DATE: April 17, 2013, 9:05 p.m.

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  1. nitefire: LTC what ar eyou doing at 2.06
  2. rundropglide: if chikun crashss what fried chikun should i get for dinner
  3. efx: bitstant, nearly every single alt since bitcoin's release has improved on the original in some way
  4. stevexyg: How do I transfere with BitInstant BTC-e is not listed as a recipient?
  5. varnado: TRC,PPC == DIGITAL COPPER
  6. solracx: LTC is not digital silver... it is digital platinum!
  7. SubSpace79: Simplyfun they sould increase the withdraws delay by 2 mins each time you get banned with a monthly reset timer :D
  8. Tyrielle: "Use the force, Harry" - Gandalf
  9. thebobwiley: and PPC still in decline, wwwhhhhhyyyyyyyy, thats what im mining over BTC now :(
  10. bogidu: hold it
  11. bongskag: gandalf style
  12. Mullick2001: laSeek, thanks
  13. filthyhobo: stevexyg, sent to bitcoin address
  14. nitefire: you belong at $3 LTC, get away from that $2.0x funk
  15. Missioncode: I like my Digital copper its shiny
  16. kupo2001: PPC is pump pump coins lol
  17. jatle: crashes aren't a thing of the past for sure. If ddos takes down the markets or SR gets wiped out or some other unforseen thing happens it could easily crash down
  18. Zero447: fandango
  19. efx: my question: why do you think it will maintain significant long-term value when the only real attraction (decentralization) is now far from unique?
  20. litepresence: Google This: (71.9 + -(.01/(x-7)) + 4.5(x - 7)^2 + 71.9) - 78.1 - x/10) - 6x/56 - 32.6 + .5x^2 + (-.0001/(x-7)) * (24.48(x-7)^2) + (1.7/.75)x zoom out talk to me!
  21. stevexyg: filthyhobo, I want to send USD can I do that?
  22. mrincognito: TRC suffered another dumping
  23. varnado: BTC = DIGITAL GOLD
  24. dshocks: i giving up on PPC NOT SELLING it but just not caring about it for now it will regulate its self BTC and LTC are the battlegrounds this week
  25. finalmoney: nitefire, noo not yet! ltc belong under $2... i need to pay when my money transfers!
  26. laSeek: aozora21, We're not all here to make money - some are here for other reasons.. trolls are gonna troll :p I'm here to make sure people feel they can connect with one of the ltc devs
  27. Metroid: trc has become a dumping station
  28. robpetty: and there TRC bounces back
  29. gekk: drymarro, thats hard decrease and hard to say hold/sell. from my point of view its just a wave but I've bought some TRC just for fun
  30. filthyhobo: stevexyg, Sadly I haven't found a way. Just transfer BTC and sell immediately
  31. infostore571: Buy LTC
  32. KillaGT: Zero447, oh noo not that wwe dancing fool =D
  33. caramel: is there really people buying EUR here in USD ??
  34. mehmehspazumweh: hey guys. what happened to the "buy bitcoins online" section on local bitcoins? i can only see the option to pay cash? weird
  35. finalmoney: don;t but expensive ltc!!
  36. stevexyg: filthyhobo, OK
  37. marketersales: LTC going up. buy it.
  38. UmiPhoenix: tear the walls down!
  39. mmclean: think we can get LTC to 2.2?
  40. jsidhu: yrea why not the spread is good
  41. HomeSkillet: LTC time to buy
  42. daverag: Gox is exploding
  43. DM334: Trc on track for .005
  44. DmitryC: Nice action on LTC!
  45. ctexc: caramel, btc-e is international
  46. prophetx: is win 7 or win 8 better for an ltc rig with 3 radeon 6950s?
  47. musashi255: 93 and rising!!! where are the fluffers i ordered several days ago!?!? D :<
  48. podizzle: panic buy ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  49. echo: gox 93 going to 100
  50. btctrada: 93 gox
  51. laSeek: caramel, It depends on the price and the target - sometimes it's worth buying euro when the eur/usd price or the btc/eur price is right
  52. cowmageddon: prophetx, eberything is better with 7
  53. cheese: Trc on track for .002
  54. wolfoon: Nice, keep buying LTC guys
  55. pemapema: we need the market to grow and diversify so any one institute failure won't have such a big impact
  56. caramel: ctexc the rate is so wrong
  57. Zero447: ptophetx it doesnt matter
  58. mehmehspazumweh: hey guys. what happened to the "buy bitcoins online" section on local bitcoins? i can only see the option to pay cash? weird
  59. efx: prophetx, eh doesn't really matter. 7 will give you a little more flexibility with older drivers
  60. Bankrunner: silver is a wonderful metal, did you know it can serve as an organic pesticide and fungicide?!
  61. varnado: buy DIGITAL Silver = LTC
  62. Angril: ltc going through the roof, keep it coming guys!
  63. dshocks: LTC omgggg
  64. prophetx: cowmageddon, efx, thanks!
  65. pureblood09: TRC all day
  66. DM334: cheese, reasons?
  67. zathran2200: BTC $92.5 on gox
  68. daverag: Eat that wall!! nom nom nom
  69. podizzle: watch ltc/btc for the drop!!!!!
  70. bongskag: double bluff. so obvious..
  71. nitefire: LTC is on it's way to $3
  72. fuc732: LETS GO LTC!!!!
  73. CaptainClaw: oh yay, ltc is going up
  74. justas696661: fontas , u pumping ltc?
  75. efx: Bankrunner, yes!
  76. jrussou: yeah, i been buying silver with my btc lately
  77. musashi255: 386.56 a minute ago 93.00
  78. TheDeeMan14: long time no talk
  79. vortek: why do i get "invalid input" and "failure to input" problems when I'm trying to withdraw....
