GoldDrive, LTC/USD added, soon
  298. sungazer: in which case run nice cgminer and it'll eat idle cycles and mine you like, a ltc a month
  299. rzawest: Yeah, im waiting on that next dip to 50
  300. pi3mast3r: Bankrunner, yeah i can see a dip to 50 again today or tomorrow
  301. Amok: you have grenades ?
  302. fox19891989: manfredi, good enough
  303. echo: gox 90.5 ! up up up
  304. prophetx: here we go
  305. podizzle: GoldDrive, im thinking monday japan time? when is that
  306. chw: BTC on the fall like a stone!
  307. system: manfredi was banned for 60m by Simplyfun
  308. exobyte: echo we can all see the price on Gox
  309. wax: efx: it's not worth it man. there is a reason it's called the trollbox. chumps are not worth the effort.
  310. pureblood09: Selling BTC and LTC. PM me now.
  311. ltcbuy: heyy lest pump something
  312. yongren1987: what happen to ppc
  313. GoldDrive: No idea, I think they're ahead of us in time zone tho?
  314. gbris: moderator is lagging, SELL
  315. bleak: what's the compensation for being an admin on this trollbox?
  316. prophetx: get on the elevator before its packed
  317. itstimeforcrypto: is there any official announcment of mtgox that states they will open LTC exchange next week or is it only some vague entry in the API showing ltc and nmc?
  318. digitaltradz: jgb, LTC going to hold 2?
  319. Athomas1: and nowwehit 92!!!
  320. echo: 90.5 gox is rocketing
  321. Simplyfun: bleak, I get to laugh a lot
  322. chw: PPC is hopeless
  323. laSeek: ervichov, Nope - but it was launched at a time when GPU mining scrypt was difficult to do. It took some time to find the right way to do it. It wasn't said that GPU mining wasn't possible - it was that by using scrypt it will resist scaling on hw.
  324. youngjlee1975: nmc going to 0.008
  325. derpkangaroo: thinking not, digitaltradz
  326. Hambos: its looking like a stalemate. no spread for the day traders, slow painful grind for the speculators, literal suicide for dumpers if they dont have coordinated open buys prior to dumping... and the line of trust within the dump society is growing quite thin. best to buy, hold and support the economy
  327. inertia: LTC/BTC is going down. It's going down, Dory!
  328. hamspark: chw, No. PPC is completely hopeless
  329. GoldDrive: No, they actually said they're doing it on their twitter and facebook
  330. 5mil: itstimeforcrypto, I read something and they hinted at more than just LTC and NMC
  331. kimble09: what is gox saying? i don't want to go to their website.
  332. bleak: Simplyfun, Not Enough
  333. Bankrunner: PPC will do what it's destined after BTC
  334. ltcbuy: ltc going 2.60
  335. marketersales: Anyone gives an free BTC-e code? :D
  336. madriss: gox announced it on a reddit ama and theyve said as much on twitter etc, but its delayed a week or two
  337. Simplyfun: bleak, correct
  338. sungazer: arb has been crap too.. btc on this site is too close to gox's price now :(
  339. chw: hamspark, PPC is, was and will be hopeless for ever :)
  340. cimpex: hope ltc is risin soon, the diff is not really funny
  341. Devin82m: [link removed]
  342. Bankrunner: PPC = hopeless coin
  343. GoldDrive: They said they were planning to do it last week but they were getting 100gb/s ddos'd and their site had other more immediate problems
  344. piernonme232: i remember when bitcoins were chocolate money
  345. mohamedayash: as soon as ltc gets on gox ppl will panic buy raising the price even higher
  346. ervichov: laSeek, yes but i remember the scandal over some devs getting caught gpu mining waay ahead of everyone else and market crashing for ltc for a while because of it
  347. gbris: [mario removed]
  348. hamspark: I live near to Hams Park
  349. TheDirtybird: http:/ /canadianbit.com Canadian Based :) Helpful Links.
  350. drszmatan: someone started dump of ltc to buy it cheaper before gox
  351. bleak: who the heck are these ham-people with their blatherings about market trends?
  352. marketersales: How much do you think LTC will be within 1 week?
