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  3. He was a tall, dark and beautiful guy And I was young and incredibly shy. Colored hues of virtue burned into your soul it rides Times enduring twelves in truth and depth of pasts and yet-tos. Every sinew not involved, loose and slack.
  4. No universe no black hole no zodiac no hero no mission, no omission, no fission, no fusion. I just had to let you know. Never will cover it. By which nothing is divided.
  5. Author: Stephannie1995 Submitted by: stephannie1995 Brisy BrisyI made alot of mistakes To many mistakes. He has taste similar to hers in music, books, food, and even in the types of pets he enjoys having. These are the caballeros of my daughter, The one that truely matters. One more thing they have in common. A truly magical wonder to behold still internet dating poems in our midst sings enchanting sweet beautiful magical music to this heart Copyright © Year Posted 2015 Dating Poem Met with you the first time, knowing not what I had sincere found. No mirror no knowledge no God, no soul, no ear lobe, no Iliad, no Odyssey. I ignore the walls when they speak Nevertheless, tonight they have eyes They watch my every move A trotters dance, of togetherness Forgetting the reason we are here I will win and ring my privacy You can't destroy what you can't see I am the glory of my day I am God's pet!!!.
  6. Dating Poems for Cards and Scrapbooks - Each day people dump words into sentences and call it prose.
  7. A TURTLE HAS A DATE A LITTLE BOY TURTLE NAMED REEFER WHILE WALKING IN THE WOODS EARLY LAST MAY, MET THE CUTEST LITTLE GIRL TURTLE COME FRIDAY HE ASKED TO HAVE A DATE WITH FAYE. THIS WAS THE BEGINNING OF THE WEEK ON A MONDAY AND AS FAST AS A TURTLE CAN GO, FRIDAY SEEMED A LONG WAYS AWAY 'CAUSE A TURTLE TRAVELS VERY SLOW! TUESDAY MORNING REEFER GOT STARTED AS SOON AS IT BECAME LIGHT, HE TOOK OFF DOWN THE WINDING DUSTY PATH THE SUN WAS SOON SHINING VERY BRIGHT. SO REEFER CRAWLED AND HE CRAWLED TAKING TIME TO STOP AND REST, HE PICKED SOME PINK WILD FLOWERS HOPED FAYE LIKED THESE THE BEST. BUT BY WEDNESDAY IT WAS PLAIN TO SEE REEFER HAD BETTER SPEED UP - OR AT LEAST TRY, THE FLOWERS WERE BEGINNING TO WILT HE WAS AFRAID THEY MIGHT DIE. THE WEEK SLOWLY DRAGGED ON LITTLE FEET ON THE HOT ROAD BEGAN TO BAKE, BUT EVERY DAY THAT WENT BY WAS ONE LESS DAY IT WAS GOING TO TAKE. MOST EVERY NIGHT ON HIS JOURNEY HE SLEPT UNDER A CORN SHOCK, IT SLOWED HIM IF HE WENT AT NIGHT HE COULDN'T SEE TO GET AROUND A HUGE ROCK. THURSDAY IT BEGAN TO RAIN THERE WAS MUD ALL OVER THE FOREST FLOOR, REEFER CRAWLED INTO HIS SHELL THE CLOUDS CONTINUED TO DUMP MORE. WHEN FRIDAY ARRIVED SUNNY AND CLEAR REEFER HAD CRAWLED ABOUT THREE-FOURTH OF A MILE, HE WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE HIS DATE THEY BOTH BEGAN TO WEAR A BIG SMILE. THEY NIBBLED SOME TENDER LETTUCE UNDER A ROTTED LOG OTHER 'GOODIES' THEY DID SEEK, HAD A WONDERFUL TIME SPENT TOGETHER DID SOME SWIMMING IN THE WATER OF A COOL CREEK. THEY DECIDED TO MEET AGAIN MAYBE IN A WEEK OR TWO, REEFER KNEW IT HAD BETTER BE THAT LONG HE HAD A LOT OF TRAVELING AHEAD OF HIM TO DO. I NEVER SAW REEFER AGAIN SINCE HE DOESN'T MOVE VERY FAST, HE NEVER CRAWLS IN THE SAME DIRECTION I HAVE OFTEN WONDERED IF HIS ROMANCE DID LAST. IF I WAS A TURTLE GOING COURTING THAT SEEMED A LONG WAYS TO ME TO GO, I'D FIND SOMEONE MUCH CLOSER TO HOME IF I HAD TO MOVE ALONG SO VERY SLOW. August 22, 2008 I have helped several turtles crossing a highway and they seem to just stop, taking their time. They amber across the back yard at a very slow pace, in no particular hurry. Taking their little shells with them, they can stop to rest, then travel on. The idea to write a poem, just came to me and I put the verses on paper. They are an interesting animal to watch. Author: ADINE CATHEY Submitted by: hayseed Always and Forever i wanna spin around, feel the rain i wanna feel alive, maybe a little insane i wanna act with no regrets i want to be me... Baby when your gone i miss you so much and your always on my mind, Baby this love just isn't right without you here, Baby you make me smile when I'm sad, Baby every time I kiss you make my world spin around and around. Author: Stephannie1995 