Turn 0.0001BTC Into 0.01BTC! Every Time


DATE: Nov. 15, 2013, 1:39 p.m.

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  1. Turn 0.0001BTC Into 0.01BTC! Every Time
  2. Simply send 0.0001BTC to 1CcEwnabhDCNQvM7KuwejzEWNJbdq6EWd9
  3. And Wait 30 Minutes. You will get back 0.01BTC.
  4. This isn't a scam, It's a limited giveaway!
  6. Why Do I have To Pay?
  7. To limit the players there is an entrance fee of only 0.0001BTC. That means if you are ready to pay that small amount you are ready to win (guaranteed) the 0.01BTC!
  9. How Many Times Can I Do It?
  10. Only 5 times per day per IP can do this to limit players. Send 0.0005 or separate transactions if you want the full potential of 0.05BTC! This will still only take 30 minutes to be sent.
  12. Why Are You Doing This?
  13. To support the cryptocurrency "Bitcoin".
  15. Who Are You?
  16. A partner of freebitco.in - We supply the ads to that website and receive lots of Bitcoin in return!
  18. Wow... Thanks! Can I Donate?
  19. Optionally you can donate, but we have lots of bitcoin at the moment which is why we are giving lots of it away - but you can still donate if you want.
  21. Wait... If you've got lots of BTC then why should I have to pay to enter?
  22. Because its like entering the lottery - pay to play, but you'll win on this one!

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