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  1. Hey. I'v got a situation where some locals are recording and we're having to do all the vocals at the the end of everything else. He's pretty much coming and doing as much as he can before his voice goes and then leaving. Does anybody here have any tips on keeping it going for longer because we are getting about one good solid hour and then a mediocre break filled hour. It would be much better for both of us if we could knock this out in fewer days
  2. Only he can answer that question; ie. what works for him doesn't necessarily work for someone else. That said, hot water with honey, drinking lots of water, etc etc.. there must be a few threads here about this.
  3. I actually don't think most vocalists can do more than one to two hours of heavy screaming vocals at high intensity per day. I know I am done after 1-1,5h or less. Studio work has a lot more "finesse" and intensity and repetitions than live shows. Also everything is under the microscope so it's simply more difficult.
  4. That's why I prefer to do vocals step-by-step/day-by-day as soon as the basics/guide-tracks are there.

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