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  1. It’s been five years since The Candy Snatchers released a new album.
  2. This is due in some part to the same problems they have always had with a new release—no money to put the record out, no reliable label to do it, late artwork, etc. But it was also because of the passing of guitarist and co-creator, Matthew Odietus, on June 28, 2008. His death marked the end of the 16-year band as we know it, and left the rock ‘n’ roll community reeling.
  3. “It wasn’t just losing some guitar player from some random band that I had known,” said long-time supporter and friend of the band, Dean Rispler. “It was losing someone who was a very good friend and a huge inspiration not only to me, but to dozens of other bands that I knew and recorded.”
  4. Luckily, before Odietus died, he left behind his best work. The Candy Snatchers’ final release, Down at Delilah’s on Drug Front Records out of New York, was recorded, produced and released by Rispler. This was only fitting, as he has been working with the band since he met them back in 1993.


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