Great Single Men


DATE: Jan. 26, 2022, 3:28 p.m.

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  18. People often ask me for quick tips that will revolutionize their dating lives. There are some basic steps that can be helpful for everyone, but we all have individual needs. I can’t know how to help you based on a one or two minute conversation. I prefer to learn about clients so I can uncover their hopes, fears, and potential. That takes time.
  19. Still want quick advice that will change your life? Fine. I will let you in on a secret. Ready?
  20. You already have the answers.
  21. What do I mean? Is this some sort of Zen monk mind game?
  22. No.
  23. You might not have the skills to meet and attract new people, but there’s nothing inherently wrong with you. You have lots of value. You just need to learn to demonstrate it to new people. My job is to teach you to communicate effectively, and help you showcase the traits that make you special. Your job is to know yourself, or at least be willing to learn about yourself. Know what makes your happy, know what you want in a partner, and know what makes your unique.
  24. Want to get better at talking to the opposite sex? All of the techniques in the world are worthless unless you know yourself. Need help getting to the bottom of it all? I’m here to help!
  25. Nearly all of my students are stumped when it comes to the first kiss. They want to make it perfect. I recommend kissing on the first date. Kissing sets the tone, and shows the other person that you are interested in a romantic relationship. If you aren’t interested in kissing there’s a chance you will be disqualified as a potential romantic partner. Unfortunately there’s no simple way to time the first kiss. Each situation is different, but there are some guidelines that help the process.
  26. Enjoy yourself. If you spend the entire date worrying about the kiss you will miss the date. Try to stay in the moment and enjoy yourself. Focusing too much on kissing will give off awkward energy. That’s the last thing you want to do.

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