  353. laSeek: ervichov, Put it this way.. you trade here.. you put in the time & effort to make a profit.. Do you share that profit with the guys who made the coin?
  354. Aztec: terracoin tango
  355. Athomas1: gox rising,buying LTC for the coming week
  356. SubSpace79: anyone know why crypto-trade did not update thers april 15th launch date yet ?
  357. Simplyfun: TheDirtybird, OK we get it
  358. applejack: laSeek, yes
  359. demoniality: i wonder how many of those dabbling in cryptocurrencies are aware of mtgox's plans with ltc. i guess not as many as you might think?
  360. sungazer: mmmm ham
  361. digitaltradz: laSeek, I was wondering about that. How do you scale on HW to get a better hash rate? Is it possible. I knonw on network systems can be scaled to get better RWIN and such, but this is interesting.
  362. piernonme232: dirty birdy
  363. GoldDrive: If you can, definitely hop on the LTC train... but who knows how long till it's added to gox... might be tomorrow, might be next friday
  364. marketersales: How much do you think LTC will be within 1 week?
  365. ervichov: laSeek, i am not saying whta they did was wrong i am jsut leveling it with novacoin saying it will recover too i dont blame anyone
  366. Bankrunner: LTC's value will get cut in half
  367. hamspark: dirtycoin
  368. EzioAuditore: sungazer, hmmmmmm
  369. podizzle: what coin is most fair terracoin lol
  370. applejack: The Guys who made the coin have coin and they benefit from an active market
  371. TheDirtybird: simplyfun, i do it a couple times a day thats it.. serraz said that would be ok.. you have a problem?
  372. pi3mast3r: lots of sells, looks like another correction down for btc
  373. efx: ervichov, no, none of the devs got 'caught'. Pure fabrications.
  374. bleak: hambone hambone hambone hamcoin!
  375. Devin82m: The New American just put out a story about how Bitcoin is gaining prominence. :-D
  376. prophetx: does anyone else live in sweden? is it usual for posten to not actually try to deliver a fedex intl shipment? fedex says they have tried 2x to deliver but i've been at home and no one rang...
  377. pjabaay: prly double in a week
  378. madriss: $4 next week
  379. 9090: itstimeforcrypto, there is a reddit post where they explan they were going to add more crypto last week but due to the dodos etc... They were going to wait a couple weeks.
  380. mohamedayash: ltc $10
  381. rundropglide: what is a bitcoin? Im american
  382. marketersales: How much do you think LTC will be within 1 week?
  383. hamspark: pi3mast3r, Yeah. BTC is not looking good ATM. I'm closing my position.
  384. GoldDrive: It's probably gonna follow the same trend as when PPC and TRC were added to this site.... huge price spike, then it will crash, then spike, and eventually settle at a little bit more than it started at
  385. jmbinfo: 90 at gox...nice
  386. Simplyfun: TheDirtybird, it 's been more than a couple times, I don't mind unless they start creeping closer together
  387. gbris: [link, mario and sonic removed]
  388. bleak: Devin82m, NA story was scaremongering "BTC is going to take over" crap
  389. wax: Hambos: cheers to that. the 'dump society' is fun when it's on a roll, but in lulls it's just too easy to get burned. it needs the cycles of new noobs on BTC peaks.
  390. laSeek: applejack - heh, most don't - I barely get any donations even when it's hours spent fixing a bad vps and they can't get the litecoin daemon running
  391. klog1995: marketersales, 2 possibilities, it will either go up.. or down
  392. Aztec: 0.03 is possible
  393. TheDirtybird: simplyfun, i will space them out more.. thank you
  394. madriss: it could also stay where it is :-P
  395. savemydinner: Please PM if you want to sell some XRP!
  396. hamspark: klog1995, There's always the third possibility--- Gox goes down!!!!
  397. ervichov: hamspark, dont sell btc at below 100 lol
  398. jmbinfo: Aztec, yeah right...lol
  399. el_guapo: is ebay really going to use litecoin?
  400. Bankrunner: bitcoin is the ponzi scheme for hipsters
  401. steves9: is NVC going anywhere?
  402. podizzle: golddrive good point it is already following the same trend as ppc and trc
  403. Blahkopp: nmc looking good, people realising that our internet will be fucked by gov soon
  404. 5mil: klog1995, I like that. Gotta think logically.
