DATE: Nov. 15, 2013, 9:54 a.m.

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  1. You want to know something about my skills, oke here they are:
  2. /[av-uuid] [message] - Send IM to avatar
  3. ?[av-uuid] [message] - Sends busy message to Avatar in response to ... nothing :)
  4. @[group-uuid] [message] - Send IM to group
  5. /[channel] [message] - Chat on channel
  6. [uuid] - Choose prim to camp on
  7. abort - Tries to abort some jobs
  8. about - Shows the copyright of the bot
  9. act [text] - The bot emotes the given text
  10. actionsim [sim-name] - The bot is only allowed to randomshoot/autochat/autogive/autoinvite in this sim if defined
  11. activate [uuid] - Sets the given group to active
  12. activaterole [group-uuid] [title/role-uuid] - Activates the given group-role/title
  13. activatetitle [group-uuid] [title/role-uuid] - Activates the given group-role/title
  14. adaptive [0|1] - Enables or disables the adaptive Login-Timer
  15. add [uuid] - Adds campchair to PrimBox
  16. addgroupcache [group-uuid] - Builds the cache-file for the given group
  17. addoutfit [folder] - Adds the items to avatars outfit
  18. addtolist [list-name] [av-uuid] - Adds the given Avatar to given list
  19. addtorole [group-uuid] [role-uuid] [av-uuid] - Adds the given Avatar to given role of given group
  20. afk [0|1] - Sets the bot away from keyboard
  21. aftersit [av-name] - Try to sit on a chair after the given Avatar
  22. aiml [0|1] - Enables or disables the AIML Chatbot
  23. aiml6 [aiml-url] - Sets the aiml6-URL
  24. aiml7 [aiml-url] - Sets the aiml7-URL
  25. aiml2000 [aiml-url] - Sets the aiml2000-URL
  26. aiml2000commands [0|1] - Enables or disables the AIML 2000 Command-Execution Interface
  27. alert [0|1] - Enable/Disables Alert-Messages
  28. alicia [0|1] - Enable special answer-mode für Camping-Device
  29. allow [0|1] - If enabled, all people can control the bot via the nickname
  30. also [0|1] - Enables or disables the Dynamic-Chat-Answers
  31. always [friend|group|inv|task|tele|anim] - The Bot always accepts Animation-Requests or Inventory Offers from Unknown
  32. annoy [0|1] - Sends Instant-Message to everyone sending "quit!" to the bot
  33. anow [text] - Answer a dialog onetime with the given answer
  34. answer [text] - For any question the Bot answers with [text]
  35. answers [file] - The bot uses the given file as ANSWERS.txt
  36. answerfirst [0|1] - If an static-answer ("answer") is defined, it wins against the ANSWERS.txt
  37. answerless [0|1] - If there is a dialog and the bot doesnt know an answer for it, it will inform the master about it via IM
  38. antispam [0|1] - The bot filters out too many dialogs
  39. app - Enables the "Editing Appearance" mode of the bot, stop with "stop"
  40. apropos [word] - Output of all help-lines containing the given word
  41. asearch [text] - Search for the given text in the attachments of all Avatars
  42. attach [object-uuid] - Attaches the object to its default location
  43. attack [av-uuid|av-name] - Attacks the given Avatar
  44. attachments [av-uuid] - Prints a list with your and others attachments
  45. autoban [0|1] - Ban foreign users for Friendship Offers/Object Offers/Group Invitations
  46. autobite [0|1] - If HUD installed, the bot will try to bite someone in the current Sim
  47. autobuy [0|1] - Automatically buy land which matches your sqm-price
  48. autochat [range] [text] - Chats the given text to all avatars in range
  49. autogc [seconds] - Automatically do the garbage collection every given seconds
  50. autogive [object-uuid] [range] - Gives the given object to any avatar the bot meets, once in a sim
  51. autoim [range] [text] - IMs the given text to all avatars in range
  52. autoinvite [group-uuid] [range] - Invites any avatar to the given group, once in a sim
  53. autolist [list-uuid] [range] - Adds any avatar to the given list, once in a sim
  54. automute [0|1] - Mute objects after more than 10 OnScriptDialogs in a few seconds
  55. autopay [$] [target-avatar] - Pays the master or given Avatar if your balance is higher than given amount
  56. autorebake [0|1] - Enable or disable the automatic baking of avatar textures after teleports
  57. autorez [uuid] [num] [height] - In build-bot mode, rez this object automatically where it is possible
  58. autosave [0|1] - Switches save to disk on/off
  59. autoshield [object-uuid] - The bot attaches the given prim while sitting
  60. autosit [0|1] - AutoSit on/off
  61. autostand [range|sit-prim] - Sits automatically on another prim, if somebody is in range
  62. autostart [0|1] - The bot will execute the AUTOSTART.txt after login - if enabled
  63. autoview [0|1] - The bot will automatically download and view offered notecards with notepad.exe
  64. avinfo [av-name] - The bot gives texture informations about the given avatar
  65. b - The bot goes one step backward
  66. babble [channel] - The bot babbles every 30 seconds on the given channel
  67. back - The bot teleports back to the last Sim
  68. backup - The bot saves all Scripts & Texts to imexport-Directory
  69. balance - Show bots L$ balance
  70. ban [av-name|av-uuid] - Eject & Bans the given Avatar from current land
  71. banlist - Requests the current banlist about this place
  72. banwords [text,text] - Defines the words for Group-Banning
  73. beam [object-uuid] - The bot beams/points at the given objects
  74. bbot - The bot searches for land where we can build
