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  12. God, I love it!
  13. A book recently fell into my lap - "For Women Only" by Shaunti Feldhahn. ( I've just started reading it but it is backing up the principles of love for the wife and respect for the husband that we read about in Taken In Hand.
  14. Cheers,
  15. Suzette
  16. "But sun it is not, when you say it is not, And the moon changes even as your mind: What you will have it names, even that it is, And so it shall be still, for Katharine."
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  18. Love and Respect
  19. I'm not sure that my husband really does want respect more than love, he has always seemed to me to hunger more for love. He always used to say "I love you" to me far more often than i used to say it to him, he's a much more demonstrative person than I am. I'm not saying he doesn't like having more respect, or that he isn't happier that I pay more attention to his wishes, just that it's always seemed to me that the love matters more to him than the respect. I think I love him more as a result of our Taken In Hand relationship, but I don't think he loves me more than he did before, because I don't think that would be possible.
  20. If anything, I think I feel that I am the one who is getting more respect these days, because he is more considerate of my feelings, in not losing his temper and shouting at me and stuff. I would say that the increase in respect is mutual, I certainly do feel more respect for him now that he controls himself so much more than he did, and also more love, but I definitely feel that he is respecting me more as well.
  21. But then I think there are (fortunately) limits to how much deference he wants from me anyway. As far as I know, he has no desire for me to say that the sun is the moon or the moon is the sun or anything like that, and if he ever does get to that stage, then I think it will be time to get him certified.

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