  405. pjabaay: mtgox will increase demand for ltc. price will adjust according to demand
  406. prophetx: savemydinner, how much do u want? i have some sitting around
  407. itstimeforcrypto: ok thx guys!
  408. Simplyfun: Blahkopp, no swearing please
  409. Aztec: jmbinfo, it's not that far fetched
  410. chw: Why would have someone mined bitcoins when they where below 1$?
  411. gbris: when does Gox introduce LTC?
  412. kimble09: i have a case study on the effects of trading cryptocoins while having a constant online presense for more than 72 hours...your online presense is directly related to the price of BTC.
  413. EzioAuditore: [Desmond Miles removed]
  414. echo: gox 90 going to 91 ! up^
  415. hamspark: ervichov, Ummm.. have you observed the last 5 days trading? It's even weaker this time.... BTC is going down...
  416. GoldDrive: What will really be awesome is if sites start accepting LTC as payment... then it will be worth a shitload more
  417. hayabusa2020: houston are you there? We're heading for a crash landing
  418. demoniality: chw, speculating the price increase
  419. Hambos: nearly $500,000 USD supporting the $88 buy line @ gox now. Anyone care to test their resolve? >:)
  420. Athomas1: gox at $91!!!1
  421. digitaltradz: derpkangaroo, Cool, but that seems to be support. If it would bounce a couple times there, no place but blue skies!
  422. podizzle: Blahkopp, i need to get back to nmc
  423. bleak: bitfloor 92.31
  424. TheDirtybird: Simplyfun, remember im promoting coins.. not trying to raise FUD or lies like most of the people here.. :)
  425. marketersales: How much do you think LTC will be within 1 week?
  426. laSeek: digitaltradz, aye - it's a balance. When it comes to advances - there is a bedding/tweaking time when you make a little more before releasing something generally. There are tweaks to scrypt and the fpga guys who are working with the ltc devs are helped to understand how to scale it better on hw
  427. exobyte: echo thanks for the gox update, my browser limits me to one tab (Netscape Navigator)
  428. Devin82m: @bleak That's not true, they are saying it's doing well and is an alternative to fiat currency.
  429. Aztec: 0.03
  430. ervichov: hamspark, well if you are a swing trader believe it then but 30days it wil be 150
  431. jmbinfo: bitstamp 90
  432. chw: marketersales, 0.5$
  433. podizzle: it was so boring though i left it for btc. marketersales i do
  434. Bankrunner: 0.350
  435. Simplyfun: TheDirtybird, I agree, it's why I didn't say no
  436. clapyourhands: chw, because they believed in it as an alternative value holder and means of exchange greater than fiat
  437. echo: gox 90.4 now going up
  438. solracx: kimble09, explain?
  439. TheDirtybird: simplyfun, thanks
  440. kimble09: i'm a releasing a new coin that will only be mined by smartphones.
  441. marketersales: How much do you think LTC will be within 1 week?
  442. Aztec: the Chinese will buy all the cheap ltc
  443. Blahkopp: ok sry was not meant to be swearing other word for **ucked would be regulated maybe
  444. Athomas1: btc-e going higher!!!
  445. bongskag: the boom town rats / looking out for number 1
  446. bleak: everybody just clap your hands {beat} just clap your hands
  447. podizzle: kimble09 that is genius bro
  448. laSeek: kimble09, Not possible
  449. Simplyfun: kimble09, can you realease one that's mined by running shoes?
  450. Bankrunner: iCoin
  451. Swof: i have gox open on another monitor, but I love the updates
  452. extornia: Guys imma make a php monitor for litecoin, anyone agrees?
  453. EzioAuditore: kimble09, Make one that can be mined on toasters
  454. spaquet74: marketersales, around 0,0180
  455. J420N87: slideee to the left
  456. gbris: BTCE is 5$ below Mt.Gox... what happens is BTC reaches 5$?
  457. Tyrielle: why is marketersales spamming the same sentence every 30 seconds all over again lol
  458. rzawest: im 90% in USD right now. waiting for btc to take another one of those dips it luvz 2 do
  459. 5mil: marketersales, I think it's a real fine line....SPAM
  460. podizzle: smartphone mining farms lol. simplyfun thats genius too
  461. kimble09: hear me now, believe me later.