  75. binfo - Requests the current ban-info about this place
  76. bite [av-name] - If HUD installed, the bot will try to bite someone or the given avatar in current sim
  77. botdetect [0|1] - Try to detect bots in your area
  78. botinfo [0|1] - Informs the given avatar about bots
  79. botkick [0|1] - Auto-Kicks & bans all bots
  80. botreset - Resets the Bot-Seek in the sky
  81. bots[!] - Prints out a list with potential bots (! for 2.0 detection)
  82. botseek [0|1] - Fly high up to the sky to seek all bots there
  83. bottext [text] - Sets the text the potential bots are receiving
  84. bottime [seconds] - Delay before an Avatar can be a bot
  85. botwarn [0|1] - Sends warning to potential bot
  86. box - Shows or Hides PrimBox
  87. boxthere - Saves the prim to PrimBox the master is pointing at
  88. browser [exe]- Sets the default browser for opening links
  89. bt - Saves prim to PrimBox the master is pointing at
  90. busy [0|1] - Sets the Bot to Busy-Mode
  91. busytext [text] - Sets the Busy-Text for the bot
  92. buy [object-uuid] [contents|copy|original] [L$] - Buy the given object for given amount of L$
  93. buyer [uuid] [password] - Defines a buyer and password for parcels a hunter has found, defines the password for the buyer too
  94. buygroup [uuid] - Sets the group for which the bot buys land in lbot-mode
  95. buythis [contents|copy|original] [L$] - Buy the object the master is pointing at for given amount of L$
  96. calling [0|1] - Enable Calling-Card/Conference support for the bot
  97. campwords [words] - Sets the camp-words
  98. cat [notecard|script-uuid|landmark] - View a notecard, script or landmark with the given uuid
  99. cbot [0|1] - Act as a Chat-Pandora Bot
  100. cd [dir] - Change directory in inventory
  101. changelog [version] - Whats new in PikkuBot?
  102. channel [channel] - When bot receives message with first character "&" the bot will answer on given channel
  103. chatlog [0|1] - Write IMs & Chats to file
  104. chatrelay [av-uuid|av-name] - Relays the chat to given avatar
  105. check [0|1] - The bot checks if another avatar sits on the chair-prim, if true it teleports home and then back
  106. cl - Shows the default Chair-List for camping
  107. clear - clear prim cache
  108. clientwindow [e.g. 800x600] - Sets the Size of the client screen/window and the camera view
  109. clock [0|1] - If enabled, bot shows the current time and not the uptime
  110. cls - Clears the log-windows
  111. collision [0|1] - Shows collision with other objects or avatars (Pushes/Hits)
  112. collisionban [0|1] - Ban foreign users for griefing you with objects on collision with them
  113. come - The bot teleports to his master
  114. content [uuid] - Lists content of an object
  115. countprims - Count the prims in sight
  116. countpicks - Counts the number of picks the bot has
  117. cp [object-uuid] [folder-name] - Copies the Object to given folder
  118. createlist [list-name] - Creates the given list
  119. cron [0|1] - Enables or disables the cron-daemon
  120. crouch - The bot crouches very submissive, back in stand with "stand"
  121. cryo [0|1] - The bot pings the Cryo-Life Viewer
  122. ct - Lists content of object the master is pointing at
  123. dance [0...] - The bot starts the given number of animation in DANCES.txt
  124. dances [file] - The bot uses the given file for the dances-list
  125. dbavatars [drop|count|tune|purge [days]] - Executes the given commands on avatar table
  126. debit [0|1] - Automatically allow objects owned by the bot to take money from your bot
  127. debug [0|1] - debug the IMs the master is sending you
  128. delay [seconds] / delay [min] [max] - sets the upndown-delay
  129. del [uuid] - Deletes Campchair from PrimBox
  130. derez [uuid] - Derezzes the given object to local inventory
  131. descriptionwords [words,words] - In Hunt-Mode stay only on Sims with one of this words in the description
  132. detach [object-uuid|all] - Detaches the object from Bot
  133. dia - Switch on the Dialog-View
  134. dialogs [0|1] - Switches off all dialogs
  135. die [date/time] - The bot exits at the given date/time
  136. dir [lists|imexport] [xml|anim|txt|dst|shape] - Lists all Files in given directory
  137. displayname [old display-name]:[new display-name] - Changes the display-name of the bot (for one week)
  138. distance [m] - Sets the viewers camera distance in meter (default is 128)
  139. dontshoot [filename] - Sets a different DONTSHOOT.txt file (Whitelist for some actions)
  140. drop - Drop all Chairs from PrimBox
  141. dt - Derezzes prim the master is pointing at to local bot inventory
  142. dwell [0|1] - Enable Parcel-Dwell in geturl-command
  143. dynamic [0|1] - Enable or disable dynamic im-answers from file DYNAMIC.txt
  144. dynamics [file] - Sets the DYNAMIC.txt file for use with the dynamic feature
  145. e - Turn bot to east
  146. echo [0|1] - Enables or disables the local echo in Chat-Sessions
  147. edit [file] - Edits the given Configuration-File with Text-Editor for easy editing
  148. egeturl [0|1] - geturl includes informations about the current parcel if activated
  149. eject [av-uuid] [group-uuid] - Eject an user from a specific group
  150. emptytrash - Empties the trash-folder
  151. estate [0|1] - Use Estate-Tools for eject&ban
  152. estatemsg [text] - Sends a message to all avatars in the region/estate (if you have the rights to do it)
  153. estats [seconds] [filename] - Writes Sim-Statistics to Logfile
