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DATE: April 16, 2019, 4:03 a.m.

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  2. 📌 on is known as a result of the amount of Bitcoin transactions exceeded four hundred million, and Litecoin set a replacement record of the network hashrate
  3. 📌 Chinese National Commission for Development and Reform has created mining within the list of industries that area unit suggested to be illegal .
  4. 📌 French insurance firms area unit formally allowed to speculate in cryptocurrencies while not restrictions on the quantity of the contribution.
  5. 📌 Manufacturer ASIC miners Bitmain introduced the specification The new Antminer series devices for the S17 and S17 professional models, the mineworker hashrate of 53-56 TH / s and 50-53 TH / s, severally.
  6. 📌 CryptoFund Grayscale Investments reduced its investment in XRP by two.8% and sent the funds free to extend the share in Bitcoin and Litecoin.
  7. 📌 Coinbase professional another Eos, Augur Associate in Nursingd Maker; Bitfinex canceled the minimum deposit of $ ten thousand to open an account and opened margin mercantilism BTC / USDT and ETH / USDT; Bithumb received $ one hundred eighty million last year.
  8. 📌 The fifth largest Japanese bank Resona refused while not rationalization from exploitation the cash faucet payment service, that hopped-up by Ripple xCurrent technology.
  9. 📌 net browsers of the future: Opera free desktop browser with a intrinsical science and support for net three, and in beta Firefox incorporates a hidden mining protection feature.
  10. 📌 The developers of the Augur market predictions given the second version of the platform, it's projected to feature support for the stablebloin DAI and also the chance to game a draw.
  11. 📌 Principality of Liechtenstein Bank Frick and Bitcoin European country have launched a BTC-ETH exchange hunter product for qualified and institutional investors.
  12. 📌 New IEO-record: the primary OKEx crypto-exchange tokensail completed in one second and picked up $ two.5 million.
  13. 📌 Media: message has started testing of the TON blockchain platform.


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