  80. baocin: ltc will eventually pass btc anyway, pump now!
  81. pureblood09: BTC and LTC drop upcoming
  82. aozora21: laSeek, fine you do that, but almost no one is concerned about the future of coins when they lose money. just about how much money they lost
  83. 6withclass: Thats a serious wall at 86.99
  84. 5mil: prophetx, How can you have those video cards and ask the question...windows 7 is has to be windows...but i reccomend ubuntu
  85. dshocks: LTC to 3usd 60 min or less
  86. zathran2200: Litecoin will reach $4.6 USD in the next 24 hours, and Bitcoin will reach $130 USD
  87. bongskag: pop!
  88. Missioncode: does anyone use interkassa to get their money here??
  89. Definit: I once had 5800 btc.. sold @$19 before this rise.. thankfully held on till 250 as it dropped n bought back at 66... will wait again
  90. mmclean: sweet!
  91. nyitguy: Some how if I buy I loose, if I sell I loose. :(
  92. Angril: ltc at 2.11 keep it going!!
  93. cheese: DM- because its rise from .002 in teh first place was fake buy/sell's of tiny tiny fractional orders
  94. fuc732: damn, haha
  95. mrbildo: TRC correcting to 0.005
  96. nitefire: BTC miners are leaving LTC and gong back, we'll see LTC hit$3 easy
  97. ltccake: up up and awaaay
  98. synapses11: woohoo just mined a block of feathercoins ROFL. worthless coins but oh well
  99. sugipula: LTC back to 5 because mtgox will have LTC
  100. pemapema: where to buy silver with btc?
  101. efx: cowmageddon, actually no, almost everything is slightly less efficient on 7. UI issues are immaterial.
  102. dscpt: too easy.. rince and repeat... who's guess is the next crash at?
  103. rundropglide: ahah altc hasnt seen 3 in 2 weeks
  104. daverag: Dat wall
  105. laSeek: efx, Xavi had a weird amd/mb issue the other day with 5 gpus. Only the latest version of windows would let him mine on all 5 cards.. I think it was just a driver thing
  106. KillaGT: ltc rise
  107. varnado: Stop mining BTC, just buy
  108. mikew3: Definit llucky you
  109. TheDeeMan14: everybody is always wrong, btc back to 60. ltc to 2.50
  110. podizzle: chicken is rising!!!!!!!!
  111. DrSammyD: Haha, sold at 86.4 and the sell orders on gox sky rocket
  112. USMCGrunt0307: lol @ LTC hitting 4 in 24 hours
  113. hayabusa2020: not gonna break the sell wall
  114. nitefire: a soon as mtgox hits LTC we'll see $5-10 on LTC no problem
  115. Irjos: the next crash will happen as soon as you bought in
  116. ZwaVj: varnado, keep mining BTC, sell them to me
  117. steves9: 16000 dollar sell wall on ltc at 2.15 :(
  118. SilverBullet: seems like everything is rising :D
  119. pureblood09: BTC mining not worth it unless you are rocking FPGA, ASIC or a massive rig.
  120. ltccake: daverag: what wall, i dont see a wall :trlf:
  121. jatle: next crash happens on next DDOS or server outage
  122. rundropglide: next crash is noW!!! buy ppc
  123. dscpt: Irjos, :) you know it
  124. tonycorella: 50k at 86.99, someone is going to be happy
  125. KillaGT: to the sky
  126. Angril: guys, i want you all to be aware that btc wont drop below $50 any time soon, so dont be afraid of investing money into it.
  127. Definit: thankful to have held onto 1200*
  128. prophetx: 5mil, the reason i want windows is b/c i want to leave my apt for a few weeks and i want something i can remote into and do wake on lan ... and i dont really know how to do all that very easily with linux
  129. efx: laSeek, windows 8>? 5+ gpus have been an issue with windows for some time
  130. finalmoney: nooo don't let that ltc rise!!!! not yet!
  131. musashi255: it's the chicken from link's awakening, it's going to carry us over the pit!!! : D
  132. filthyhobo: the candle says dont buy but my mind says yes....
  133. laSeek: aozora21, heh.. well 98% of traders (a) think they're investors & (b) have no knowledge of the coin they're buying apart from whatever facts they can use to try to pump/dump via their "expert" opinion
  134. rundropglide: ahahah windows 8 is prob your issue
  135. HomeSkillet: $11000+ in buy orders on LTC
  136. brian81877: varnado, gold=analog btc
  137. fox19891989: LTC is rocketing
  138. fuc732: holy shit, LTC going up pretty quick
  139. demoniality: ltc is being pumped
  140. baocin: ltc will rule!
  141. Twerka: LTC revenge
  142. nitefire: LTC on the rise with $30k in buys, we'll bet at $3 soon boys GET IN NOW
  143. zdarkazn: Wow LTC go go go.
  144. Tranz: LTC pump
  145. DM334: cheese, that means nothing. Obviously there weren't any ppl willing to sell at lower prices, keeping it down
  146. finalmoney: ltc going up too fast, it will crash hard!!!
  147. KillaGT: LTC rocket launch
  148. wrhokage1: 303 8723763
  149. arrtaas: BUY LTC :mad:
  150. dshocks: LTC
  151. efx: the AMD linux drivers don't have the issue, apparently.
  152. musashi255: 59.81 a few seconds ago 93.00
  153. usahero: damn my 7950's are so hot.. with big outside vent they still 91 and 88, without they go 100+
  154. ZeroG: i like this chat when ppl are in good spirits (aka) rising prices
  155. varnado: buy DIGITAL GOLD = BTC, 1m$ in 2 years time
  156. TheAce: :trlf:
  157. Faaz: LTC/BTC BOOM yeah!!

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