How can I get my pages faster indexing?


DATE: Nov. 8, 2019, 10:04 p.m.

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  1. How can I get my pages faster indexing?
  2. It is about four month’s site. Can anyone suggest me tips to get my pages faster indexing? Though the content of my pages is unique and high quality, they are still in non-index.
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  16. There are way too many reasons site pages may not be indexed.
  17. Try this link: How can I get my pages faster indexing?
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  21. In short words...
  22. 1) You need to check technical posibility. Do you use index, follow tags? To check your site with Google Search Console.
  23. 2) The content have to be clear and undertstable for Google. You need to use simple keywords which help Google to understand content.
  24. Unfortunatly it is really difficult to get index now.
  25. There are two options for fast indexing :
  26. 1. Submit for Indexing in Webmaster
  27. 2. Submit site for Pinging
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  30. You need to submit the sitemap to Google through Google webmaster (search console) tool. It will help Google to crawl your website and index it.
  31. So, you are in Toronto, but you're posting from India. Not a good start for you here @kpwan
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  35. Hi Moderator, At the moment, I'm in India but I will gladly message you when I will be in Toronto. Will that be ok to confirm my location?
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  37. The choice is yours.
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  41. Ok I have removed it, Thank you for your time
  42. There are many factors affecting indexing of your websites like speed, error-free codes and much more. Submit the XML sitemap of your website and pinging will also help you to index faster.
  43. After a month they should be indexed, like lmd said there are a ton of reasons why google wont index a website. Some of those reasons they will list on search console, provided you have submitted the site and a sitemap crawl errors will be reported there. Test crawl one of your un indexed pages and look at the results if you see nothing there then you may have some kind of penalty there is also a section in search console for this.
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  57. So, it can be "after month" but it can be "after few days".
  58. But, now it is the more difficult process than few years ago
  59. Additional and useful info from Google support (it is useful if you use Google Searc Console)
  60. "URL is on Google" doesn't actually mean that your page is appearing in Search results. Actual appearance in Search results requires that the page and its structured data conform to quality and security guidelines.
  61. Today we have 29 pages in Google's index. It is bad resultbecause site has low performance
  62. So it is the real example and answer how you can get your site faster indexing.

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