Wich Wordpress Theme looks like this site


DATE: July 12, 2019, 3:11 a.m.

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  1. Wich Wordpress Theme looks like this site
  2. Hi guys,i need to make a website similar to this book review site https://reedsy.com/discovery ,using wordpress, what paid or free wp theme looks like this.
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  14. That one is made on ruby so not sure you'll find an exact one on wordpress.
  15. Livre, Bookshelf, Lorem Ipsum or Pustaka are some common ones realted to books stores or Auteur which is more focused on reviews/articles.
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  17. I can recommend @Festinger service here. He has 100s of themes for a substantially low price.
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  19. yes i bought @Festinger service but still too many themes i cant find one that looks similar yet, i just need some namedrop here lol, i asked for a theme request on his thread too
  20. It must be a custom theme to make a similar page. But you can make a page similar with 90% with any themes, which use Visual Composer
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