  462. Hambos: This isnt going south anytime soon, time to prepare some coconut chicken and finish my XL coffee :D
  463. laSeek: Simplyfun, :trlf:
  464. wax: marketersales: it'll either be way up, way down, or about the same. 100% sure.
  465. BitcoinFuture: Serious buy action on NMC after Gox announcement?
  466. sungazer: i'm 110% into btc :D
  467. ervichov: ltc is a scam coin :P
  468. marketersales: Yeah problem with that ? :D
  469. Athomas1: btc hitting breakout point,time to buy-- will be $95 soon
  470. DrAlien: LTC is a scam coin? frealz?
  471. efx: ervichov,
  472. wax: nope
  473. podizzle: what is a fair novel way to mine a coin that is altruistic that would be a big hit
  474. chw: LTC stands for loser coins lol
  475. BTCeUser01: Does anyone know of any kind of bitcoin/litecoin investment funds?
  476. 5mil: marketersales, Well it is obnoxious...just sayin...
  477. ervichov: efx, ;p
  478. steves9: anyone want to pump NVC
  479. shoaib20695: ddos attack here sell btc sell
  480. kimble09: LTC is a house of cards, best watched from the sidelines.
  481. GoldDrive: ZTC (Zimbabwe Tulip Coins) are where the real money is at
  482. hayabusa2020: pump usd hard while you still can
  483. exobyte: there's no t in loser coins
  484. rundropglide: ahahah 14.84k walll at 84
  485. marketersales: 5mil, well how much do you thik it will go?
  486. efx: yeah real funny...in here spreading FUD :facepalm:
  487. SilverBullet: what is NVC? :D
  488. toasty208: when gox adds ltc it'll go through the roof
  489. Angril: if anyone is looking for a private ltc mine pool with good payout rates, msg me. sorry if this is against the rules!
  490. DrAlien: I got a second mortgage and invested all the proceeds into LTC
  491. kupo2001: DDoS everyone panic maybe again someday lol
  492. devDelay: can ppc go any lower, wtf
  493. Athomas1: goxhitting $92! breaking out to 95
  494. brangelina: you should use an exercise bike and pedal power, fitcoin
  495. steves9: SilverBullet, Novacoin
  496. jmbinfo: toasty208, i'm so tired of hearing that
  497. Aztec: I like to mine LTC
  498. podizzle: and i dont mean mine as in the usual verifiy the blockchain this would be to earn coins like devcoin bounties
  499. bobby78d: i doubt it, considering most traders trade on multiple sites =)
  500. tentoamillion: Okay, just got back from work. What is good right now?
  501. ervichov: efx, i love screwing with you man . have you seen simran did he sell his 3mil ltc lol
  502. JustABitOfThough: laSeek, Hopefully you help push the Litecoin Foundation idea.. we need some serious representation in the community.
  503. TheDirtybird: I wish you all were promoting coins instead of saying bullshit all the time..
  504. bongskag: i sold my camels , wives , cars , houses for ltc
  505. J420N87: BTCeUser01, escalate
  506. 5mil: marketersales, Gox will pick it up more places are implementing it as a payment option and if development continues I see it at 10 USD in a month two tops...
  507. chw: efx, BTC is next to it's final crash
  508. itstimeforcrypto: i like the idea of fitcoin. earning money and getting in shape!
  509. Angril: is anyone here even a miner?
  510. LyndsySimon: If LTC goes up 20% on the day MtGox publicly launches it, i'll be happy and cash out.
  511. efx: ervichov,
  512. moltenmich: shoulda kept your camels
  513. rzawest: when do you think it'll start tanking chw?
  514. ervichov: efx,
  515. rundropglide: Angril, no why would you mine thats like fre emoney and stupid
  516. player1: 0,
  517. DmitryC: haha "looser coin" "house of cards" LTC s on a steady rise, undervalued and still attractive!
  518. GoldDrive: I just ordered two rigs for 1k each, 2x7950's
  519. taki1gostek: it's actually much cheaper to straight buy PPC instead of mining it
  520. brangelina: Proof of Exercise
  521. bongskag: the members / sound of the suburbs

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