Does that make her "a real man," too


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  17. Such a woman might feel the need to be controlled whether she likes it or not – constrained by an unstoppable force... Because to worship his power and strength, she must feel his power and strength even when her own is undiminished. Her full self in all its strength, overpowered, conquered, in subjection. Resisting, and finding that resistance is futile, she can finally relax. She needs that safety. She needs to be sure that he won't crumble under her strength.
  18. Yes, that is exactly the point. A man who cannot forcefully bring me under control cannot dominate me. If he's unwilling to actually take me in hand -- or if I hold back on my resistance at all -- then there's the inevitable nagging feeling that maybe he's really a wuss, maybe he's not really strong enough to dominate me after all, etc. I cannot see why a man would just expect me to take it on faith (or whatever) that he is capable of dominating me, without him actually bothering to prove that to me.
  19. And I would also think that if he's truly dominant, then he will relish the chance to overpower me and forcefully put me under his control -- because that's just what it means to dominate a woman. Any truly dominant man should be willing and easily able to pass the test of actually dominating a strong woman. If he is unable or unwilling to do that, then why in the world would he even imagine that I would consider him "dominant"?
  20. "A real man" wrote:
  21. Your position somewhat invalidates the Dom's position as Controller of the relationship. I would not tolerate a sub telling me what to do. I give a woman two choices: to obey or to leave. If she wants subjection she won't get it from ME. I like my subs *submissive*.
  22. Wow, you are so missing the point here that I don't even know where to begin. Taking a woman in hand does not "invalidate" the man's dominant position -- rather, it establishes and reinforces his dominance.

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