  154. exact [0|1] - The bot checks if it sits on the right prim, if not it teleports home and then back
  155. execute [exe] - The bot starts an external program
  156. exception - the bot throws an exception (for debug only)
  157. exit - Exits a telnet session
  158. explore [0|1] - The bot explores current sim for all avatars
  159. f - The bot goes one step forward
  160. face [av-uuid|av-name] - The bot turns into the direction of given avatar
  161. fetch [av-name|av-uuid] - Invites somebody to teleport to your location
  162. find [text] - Searches for the given filename/dirname in current inventory-folder and all subdirectories
  163. findall - Finds all prims in sight and exports them to the imexport-directory
  164. findtext [text] - Searches for the given Prim-Text
  165. finddescription [text] - Searches for prims with the given text
  166. findname [name] - Searches for prims with the given name
  167. findowner [uuid|av-name] - Searches for prims with the given owner
  168. findperms [copy move transfer modify all] - Searches for prims with copy,move,transfer or edit permissions
  169. findprim [uuid] - Searches for prims with the given uuid and show some information about them
  170. fixed [0|1] - The bot remembers the last window position and restores it
  171. fl - Enables or disables the friendlist
  172. flags - Shows the flags of the current parcel
  173. flash - Let the bots tray-icon flash to find the bot easily
  174. fly [m] - The bots starts to fly, you can give a height in m
  175. folder [directory] - The bot uses given directory for new items and not the default for the asset type
  176. follow [uuid|name] - Following the given avatar is a good idea (without sim-change)
  177. fontface [TTF-Font] - Sets the font for the log-window
  178. fontsize [pixel] - Sets the font-size for the log-window
  179. fp - Flushes the content of the Pad-View
  180. free - Shows how much memory the bot consumes
  181. friend [av-name|av-uuid] - Bot offers Friendship, full rights for master
  182. friendcheck[!] - The bot checks your friendlist for disabled accounts and removes them (use "!")
  183. friends - List of friends with online-status and uuid
  184. gc - Invokes the garbage collection to free some memory
  185. gesture [asset-uuid] - Plays the given gesture (please use the asset-uuid of the gestures)
  186. gestures [file] - The bot loads the given file as GESTURES.txt
  187. getfile [0|1] - Send all Avatar/Sim/Prim/Land-Information to file HUNTER.txt (e.g. use with hunttext)
  188. getoff [clothes-name|all] [texture] - The bot drops given wearable and replaces it with given texture
  189. geturl [url] - Send all Avatar/Sim/Prim/Land-Information to the following URL (e.g. use with hunttext)
  190. gimrelay [av-uuid|av-name] - Relays all received group messages to given Avatar
  191. give [object-uuid] [avatar-uuid|avatar-name] - The Bot gives an Inventory-Item to somebody
  192. goto [av-uuid|av-name] - The bot goes to the given Avatar
  193. grid [from_x] [to_xx] [from_y] [to_y] - The new grid coordinates in the worldmap used for hunting
  194. griefer [seconds] - Sets the Griefer-Timer for Robot-Functions and the fixed position
  195. group [uuid] - Sets the Group-Key to which the Bot responds when Master is talking
  196. group2list [group-uuid] [list-name] - Writes all group members to given list file in lists directory
  197. groups [av-name|av-uuid] - Shows the groups of the given avatar
  198. gsearch[!][+] [group-name] - Search for the given group-name (use "!" for exact match and "+" for sort by members)
  199. gsit - The bot sits on the ground
  200. hail [0|1] - Hailing master when he is coming online
  201. health - Shows the current health of your bot in percent
  202. height [pixel] - Sets the height of the log-window (for smaller displays), restart the bot to resize
  203. help [command] - Shows the help online (all commands or given command only)
  204. help+ - Shows the help in a new window (all commands, searchable)
  205. help2nc - Exports your current bot helpfile to a notecard and sends it to the master
  206. hide [uuid|all] - Bot becomes invisible to all or given uuid
  207. home - The bot goes home
  208. homechair [set] - Sets the homechair
  209. hover - The bot starts to hover above groundlevel
  210. http [port] - If port is given the bot will start a Http-Daemon for commands
  211. hunt [all|land|touchname|touchdescription|perms|build|prims|cone] - Hunt for given type
  212. huntavatar [uuid,name,uuid,name] - Hunt for given avatar in huntmode "all"
  213. huntboth [0|1] - If activated given name AND given owner in huntmode "prims" must match to be reported
  214. huntname [text,text] - Hunt for given text in huntmode "prims"
  215. huntowner [uuid,uuid] - Hunt for given owner in huntmode "prims"
  216. hunttext [words] - Sets the hover hunt-text to search for while in a sim or while in hunt-mode "all", reports to getfile or geturl
  217. ibot [1|0] - Act as a IM-Pandora Bot
  218. ichat [uuid|av-name|sender] - Starts a IM-Session with the given Avatar, type "." to exit
  219. ifmember [list] [av-uuid] [command] - The bot executes the given command if the given avatar is member of the given list
  220. ifnotmember [list] [av-uuid] [command] - The bot executes the given command if the given avatar isnt member of the given list
  221. im - Toggle IM-View on/off
  222. image [uuid] - Download and view Image in external Viewer as *.tga file
