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  3. It is well with your soul! How about dreaming of or appearing in public completely naked?
  4. What could your dreams be telling you?... The guy returning on the flying thing is the antichrist that is to come at the very end of the world, yet you still out run him and get to the Ark which is the only safe place because it is the end of the world and God is about to destroy all inhabitants except those that, like Noah, find grace blood of Jesus in the eyes of God. You recognize them as evil which they are.
  5. Otherwise i won't be here seeking brothers from His Kingdom. I turned around and noticed it was a friend chat room dream mine. If you want to call or chat to a dream analyst on LifeReader, con access and make contact. To make new Christian friends now around the world. Then I saw myself at a door, my dad looked me straight in my eyes and managed to grab him by the arm and in an instance he was running in front of me, he met younger then the dream ended. What a wonderful dream. You recognize them as evil which they are.
  6. Chat Rooms - What have you done to me?
  7. In the list of the top-consulted types of Psychic Readings, Dream Interpretation is vastly searched and followed by the spiritual believers. Have you ever felt curious about the imaginary images that you see during the sleep? So long as ones want to get their dreams deciphered for the healthy lifestyle, dream interpretation is worth well the praises. As the ancient art that has been studied in nearly all cultures on Earth, the dream analyses empower human beings to take more control over the spiritual life better than ever. According to the antique Greeks and Egyptians, only the special figures blessed with the metaphysical energy can decipher the meanings of dreams. What to Know About Dreaming In a Chat Room In case of Dream Interpretation Chat Room, it is interpreted that the dreamers are in the unpleasant situations that need solving in the urgent needs. If dreaming about being in a chat room, it means that you desire to reach out to people who are not always around psychically. Along with that, such the imaginary images also allude to the warning of spending too much time in front of the computer. For instance, if having dream about the instant messages in chat room, it urges you to form connection with the relatives or buddies who are in distance. Besides, there exist some other means of chatting via text messages, video, voice chat, public and private chat rooms, etc. If being in the locked chat rooms, it suggests that you need time to calm down and cool off. Otherwise, dreaming about the secretive Chat Rooms means that you are now developing the new strengths and taking the new roles as well. General Meanings of Dreams to Study As far back as the 16th century, we have various books on the topics of dream interpretations. Thankfully, dreams and their attached meanings have been analyzed and explained well in the documented pieces that are passed from generation to generation. Nowadays, the modern seekers are welcomed to self-interpret their dreams via the assistance from books and online sources. So, what do dreams mean? In general, what you see when being asleep alludes to the real events that used to occur or will happen one day. In that sense, dreams serve as the insights about the past, present, and future as well. On the other hand, if feeling scary of the volume of work, you may get the running dreams away the huge chasers of documents. Lots of inside feelings and secrets are unconsciously incorporated into the dreams. Hence, the art of getting them interpreted is absolutely beneficial. In case of precognitive dreams, they are the instructive resources to foretell what will happen in the future. The dreams themselves are symbolic in nature. Hence, by deciphering the imaginary symbols in details, the practitioners can conclude what actually occurs in your mind. According to the well-trained and experienced interpreters, they have the restless interest in every angle of dreams such as colors, shapes, numbers, sounds, actions, etc. Thus, the dreamers are often encouraged to get the details noted down in the Dream Journal. Plus, it is advised to join in Free Psychic Chat Rooms and Community Forums to chat about the rich meanings of dreams! Foster Castaneda is a professional content crafter at Free Dream Interpretation website. Whatever you want to discover about the dream, Foster has presented here! On Sunday, I woke up to not only a bad dream but to severe chest pains. I woke up having to drink one bottle of water and as I lay there I remember in my dream seeing a person in a black cloak from top to bottom. I could only see the back and not the face or front of this individual. Last night, I dreamt of it again and at the same time which was 4a. Can anyone tell me what this is all about because I am getting quite freaked. PLZZZ HELP …So i dreamt that i was in the hospital in a bed and then my boss came in well hes my shift lead… so he aproched my bed and seamed really worried for me in my dream i thought he was just there to pay respects or just visite but next thing i know he goes in like to give me a hug like crying and kissed me full on i loved it i wont lie i liked it and well few days latter in my dream i felt much better… from there a relation ship started and formed.. However, we live in two different countries with different time zones. I dreamt that him and I were going to steal this great horse. His dream, however, is much darker. What could this mean? Any way this is connected? I have memories of dreams so realistic it can rival any classic horror movie. I can relate to the tactile sensations you mention in your comment. My cousin witnessed the event because he was talking to me when I fell asleep and he saw my body convulse just as I awoke. Sleep paralysis… How can I make it stop? My name is John. Last night I had a weird dream. Then I cried out for my wife to help me but she was fast asleep. I reached over to make sure I was truly awake and touched my WIFES face. She was real n I was back in my bed. Then I felt it. A burning sensation in my throat n mouth. It felt as if something evil and cancerous was removed from my body. Was it all just a dream? Was I abducted and experimented on by aliens? I would just like to add that two nights ago I saw a shadowy figure disappear in my bedroom