DATE: Dec. 28, 2021, 10:11 p.m.

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  1. hEY! Thank you everyone who trusted me and followed my sale
  2. but however i still have 10.03 bitcoins left to transfer
  3. I understand some are doubting this but yes, whatever i transfered a lot yesterday
  4. You still have a chance follow instructions here
  6. You must be wondering why we sell the bitcoins instead of just using them and be rich:
  7. Here is the story: I come from china and in china the government may become alert if i just start having much money out of nowhere without a trace and they may cease my wallet
  8. I got the wallet of bitcoin with 35.50000 BITCOINS my way
  9. So for me to convert this coins i have to be receiving bitcoins in a way that is traceable for incase the chinese government sees it, then it won't be a problem
  10. So since I got the 35.5 BTC wallet the other way, I decided to sell it and send to anyone anywhere in world while i get small amount to my legal wallet
  11. You must get the story by NOW, If you dont just leave it
  12. Do the necessary, you will get your bitcoins in an hour or 2, I am live waiting for you
  13. Again thank you those who trusted my sale and followed the necessary
  14. also many have sent email saying when they check my address they dont see any transaction, remember I know this things so I also know what I did to the address, You will never trace any transactions on my wallet address from blockchain because I did a good job to stay anonymous
  15. and to also save my customers from tracks
  16. you stay anonymous with me
  17. I'm live waiting for you, and Thank you
  18. These are the deals:
  19. If you are buying > 0.02btc you send 0.0002btc
  20. > 0.05btc you send 0.0005btc
  21. > 0.09btc you send 0.0009btc
  22. > 0.1btc you send 0.001btc
  23. > 0.2btc you send 0.002btc
  24. > 0.9btc you send 0.009btc
  25. > 1btc you send 0.1btc
  26. > 3btc you send 0.3btc
  27. > 5btc you send 0.5btc
  28. ++You send to my Bitcoin wallet: 14LGg6npW2AKiqMLwyoQeQYjaGaJmmtBgF
  29. After you send bitcoin
  30. submit your screenshot to anonymoushackers@dnmx.org
  31. The deals will only last a week subject to availability, get moving!
  32. Please act fast because I only have 35.5BTC to transfer and i will soon run out btc since bitcoin is in demand lately
  33. I hope you understood my english, I'm chinese

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