Submitted by: stephannie1995 Brisy Brisy , I made alot of mistakes To many mistakes. I regret alot of things I did and said. I Wasn't ready but I wanted to be. I really did love you. With all my heart I loved you. I was heart broken as much as you. It's been years now and I still think of you everyday. Still dream about you. I still love you. I don't want to be with anyone new. I hope one day I can still be with you. I know your happy now. It still doesn't change my feelings. I'll hold on to them forever. Im so sorry for everything. You ment the world to me. I've probably googled you over a million times. No matter what anyone says or does you will always be on my mind. I wish I had the chance to go back. Take care of you like I promised. Communicated more about my thoughts and feelings goals in life and just everything instead of holding it in. Be a best friend to you. And be a man. Not run away from life. I was scared and not ready , but I loved you truly. I would have got it together eventually. I hope you best of everything. I'll wait for you till the end of time. Still have your name with elephant. Never will cover it. If you ever want to talk or see me please don't hesitate. I love you Brisy Carbajal till the end of time. Author: Robert Submitted by: Robertbobby Cache Locked away like a priceless antique is my love for you. Dust laden letters bound by a scarlet ribbon are tucked away for safekeeping. Yellowing pictures of you and me are sealed in an album, hidden for view. Entangled in a flurry of worn-out memories always hoping I may be the one you're seeking. Giving me the feeling of stretching out my every feather.. That i feel like having that someone special near me to gaze. The trees personify as if they're slowly dancing with joy.. Author: Ayesha Iqbal Submitted by: Aesh Details details. Do you want to go steady? I've never seen you with anyone Might you be mistaken? My high school ring Would look awesome on your hand Maybe we can consummate When you get back from Thailand. Do you want to go steady? It seems the thing to do I've always wanted a girlfriend And, babe, it should be you; Do you know you roll your eyes Whenever I'm around? Stick with me, baby, I'm the coolest dude in town. Do you want to go steady? I'll take you to the prom You bought a lavender formal When I saw you shopping with your mom; I'll get you a corsage And me a fancy tux I hope you don't mind Going in a pick-up truck. Do you want to go steady? I didn't know you're going to move If I wrote you in Egypt Would your mom and dad approve? You say you're leaving today I'll send you a cartouche For old times sake Will you give me a big smooch? Author: Joel Bjorling Submitted by: joel61436 Don't You Remember? Don't you remember When I brought you flowers? You were unconscious It wasn't visiting hours; Don't you remember When we went to the zoo? No, it wasn't my sister I know it was you. Don't you remember That night at the lake? I put my arm around you At the church clambake; You weren't at the hospital With a deadly aneurysm And, no, you didn't visit Your brother in prison. Don't you remember When we went to the movies? You said you were home Treating your pet monkey; You never had a monkey, A giraffe or a bear You can't exorcism a ghost Who was never there. Don't you remember When I asked you to the dance? You said you were an Ambassador With no time for romance; If you don't remember I'll enlighten your mind Once you defeat the perpetrators Of international crime. And lissen real good. If YOU right theah.. Author: Elisabeth Komae Li Submitted by: marvelis he lied he said he loved me he lied he said we'd be together he didn't come that night he said he cared he swore on it he said he'd always be there he doesn't give a hit he said we had a future he must have meant past he said he'd never leave he didn't say it would never last he said he wouldn't hurt me he broke my heart in the pain i hid he said he wouldn't lie but that is what he did Author: h0ll3y Submitted by: h0ll3y Highschool Highschool A time for dances and football games School girl crushes and silly nicknames Not yet grown, but not really a child Wanting to be good, and still being wild Ah, those were