  223. improved [0|1] - Show Improved-IMs or not
  224. imrelay [av-uuid|av-name] - Relays all received instant messages to given Avatar
  225. inform [0|1] - Message about Friends going online/offline
  226. inrange [m] - Shows all avatars in the random or the given range
  227. inv2nc - Exports your current inventory to a notecard and sends it to the master
  228. inv2prim [item uuid] [object-uuid] - Copy inventory item to given inworld prim
  229. invdelay [0|seconds] - Delays the decline of Inventory-Offers the given amount of seconds
  230. invite [av-uuid] [group-uuid] [role-uuid] - Invites to a group
  231. items [0|1] - Automatically show the item-uuid of offered items
  232. jabber [0|1] - Enables or disables all Pandora-Chatbots (ibot/cbot/nbot)
  233. jad - Alias command for "getoff all"
  234. join [group-uuid] - Joins the given group (Join-Request)
  235. jt - The bot tries to join the group of the object the master is pointing at
  236. jump - the bot jumps
  237. jva [0|1] - Shows the OnScript-Dialogs with \n for better building of ANSWERS.txt
  238. keepalive [0|1] - Decide whether the bots sends Keep-Alive Packets to Telnet-Clients
  239. keys - Toggles Key-View on/off
  240. kick [av-name|av-uuid] - Ejects the given Avatar from current land
  241. l - The bot goes one step left
  242. land - The bot lands like a bitch
  243. last [n] - Shows the last n lines of Bot-Output
  244. leave [group-uuid] - The bots leaves the given group
  245. lbot - The bot searches for cheap land
  246. linfo - Tell me something about the current parcel/land
  247. list - List all current Bot-Animations
  248. lists - List all lists
  249. lm - Creates a Landmark of the current location and sends it to the master
  250. loc - Where is your bot?
  251. locate [object-uuid] - Shows the location of the given prim, if its in the prim cache
  252. location - Where is your bot?
  253. log [0|1] - This one is for debugging only, write prims to textfile
  254. login [saved|home|last] - The bot logs into the given Sim (default is saved)
  255. loginuri [uri] - Sets the new Login-URI (e.g. for OpenSim)
  256. logout - Logout the Bot
  257. lookup [av-uuid|av-name] - Avatar-Key2Name or Avatar-Name2Key
  258. lookthere - Look at Prim
  259. logsimradar [0|1] - Logs all output of the simradar to the GUI
  260. ls[!] [dir] - Shows directories & files in inventory-root or given directory (use ! for asset-uuids)
  261. lt - Look at the Prim the master is pointing at
  262. lucky [0|1] - The bot waits for the lucky letter to occur and sits down
  263. lure - The bot looks at a random prim
  264. macro [1-5] - The bot executes the given macro
  265. macros - The bot uses the given macro-file as MACROS.txt
  266. macrolist - Shows all defined macros
  267. magickeys - You will see a list with all active Magic-Keys - use them to accept commands from any object
  268. mailrelay [server] [sender] [recipient] - The bot relays messages to given email-address
  269. mainland [0|1] - Do the landbot only for mainland sims or all sims
  270. marker [av-uuid|av-name] - Sets a colourful marker to a given name on the Sim-Map
  271. map - Shows a small map
  272. mapavatars [0|1] - Includes Avatars in Save-Map
  273. mapcoords [0|1] - Includes bot-coordinates in Save-Map
  274. mapdate [0|1] - Includes Date & Time in Save-Map
  275. maptimestamp [0|1|2] - Save map with date (1) or date and time (2) in filename
  276. masscheck [avatar-list] - Checks if the given Avatar or Key exists in SL
  277. masseject[!] [group] [avatar-list] - Sends group-ejects to given avatars
  278. massgive[!] [object-uuid] [avatar-list] - Gives the given object to all avatars in list
  279. massim[!] ["im-text"|im-file] [avatar-list] - Sends IMs to given avatars
  280. massinvite[!] [group] [avatar-list] - Sends group-invites to given avatars
  281. master [av-name] - Sets the bots new master
  282. mature [0|1] - In landbot-mode look for "Mature" sims only if enabled
  283. max [kbyte/s] - Sets the bots max bandwidth consumption
  284. megaprim X/Y/Z - Rezzes a box with given size
  285. me - Prints out the bots uuid
  286. mem [mb] - Sets the bots max memory consumption
  287. members [group-uuid] [export|list] - Reads all members of a group and - if export is given - prints them
  288. mini [0|1] - Automatically minimize after startup
  289. mkdir [folder] [parent] - Creates the given folder in bot inventory, parent folder is optional
  290. ml - Shows the current mutelist
  291. move X/Y/Z - The bot moves to the given position
  292. mutelist - Shows the current mutelist
  293. mute [av-uuid|av-name] - Adds an avatar to mutelist
  294. mygroups - shows the current bot-groups
  295. mysti [range] - Displays a message when avatars are in given range
  296. mv [object-uuid] [folder-name] - Moves the Object to given folder
  297. mvdir [folder-uuid] [folder-uuid] - Moves the Directory to given folder
  298. n - Turn bot to north
  299. namerez [object-name]:[num]:[height|position] - Rez an object with the given name
  300. nameattach [object-name] - The bot attaches an object with the given name
  301. namedetach [object-name] - The bot detaches an object with the given name
  302. namerderez [object-name] - Derzez an object with the given name to Objects-directory
  303. nbot [0|1] - If Pandora is defined the bot answers to sentences with his firstname
  304. nc [subject] - Start to write a notecard, end with "."
