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  1. <em>Earn bitcoin <strong>every 60 minutes</strong>.</em>
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  4. Faucets that pay out only once.
  5. <strong><a href="http://cur.lv/giqr ">Bitcoin Street Faucet</strong></a>
  6. <strong><a href="http://cur.lv/h1bx">FreeCoins</strong></a>
  7. <em>Faucets that pay out every 12 hours.</em>
  8. <strong><a href="http://cur.lv/h1cd">Faucet</strong></a>
  9. <em>The following pages offer a payout once every 24 hours.</em>
  10. <strong><a href="http://cur.lv/h1ck">El Bitcoin Gratas</a></strong> - (In Spanish)
  11. <strong><a href="http://cur.lv/h1d0">Bitcoins for me</a></strong>
  12. <strong><a href="http://cur.lv/gir0 ">Bit Hits</strong></a>
  13. <strong><a href="http://cur.lv/g1na">Look it up</strong></a>
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  16. <strong><a href="http://cur.lv/g1nd">Addicted to Bitoin</strong></a>
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  21. <em>Generate bitcoin while you are working or sleeping.</em>
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  23. <em>The following websites pay you in bitcoin to view and watch ads.</em>
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  33. <em>This site is a forum that pays for relevant posts...make sure you stop by to introduce yourself.</em>
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  35. <em>The next sites are places that you can tag or paste your links to earn bitcoin.</em>
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  37. <strong><a href="http://cur.lv/g1o8">Bit Bin</strong></a>
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  41. <em></em><em>Sites where you can trade your labor for bitcoin</em>. <em>I would recommend setting up another e-mail address for some of the survey sites.</em>
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  46. The next site allows you to offer BTC for answers to questions or earn bitcoin for answering questions posted by other users.
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