What are the merits and demerits of free doamin & hosting?


DATE: Feb. 11, 2019, 12:06 a.m.

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  1. What are the merits and demerits of free doamin & hosting?
  2. Many of domain or hosting providers offer free domain and encourage us to take the free service.
  3. What are the major disadvantages of using free service? or
  4. Has it any advantage?
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  11. Free hosting will have constrains for all the features . Free hosting accounts often do not provide enough storage or band width. There won't be enough room to run a large website with many colorful graphics, some video and multiple pages. Mostly you won't get any tld's like .com .net etc as free, if you are considering to upgrade your business with a website then don't go for free hosting.
  12. The advantage is you can have a website without any pay.
  13. Free domain is available with most of the hosting providers on a annual billing cycle. There is no harm to have a free domain. But make sure your provider is trust worthy. In case they do a packup you could loose you valuable domain. I have seen people faced such issues and they experienced long time waiting to get their domain back or sometime never got it back.
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  15. free domain hosting will not give you any benefit and paid hosting will give you lot of traffic
  16. Pros:
  17. The biggest advantage is, of course, you don’t need to pay a single cent. This is great especially if you’re new to hosting your own sites, and you’d just want to poke around, learn about web hosting, and test software scripts from a web server. There are also no contracts, so you can terminate your account anytime.
  18. Cons:
  19. The operative word here is “limited”. Expect that your free account may lack a lot of features, such as one-click autoinstallers, software scripts, SMTP email, edit DNS settings, root directory access, and other common features that even the cheapest hosting plan might have.
  20. If these are present, note that your host has other ways of limiting your resource usage. Your free account has a cap on bandwidth and disk space, so don’t upload huge files or you might find your site suddenly offline or your account suspended without notice. While this is also true with paid hosting plans, the odds are your free service is of lowest priority.


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