  305. ne - Turn bot to north/east
  306. netstat - Prints out some statistics about network usage
  307. netstats [0|1] - Enables or disables the network statistics collection
  308. nickname [text] - The bot listens for this nickname in normal chat to his master
  309. nocamp - Setting campchair UUID to NULL
  310. nocaps [0|1] - Disables the CAPS-System (only useful for debugging)
  311. nochair - Setting campchair UUID to NULL
  312. nochat [0|1] - Dont write Chat-Messages in Log-Window
  313. nochatobjects [1|0] - Dont write Chat-Messages from objects in Log-Window
  314. nodot [0|1] - Remove the ending period from Pandora-Messages
  315. noflash [0|1] - Toggle Taskbar-Flash for incoming IM
  316. nogim [0|1] - Dont display Group-IMs
  317. noim [0|1] - Dont display IMs
  318. noimobjects [0|1] - Dont display IMs from Objects
  319. noise [0|1] - Filter out those Campmaster noise in Dialogs
  320. norelog [0|1] - Dont relog after loss of connection
  321. nolook - Setting the Look-Object UUID to NULL
  322. nooffline [0|1] - Dont display Offline-Messages if enabled
  323. nosimcheck [0|1] - The Bots doesnt verfiy the Sim before Teleport
  324. nosound [0|1] - Dont play sounds for incoming IMs
  325. notepad [path to text-editor] - Defines which Text-Editor to use for command "edit"
  326. nothrottle [0|1] - The bot doesnt throttle the outgoing packets
  327. notice [group-uuid] [filename] - The bot sends a group notice to the given group (first line is the subject, second for attachment)
  328. notouch - Setting the Touch-Object UUID to NULL
  329. nourls [0|1] - Dont display received Urls
  330. nupload - Uploads a Notecard to Second Life
  331. nw - Turn bot to north/west
  332. o - The Bot accepts Teleport, Friendship, Animation and Inventory offers one time from unknown
  333. objects [0|1] - Enables features for Prim-Caching in bots memory
  334. on - Shows how many avatars are currently online in Second Life
  335. oname [name] - The Bot remembers the object-name for use with retouch3-timer
  336. once [0|1] - The Bot accepts Teleport, Friendship, Animation and Inventory offers one time from unknown
  337. onemove [X/Y/Z] - The Bot moves once to the given location when restarting
  338. onegsit [0|1] - The Bot sits on ground once when restarting
  339. onestart [ani-uuid] - The Bot starts animation when restarting
  340. onetouch [0|1] - The Bot klicks once on the given Object when restarting
  341. onlineinfo [0|1] - The bot sends an IM to the master when logging in
  342. onow - The Bot touches objects by name now and saves the retouch3-timer
  343. original - The bot restores the original GUI window size
  344. open [folder] - Opens the given folder with explorer.exe
  345. outfit [rebake] - Restores your bot outfit with or without rebake
  346. override [uuid] [timer] - The bot plays the given animation every given seconds
  347. owner [av-uuid|av-name] - Sets the owner of land for the owner land-search
  348. pad - Activates the Pad-View
  349. pandora [pandora-id] - You bot responds to IM
  350. parcelflags [flag] - Searches all sim-parcels for the given flag
  351. parcels - List all parcels of the current sim
  352. party [0|1] - Jumps from one party to another
  353. pass - Displays the password for forum and bot-administration
  354. patrol [0|1] - Enables or disables the Patrol-Mode
  355. patrolpars [X/Y/Z,Range (meter),Random (0-1000),Wait (seconds)] - Sets the special parameters for the Patrol-Mode
  356. pay [L$|all] [av-uuid|av-name] - Rip off all or the given amount of L$
  357. paytext [text] - Sets the text when paying others or objects
  358. paythis [$] - Pay given amount of L$ to the object highlighted by the master
  359. pick - Adds the current location to the Picks-List
  360. picks - List all picks of my own avatar
  361. pings [0|1] - Send pings to the current-simulator
  362. play [url] - Plays the given url with the defined soundplayer
  363. pos - The Bot prints all avatar positions in current sim
  364. position X/Y/Z - The Bot goes to the given location and stays there
  365. positions - The Bot prints all avatar positions in current sim
  366. precision [+/-m] - Sets the precision for fixed-position and robot-position command
  367. presit [seconds] - Sets the Presit-Delay
  368. price [$] - Sets the maximum landprice for the Landbot per sqm
  369. prim [uuid] - Gives informations about the given UUID
  370. prim2inv [object-uuid] [item-uuid] - Copy item from prim-object inworld to local inventory
  371. profileabout [text] - Sets your profile about-text
