Mom Vs Boyfriend


DATE: Oct. 22, 2012, 8:51 a.m.

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  1. Lisa Sangster
  2. I love Abigail and want what is best for her....I am not attacking you personally as I do not like to tear down ...i prefer to help, heal and encourage people ....however, that being said....Abbie has just returned home and although you may think that i dont do much for her quite the opposite is true....I spend most of my days thinking about abbie and all of my children and how I can help them to navigate through these difficult years. I went back to school to get a high school education and then on to univerity with 4 children as a single mother....and worked two.part time jobs to try and provide a better life for my family...I just want what is best for Abbie
  3. Rector Daniel
  4. October 5
  5. Rector Daniel
  6. i understand that completely, as human nature instills in us defense mechanisms and thats why i became defensive early. I mean no harm to happy for you, i know that from day one you saw me a scum bag and i understand why you would see me as such but when it comes down to the brass tax me and you want the same thing for abbie, the best for her. I never ask her to move in her, i never once gave her the idea to do it but i do care greatly for her and if thats what she wants then i wouldn't stand in her way. I told you before in texts that while she lived at your home we follow your rules and while abbie was with me i did my very best to assure that she did because i respect you as a mature and as a person. I too have studied psychology and sociology and understand completely were i am developmentally and what my issues are and address those because all helping people even nurses should get help from time to time or life gets over whelming. I am here to help abbie get the most out of life that she can, get her a job, get school done and reach her life goals. She is such a talented artist. I am sorry for all this, i just wanted to help her. I hope that all of us can work this out and stay in contact, family is very important to me and so is school. I promise to take care of abbie and never let her need or want for anything and if i hurt you then i give you permission to hurt me
  7. Rector Daniel
  8. October 6
  9. Rector Daniel
  10. i am sincere when i am say that i am sorry for all of this, you are welcome to come here anytime and check up on her, i would hope that someday we can all become close, i am close with some of the police around here as well and if that made you feel better to bring that police with you then that is ok too, just keep in touch ahd let me know

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