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DATE: Feb. 7, 2014, 2:11 a.m.

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  1. The Big Bang Theory season 7, episode 15 airs tonight! Check out the preview and everything else you need to know about “The Locomotive Manipulation.”
  2. WATCH IT HERE ==> http://tinyurl.com/ng7d584
  3. WATCH IT HERE ==> http://tinyurl.com/ng7d584
  4. WATCH IT HERE ==> http://tinyurl.com/ng7d584
  5. It’s Valentine’s Day tonight on The Big Bang Theory season 7, episode 15, and the romantic day will take two of the three central couples on a train ride that may not go as planned. The episode, titled “The Locomotive Manipulation,” will focus on the fallout of Amy’s attempt to woo Sheldon with a train ride, which has unexpected results.
  6. Love is in the air when Sheldon and Amy join Howard and Bernadette for a trip to wine country. Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny must rush Raj’s dog to the vet.
  7. Last week on The Big Bang Theory, it was Sheldon who got more than he bargained for when he spent a wild evening with James Earl Jones. At the same time, the rest of the guys wavered over whether to scalp tickets for San Diego Comic-Con, and Penny, Amy, and Bernadette commiserated over their feelings of immaturity.
  8. The preview for “The Locomotive Manipulation” makes it clear that Amy, at least, is trying to hit the “mature” button in her relationship… but Sheldon may not be on quite the same page.
  9. Poor Amy. Riding a train, and nothing else.
  10. A new sneak peek from The Big Bang Theory season 7, episode 15 sets up the “romantic” railway trip, and offers a look at Penny and Leonard’s plans for the romantic day… and the insinuation that Penny is an alcoholic.
  11. But still photos from “The Locomotive Manipulation” indicate that those low-key plans will be interrupted by Raj’s crisis with his girlfriend dog Cinnamon.
  12. WATCH IT HERE ==> http://tinyurl.com/ng7d584
  13. WATCH IT HERE ==> http://tinyurl.com/ng7d584
  14. WATCH IT HERE ==> http://tinyurl.com/ng7d584

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