  372. profilepic [texture-uuid] - Sets your profile picture
  373. profileurl [url] - Sets your profile url
  374. psearch[!] [place-name] - Search for the given place (use "!" for exact match)
  375. pt [$] - Pay given amount of L$ to the object the master is pointing at
  376. punk [0|1] - When running findperms-command, move all moveable objects in the sky *g*
  377. purge [days] - The bot deletes logfile which are older than given days
  378. pwd - Prints the current path in inventory
  379. q - Logout the Bot
  380. quad [object-uuid] - The bot beams the given object with a special beam
  381. queue [seconds] [command] - The bot waits the given amount of seconds and executes then a given command
  382. quit - Logout the Bot
  383. r - The bot goes one step right
  384. radar [.*] - Shows all avatars around the bot
  385. randombeam [0-1000] - The bot starts beaming at random objects to scare all people
  386. randomcommand [0-1000] - The bot does something from file RANDOM.txt
  387. randomcommands [file] - The bot uses the given file for the list of random commands
  388. randomdance [0-1000] - The bot starts random animations from file DANCES.txt
  389. randomface [0-1000] - The bot faces random avatars within the randomrange
  390. randomgesture [0-1000] - The bot starts random gesture from file GESTURES.txt
  391. randomlure [0-1000] - The bot looks at random prims at random times
  392. randompay [amount] [interval] - The bot pays the given amount to people around after given interval in seconds
  393. randompaytext [text] - Sets the text when paying an avatar with the randompay (%PAYNAME%, %PAYAMOUNT%)
  394. randomrange [range] - Sets the maximum range for some actions
  395. randomshoot [range] - The bots shoots a random avatar nearby
  396. randomsim[!] - The bot searches for a random sim and teleports to it
  397. randomswirl [0-1000] - The bot swirls random avatars within the randomrange
  398. range [m] - Sets the range for shadow and follow
  399. realism [0-10] - Enables or disables the realism with Pandora-Chatbot
  400. rebake - Rebakes the avatar textures if the bot is a cloud
  401. rebakeval [seconds] - Automatically rebakes the avatar after given time of seconds
  402. rebuildgroupcache - Builds all known groups in cache directory again
  403. rec - Record given Question & Answer in dialogs to ANSWERS.txt
  404. receive - Receive all offline messages now
  405. recur [channel] - The bot repeats all IMs to given channel (not from master)
  406. regionbot [bot-uuid] - Sets the Bot for RegionIDs
  407. regionid [region-uuid] - Lookups the Sim for given RegionID
  408. regionrestart [yes] - Restarts the region if you have the rights to do it
  409. relay [avatar-uuid|avatar-name] [command] - Sends the command to given bot with the magic key given with command "relaykey"
  410. relaykey [key] - Uses the given key for the relay-command
  411. reload - Reloads the ROBOT.txt, ANSWERS.txt, DYNAMIC.txt, MACROS.txt, SUPPORT.txt and RANDOM.txt and TELEPORTS.txt
  412. remember [0|1] - If activated, the bot records Dialog-Answers in file ANSWERS.txt, if the dia-mode is used
  413. removefromrole [group-uuid] [role-uuid] [av-uuid] - Removes the given Avatar from given role of given group
  414. removefromlist [list-name] [av-uuid] - Removes the given Avatar from given list
  415. repeat [0|channel] - The bot repeats all IM with target master to given channel
  416. reset - Resets bot-configuration to default
  417. resit [seconds] - Resit after [seconds] seconds
  418. restart - Restarts the Bot
  419. restore - Restores the saved location
  420. retouch [seconds] - Retouch after [seconds] seconds
  421. retouch2 [seconds] - Retouch2 after [seconds] seconds
  422. retouch3 [seconds] - Retouch-Timer for the object touch (e.g. moneytree)
  423. returnother - Returns all prims from other avatars than parcel-owner from current parcel
  424. returnowner - Returns all prims from given avatar from current parcel
  425. rez [uuid] [num] [height|position] - Rez an object with the given uuid
  426. rezzed - Shows the uuid of the last prim somebody rezzed inworld
  427. rm [object-uuid] - Deletes the object in Inventory
  428. rmc [folder-name] - Deletes the content of the given folder
  429. rmdir [folder-uuid] - Deletes the given folder
  430. robot [0|1] - Go for a predefined path
  431. robotcommands - List all available robot-commands
  432. robots [file] - You can define a different file for the Robot-Mode here (ROBOT.txt)
  433. roles [group-uuid] - Shows the group-title/roles of the given group (all)
