Simple Sensor Interface protocol


DATE: Nov. 30, 2013, 12:06 p.m.

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  1. The SSI ("Simple Sensor Interface") protocol is a simple communications protocol designed for data transfer between computers or user terminals and smart sensors. The SSI protocol is an Application layer protocol as in the OSI model.
  2. The SSI protocol has been developed jointly by Nokia, Vaisala, Suunto, Ionific, Mermit and University of Oulu. Currently SSI is being developed within the Mimosa project which is a part of European Union Framework Programmes on Research.
  3. The SSI protocol is used in point-to-point communications over UART and networking nanoIP applications. SSI also provides polling sensors and streaming sensor data. For RFID sensor tags SSI specifies memory map for sensor data.
  4. The criteria for SSI protocol development are:
  5. general purpose
  6. simple – minimal overhead
  7. small footprint on the server (sensor) side
  8. Sample implementation of the SSI protocol for MSP430 microcontrollers will be published as open source during August 2006 by Nokia

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