the days, Some would say But these are the days My life is complete, those I will cherish always Author: fit2btyd Submitted by: fit2btyd I Carry Your Heart With Me i carry your heart with me i carry it in my heart i am never without it anywhere i go you go, my dear; and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling i fear no fate for you are my fate, my sweet i want no world for beautiful you are my world, my true and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant and whatever a sun will always sing is you here is the deepest secret nobody knows here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart i carry your heart i carry it in my heart Author: E. But when I got to know you I let my heart unbend. I couldn't help past memories, that would only make me cry. I had to forget my First Love. And give love another try. So I've fallen in love with you, I will never let you go. I love you more than anything. I just had to let you know. And if you wonder why. I don't know what I'll say. But I'll never stop loving you, each and every day. My feelings for you will never change. But just know my feeling are true and please remember one thing, that is... Author: Vanessa Benitez Submitted by: krazyCris Inside Bottled up inside Are the words I never said, The feelings that I hide, The lines you never read. No more wishing for the past. Author: Taylor Meyers Submitted by: just Taylor Love You Andrew You are the one I have been dreaming about. I have always loved you When you look at me with those eyes those eyes baby blue eyes I get so lost in When you smile at me it makes me melt You never smile but time I catch a glimpse The way you hug me i feel so safe in your arms You are every thing I have dreamed of you make my life something Yea we may fight and we have our differences. I love how I feel around you I fell so safe a secure around you I feel like no one can hurt me now. It walks among the giants. It casts a shadow larger than the pyramids. My love is taller than any mountain. It dwarfs any raging storm. It's riches can't be measured by mere silver and gold. It's rapture will entice you into it's mysterious realm. It is there you will realize it's purity will last forever. My love for you, because of you and it grows stronger every day. Author: Joel Bjorling Submitted by: joel61436 Only a fool Will we ever be everything I imagined everything I dreamed will this longing inside ever dwindle, ever fade Why does this burning only grow stronger Just when I think it's gone away Do you know just how I'm feeling? Do you feel this way too? Do these feelings have a purpose? Or am I only a fool? And these are the reflections of my daughter, The one I hold dear. Your hands are so small, Yet you embrace so much, You hold the world in one hand, And in the other lies the love of your mother. Your eyes are so bright, They are the path to your future. Your lips deliver the words I will never forget, Your smile brings me joy, And your voice brings me laughter. These are the reflections of my daughter, The one that truely matters. I love you my daughter, With all of my heart, When my life began, You were the start. As I sit here and watch you sleep, You are so innocent, you are flawless and unique, You are my one true masterpiece. One day you will be grown, And all I will have are memories, So I will take this time to watch you sleep. You are like an angel, you are still like a rock, You are beautiful like a flower, you are your own person The reflection of my daughter. It's been like a never ending song. The ups, the downs The smiles, the frowns... It's been rough, it's been hard Our hearts and feelings have been marred. Looking back at the five months past, Like your mother says, I can't believe we've last. So many times, I've looked for a way out, And every time, I've forgotten the route. I've cried in my room wondering where to go. Those times felt like an all time low. But every time I lose my way, It seems my heart finds the words to say. Eyes dried, and thoughts behind, My heart helps my brain unwind. A map is painted in my head: A new map of what's been said. A map back to that beautiful girl, The one that made my heart unfurl. I look back