  434. s - Turn bot to south
  435. save - Saves the current location
  436. savemap - Saves the current map to directory maps
  437. say [text] - Lets your bot speak (channel 0)
  438. scan [0|1] - Scans the PrimBox List for free Chairs for camping
  439. schat - Starts a Chat-Session, type "." to exit
  440. script [item-uuid] [script-uuid] [0|1] - Starts or stops the given script in a prim
  441. sculpty - Saves current Heightmap to a scultpy texture and saves it to disc
  442. se - Turn bot to south/east
  443. search [av-name|av-uuid] - Lookup Avatar-Key i.e. for IM
  444. seatof [av] - Sets the prim of the given Avatar as Camp-Chair
  445. seek [0|1] - Seeks for the given Text and uses it as Sit-Prim
  446. seen [av-UUID|av-name] - Seeks for the given avatar in the sqlite-database
  447. sender - Shows the last sender of an Instant Message
  448. sequence [movement: j|f|b] [wait in ms] - Plays a sequence of movement keys over and over again
  449. sethome - Sets the bots home at the current position if possible
  450. setpos [uuid] [position] - Sets the new position of an object inworld (move it)
  451. settings - Shows you openmetaverse-settings and network-throttles
  452. shadow [0|1] - The bot follows his master to any location (with sim-change)
  453. shoot [av-name|av-uuid] - The bot shoots the given Avatar - happy hunting
  454. shortcuts - Shows description about the Shortcuts of GUI
  455. shortinfo [value] - Shows description about the given Shortinfo on bottom of GUI
  456. shortinfos - Shows description about the Shortinfos on bottom of GUI
  457. shortkeys - Shows description about the Shortcuts of GUI
  458. shortviews - Shows all available special views
  459. shortwindows - Shows all available special windows
  460. shout [text] - Let your bot shout
  461. show [uuid|all] - Bot becomes visible to all or given uuid
  462. showrange - The bot shows the given range on the map
  463. showranges - The bot shows the ranges for commands range and randomrange on the map
  464. silent [0|1] - Dont answer your master via IM
  465. sim [SIM/X/Y/Z] - Set fixed Sim, e.g. for destruction tests
  466. simradar [0|1] - The bot sends new avatars via IM to master
  467. simrecord [file] - The bot writes sims with the right description to a file
  468. siminfo - Some statistic informations about the current Sim
  469. sit - Enable the autosit-feature
  470. sitting - Is the bot sitting at the moment?
  471. sleep [0|1] - Try to reduce bots bandwith-usage
  472. slide [X/Y|random] - Slide the vehicle to given coordinates
  473. slm [0|1] - Forward messages from Second Life to master
  474. slt [0|1] - Shows the current time in SLT and switches SLT for the clock on or off
  475. sn - Enable the autosit-feature
  476. someone [0|1] - Write "Someone said ..." in Telnet-Session
  477. sound [uuid] - Download and view Sound in external Viewer as *.ogg file
  478. sounds [0|1] - Shows the sounds the client receives
  479. soundplayer [path to soundplayer] - Defines which Soundplayer to use for command "play"
  480. sitthere - Sit on Prim
  481. size [sqm] - Sets the minimum parcel-size for the landbot
  482. spoof [uuid] - Spoof the Viewer-String/Client-ID
  483. sqlite [0|1] - Enabling SQL-support in the bot
  484. st - Sit on Prim
  485. stand - Stand up
  486. start [ani-uuid] - Try to start the given animation (please use the asset-uuid of a animation, not the inventory-uuid)
  487. state [0|1] - Minimize or maximize the GUI-window
  488. stati - Show currently activated shortinfos
  489. static [0|1] - The bot answers IM with static text
  490. statictext [text] - This command sets the static text for answering every IM
  491. stats [0|1] - Enable/Disable Sim-Statistic collection
  492. status [0|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|a|b|c] - Show bots status informations
  493. stext [text] - Sets the Seek-Text
  494. stop [ani-uuid] - Try to stop the given or all bot animations
  495. store [password] - Stores the password for the forum and user-area for easy access
  496. support [0|1] - Bot uses the supporters-list in SUPPORT.txt file for incoming IMs
  497. supports [file] - The bot uses the given file for the list of supporters
  498. sw - Turn bot to south/west
  499. swirl [duration] [av-uuid|av-name] - Starts a particle effect on the given avatar
  500. teleport [SIM/X/Y/Z] [GLOBAL_X/GLOBAL_Y/X/Y/Z] - TP the Bot to a different location
  501. tele [sim|simplus|simminus|simplushalf|simminushalf|list|listone] [teleport-list] - Which type of Sim-Search do we use?
