DATE: Nov. 11, 2013, 9:33 p.m.

FORMAT: Text only

SIZE: 3.7 kB

HITS: 2809

  1. Detail - 100 Points
  2. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
  3. Brushes in the map that are primarly there to make it look nice.
  4. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
  5. Relevance - How does the detail compare to the rest of the map is it relevant to the theme and style? Or is it random? (25)
  6. Appearance - Is it visually appealing? Does it make you want to play the map? (25)
  7. Suitability to Gameplay - How does the detail collaborate with gameplay? (25)
  8. Quantity - Is there too little? Is there too much? Or is there enough? (25)
  9. Jumps: 100
  10. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
  11. Are the jumps good? Do they Enhance gameplay?
  12. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
  13. Quanity - Are they too rare? Are they too common? (25)
  14. Suitablity - Are the jumps randomly placed? Are they needed? Do they work well? (25)
  15. Relvance - Are the jumps relevantly placed? Are they Leading to places of importance? (25)
  16. Range - Are there jumps for people of all skill level? Some easy jumps and some hard? (25)
  17. Gameplay: 100
  18. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
  19. Is this a fun map to play?
  20. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
  21. Flow - Do you get stuck anywhere? Can you get from place to place withough any fuss? (15)
  22. Items - Are the items placed in convienient locations? Will they affect gameplay negatively? Are they present at all? (5)
  23. Spawns - Will you get spawn killed? Are the spawns varied enough? Are they fair? (10)
  24. Lines + LOS - Do the lines look interesting? Are they used for the sake of being used or do they serve a purpose? Is the Visibility of the map good? Can players see only at certain point say? And does this help or hinder gameplay?(15)
  25. Capping + Grabbing - Is it too easy to grab? Is it too easy to cap? Are the flags worth too much or too little? (25)
  26. Layout - Are all the paths equal in terms of speed? Is the scale of the map a good size?(20)
  27. Technical Skill: 50
  28. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
  29. Does this map make the game look presentable?
  30. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
  31. R_Speeds - Are the r_speeds low enough for play? Has the mapper done a good job at keeping them low? Will it be laggy for some players? (25)
  32. Brush + Grid Work - Have they used the grid correctly? Overlapped? Are there brushed correctly alighned and look natural and believable?(25)
  33. Innovation: 50
  34. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
  35. Is this map New and Exciting or have we seen it before?
  36. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
  37. Innovation/ Unique - Have we seen this all before? Or were you impressed by the fresh look of the map? (50)

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