I thought my wife was getting out of bed but when I looked she was still in bed. Can anyone help me? Soñe que estaba en un taller con mi hermano y de pronto a unos 30 metros detaras vi a papa con una camisa azul de cuadros manga corta , brillante. Mire a mi hermano y lo notó y con la mirada confirmamos que si era papa. Tenia un brillo peculiar yo sali corriendo hacia el pero al avanzar se volteo y fue desapareciendo. Luego me vi como en una mesa sentado con desconocidos y como si estuviera presionado apareció de nuevo y me señalo hacia abajo de la mesa, me dijo algo que no recuerdo. Luego apareci en una puerta mi papa me miro fijamente a los ojos y pude tomarlo del brazo y en un instante el estaba corriendo delante de mi y lo vi mas joven. Allí finalizo el sueño era como so yo lo seguía. I dreamed I was in a workshop with My brother and suddenly about 30 meters behind him there was our dad wearing a short sleeve shiny blue checked shirt. I looked at my brother and we confirmed by our look that in fact that was our dad. He showing a peculiar glow. I started to run towards him but as I began to apriach he turned around and dissapeared. Then later I saw myself sitting at a table with strangers as if I I was under great pressure and dad reappeared and pointed to under the table, he told me somthing, but I do not remember. Then I saw myself at a door, my dad looked me straight in my eyes and managed to grab him by the arm and in an instance he was running in front of me, he looked younger then the dream ended. It was as if I was following him. My dream was weird. I was in a walmart the size if a mall I was alone at first until I saw a circle filled with sand much like the ones at a circus as I looked in awe at the bizarre cricle I realized it was an arena and then multiple people were fighting in in armed combat. Then a very tall very muscular African American came out and demolished the competition and then he broke down and cried. A woman came to him to console him but he grew angry and beat her down he noticed me and said that it was my fault he hurt her the man seemed to have post traumatic stress disorder from being forced to fight he then started chasing me through the massive walmart and I was running as fast as I could to get away but he was faster. I then changed to running on all fours to gain speed witche worked but he did the same. Me and my friend soon split up and I woke up. What does all this mean? Ive always been a lucid dreamer ive never really had to learn from a young age i experienced strange dreams that stuck in my mind for years but i cannot understand this one im standinv in a room ive never been its bright but not verry i can look into a mirror and im speaking a language ive never heard im mumbleing at first moveing closer to my reflection but then i realise my reflections lips are still i continue to speak louder and louder in the language i dont understand then it hits me something blocks my from dreaming anymore and i wake calm like its all perfectly ok until i think about it and it feels so strange like im supposed to understand can anyone help me??? My dream was really weird I was with my parents and daughter in my own home, and an old friend from high school came over. He brought the mail in and it was a strange package filled with marker lids all of the same color. But, it had the wrong address on it. It had a phone number on it, too, but it was not readable. After a few minutes of trying to figure it out, we abandoned the marker caps and went up stairs so that I could show him something else weird I found on my front porch from a previous dream no less. It was a life size baby elephant statue made of plastic. Very well detailed, too. After talking about it with my friend for a few minutes, the elephant came to life. I was astonished by it. This led to what looked like an underground river filled with not only water, but thousands of rabbits, too. Of all different sizes. Ranging from fully grown to a couple months old. Where I woke up. I was in a really big house that felt familiar and I turned and there was this fall brunette man next to me. In my dream I felt like I was in a relationship with him but I just wanted to get away because he was so old minded. I went to pick up my daughter and her friends from the house down the street and take them to the pool. I was looking for a reason to get away from him and I felt guilty. When I got the girls they were laughing and having tons of fun. We got to the pool and there was blonde lifeguard there who looked 33-35 and I wanted to be with him! What on earth does this mean? I am in a long term relationship in my waking life and neither man resembled my boyfriend. They offered me a new puppy, they gave me the puppy and immediately I fell in love with it, and it with me. It was a lab, it was a silvery grey with dark grey spots. And throughout the dream I held it right next to my heart. And I remember feeling the soft, fur on my chest and in my arms. I went to find my mother to excitedly tell her about it. When I had found her she was discontent, and irritated that I had this little puppy. In real life my mom loves dogs. Anyway, I asked her if I could keep it and she immediately became angry, and she insisted that I get rid of it. I also remember in my dream being very familiar with this puppy, like I had known it for a very long time. I had a dream that when i was walking with a person Man while walking i was going on finding gold ring with all types of stones. After few steps again gold ring with diamond and further i took steps in found clothes jean of all sizes free. So i pick up the ring and walked. While walking i found a house where i knew the person who died few months before they told me but in reality I knew it also. While walking some cops stoped me and ask me where I was going in this desert and told them i had gone to a house and come back before that all the thinks i collected i hide it in a bush. But my eyes was on it. Last night i dreamt of walking in a light sky lit by just the moon. I was minding my own buisness and realize that someone had grabbed my hand. I turned around and noticed it was a friend of mine. She is pretty close with me nothing special but she was holding my hand then a bit later intertwined our fingers. It felt so real what does this mean? I tried to seduce him from her.

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