into her eyes... They're prettier than the Utah skies Like gems they shine and reflect the light, The light that makes my life seem right. This coaster's been a wild ride, And I'm glad you've been here by my side. To hold my hand over all the drops, And catch our breath at all the stops. A friend once told me what we have is just noise, But what can you expect from other boys? Like it is for me, It's only what he hears, But for me, my love, it's been music to my ears. Author: Noah Kadera Submitted by: Noah Kadera Sassy covered up in newly discovered cashmeres stalking the stores that you used to pass by leaning back smile twitching the corners of lips that poor unfortunate went and made himself the star of your latest story little does he know, this new flavor, that he's about to get all spun out caught up in the time-honored game of second guessing the delicious frustration that will end in disappointment or something better a handsome stranger walks by and grins directly at you because you're so vibrant and fine Author: Elisabeth Komae Li Submitted by: marvelis Take the Moon See the moon tonight, The sky is clear; I'm so glad That you are here; The moon is bright, Do you feel its spell? No need to speak There is much to tell. The evening breeze Is sweet and warm, I am enchanted By your dazzling charms; I feel stardust In my eyes; If this is dream, I don't ask why. I feel magic When I look into your face; It sparkles everywhere, In every place; Take the moon, Hold it tight, As I hold you In my arms tonight. We kiss Only the moon sees, Dance in the shadows So slowly; Take the moon, Feel its shine, Will you be Forever mine? Author: Joel Bjorling Submitted by: joel61436 Tell me How come i like you so much when your so far away if i could jump in a car, i would be there in one day. Author: Desiree Lopez Submitted by: Rrnay The Day I found Happiness The day i met the only person who understands me. He's more than just a friend he's a lover as well. Words cant describe how much i love him and i can only hope that he knows. I question myself on how it got so serious so fast and i don't have the answer.. Even though my age is young in years its like i found my soul mate.. I'm I'm letting anybody come between and try to mess that up for me. Author: ME Submitted by: Miss Perfect God Given untitled Excuse me, have you seen my heart? I worry a little that something might happen to it. Maybe I dropped when I dropped all my defenses and they went bouncing away like a million ping-pong balls... Pardon me, have you seen my heart? I was going to give it to you... But I think perhaps you've stolen it away. Author: unknown Submitted by: Danielle H what do you see? Author: Kaitlyn Sigler Submitted by: pinkroses1414 Where Do We Go From Here Where should the both of us go from here? How can four years end without shedding a tear? How do we raise our child to be the best? Even when life puts her faith to the test How can we teach her to be better than we? How did we loose track of the love we shared? How can I act as if I never cared? Lopez Submitted by: Eisa you forgot i never said i was perfect i never said i was perfect you just assumed i never wanted to disappoint you you just expected to much i never tried to be who I'm not or anything less yo just asked for protection i never wanted you to leave you just left i never said i wouldn't miss you you just didn't think i wanted you i never expected you to leave i still love you Author: h0ll3y Submitted by: h0ll3y ~Sing Along~ Another day has come and gone. So impatiently we've waited just to sing along To some Boxcar Racer, some Blink-182 And if you're lucky, I'll sing country with you. You teach me a song, and I'll teach one back. You pick a song, and I'll switch the track, Until we find a song we can both sing, And we'll sing so loud, our ears will ring. We'll scream in the car, at the top of our lungs, Singing those songs that we've already sung: A thousand times, they never get old; Using my beautiful voice, or so I've been told... To accompany yours while you sing along. Our voices together, in endless song... Author: Noah Kadera Submitted by: Noah Kadera.

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