  502. telnet [port] - Enable the telnet-daemon to control your bot
  503. terrain [0|1] - Enable terrain-mode which is need for the command "sculpty"
  504. test - nothing at all except foo bar
  505. timeout [seconds] - Sets the current Simulator-Timeout (default is 30 seconds)
  506. timer [seconds] - How long do we stay and wait in one Sim in Hunt-Mode?
  507. timer2 [seconds] - How long do we stay and wait in one Sim after the Hunt-Mode?
  508. timestamps [0|1] - The bot shows timestamps with every output
  509. tip - Shows random tip of the day
  510. titles [group-uuid] - Shows the group-title/roles of the given group (available and selected)
  511. tl - Enables/disables the Teleport-History View
  512. tn - The Bot touches the known and saved Prim
  513. to - The Bot touches the selected Prim and doesnt remember it
  514. today [YYYY-mm-dd] - The bot counts all avatars it has seen on given date
  515. tooltips [0|1] - Shows the tooltips or hides them, restart is necessary
  516. topscripts - The bot shows the top-scripts of current SIM if he is an Estate-Manager
  517. tos - Shows the "Terms of Service" of the bot
  518. touch [uuid] - The Bot touches the Prim with the given UUID and remembers it
  519. touchdescription [text] - Searches for prims with the given description and touches them
  520. touchname [name] - The Bot touches the Prim with the given Object-name
  521. touchowner [av-uuid] - Searches for prims with the given owner and touches them
  522. touchonly [uuid] - The Bot touches the Prim with the given UUID and doesnt remember it
  523. toward X/Y/Z - The Bot turns to the given vector
  524. tp - Gives Prim-Information (UUID & Local-ID && Parent-UUID)
  525. tps - Show the last teleport-stations from History-file
  526. tptext [text] - The fetch-command will use this text for teleporting
  527. transactionchat [channel] - The bot will chat every money event on given channel
  528. transactionurl [url] - The bot will send every money event via given URL to a server
  529. tray [0|1] - Display Tray-Icon or not, for use with PikkuControl
  530. try [SIM/X/Y/Z] - Teleport to Sim and try again if teleport fails
  531. trytimer [seconds] - Sets the timeout between teleport-tries
  532. ts - Gives sculpty-information about prim the master is pointing at
  533. tt - The Bot touches the selected Prim and remembers it
  534. tupload [file] - Upload texture imexport/[file] to SL into bots inventory
  535. turn [0|1] - The bots turns and turns and turns/rotates and rotates and rotates
  536. unfriend [av-name|av-uuid] - Bot revokes Friendship and all rights
  537. unmute [av-uuid] - Removes an avatar from the mutelist
  538. unpick [pick-uuid] - Deletes the given uuid from the Pick-List
  539. unwhite [av-uuid] - Removes an avatar from the whitelist
  540. update [now] - The bot checks for a new version, downloads and installs it if the command is "update now"
  541. updatetitle [group] [role] [title-string] - Updates a title for the given group
  542. upload [file] - Upload texture imexport/[file] to SL for free
  543. uptime - Prints out the uptime of the bot
  544. upndown - Stand up if sitting and do a resit after [delay] seconds
  545. usegroupcache [0|1] - The bot uses the file-based groupcache
  546. validitem [uuid] - Checks if an uuid is in the bots inventory and is valid for use
  547. vampinfo [0|1] - Informs your master about vampire bite-attempts
  548. vampkick [0|1] - Kicks all vampires who attempt to bite the bot
  549. vamppay [L$] - You allow others to bite you for the given amount of L$
  550. vamptext [text] - The warning-text for the vampires who attempt to bite the bot
  551. vampwarn [0|1] - Warns the vampire about your next steps
  552. verbose [0|1] - The bot is more verbose with group-invitation command
  553. version - Shows current simulator version and version of PikkuBot
  554. view [notecard|script-uuid|landmark] - View a notecard, script or landmark with the given uuid
  555. visit - Teleport me to the bot
  556. visitors [YYYY-mm-dd] - The bot lists all avatars it has seen on given date
  557. w - Turn bot to west
  558. wait [seconds] - Waits up to n seconds before logging into SL
  559. walk [0|1] - Emulates Walking (Random moving)
  560. watchfor [seconds] - Look for the online status of given Avatars every given seconds
  561. watchforadd [avatar,avatar] - Adds avatars to the watchfor-list
  562. watchfordel [avatar,avatar] - Deletes avatars from the watchfor-list
  563. wear [folder] - Wear clothes from folder
  564. wearables - Shows all wearables of the bot
  565. whereis [av-uuid] - If you have the rights, the bot will tell you the position of given avatar
  566. whisper [text] - Let your bot whisper
  567. white [av-uuid|av-name] - Adds an avatar to whitelist
  568. who [.*] - Shows all avatars around the bot
  569. whoami - The bot tells us his name
  570. width [pixel] - Sets the width of the bot-window (for smaller displays)
  571. wind - Shows the current wind settings
  572. wl - Shows the current whitelist
  573. workaround [0|1] - Tries to workaround a mono-bug with CAPS-System

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