334 GHS Mining for 1 BTC


DATE: July 12, 2014, 3:51 p.m.

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  1. 334 GHS Mining for 1 BTC
  2. http://goo.gl/soLYhP
  3. Welcome to PB Mining
  4. We operate Bitcoin mining ASIC hardware. When you buy a contract with us, you will begin earning Bitcoins instantly.
  5. At Piggyback Mining, we cover the electricity costs and all pool fees.
  6. Your contract is 100% insured because we want you to succeed.
  7. Buy A New Contract
  8. Difficulty: 16818461371
  9. Current Price: 0.003 / GHs
  10. http://goo.gl/soLYhP
  11. - Open An Account With Us.
  12. Opening an account with us is FREE!
  13. You gain access to a personalised dashboard where you can purchase (or increase) your hashing power.
  14. - Purchase A Contract
  15. Your contract will keep you mining Bitcoins for 5 years. We are confident that you will maximize your profit with a long contract term.
  16. Your contract is 100% insured. Even if some of our hardware blows up, we have the resources available to keep paying you!
  17. Just ask any customer who has mined with us
  18. -- we take pride in our reputation!
  19. - Get Paid!
  20. Payments are every Sunday before midnight (GMT - 6).
  21. We have always paid our customers on time and always will!
  22. - About Us
  23. PB Mining is a fully trusted business in SK, Canada with an established eBay account.
  24. We have 100% feedback rating on our sales and have grown a very positive reputation in the Bitcoin community!
  25. As our good friends know, we have been hacked, pushed around, and almost turned into bacon..
  26. but our customers have not stopped mining
  27. -- not even for a second! We are here to stay.
  28. http://goo.gl/soLYhP
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  33. Surf With Money will be operating as long as the members want it to. While I provide the fast service and amazing earning opportunities, you in turn provide the support and be an accolade for the longevity of the program.
  34. You simply choose which type of sites you want to see from your user control panel and we will automatically rotate the most relevant sponsors in your own browser!
  35. Referral Program http://goo.gl/Umfeqd
  36. While referring others is not a requirement to earn at Surf With Money, but for those who refer other like-minded people into this awesome opportunity, they will be hugely compensated. That's five levels deep! They will be paid up to 10% commission on everyone they directly refer that take advantage of the income opportunity we present. There has never been an easier way to rack up serious cash with such an easy program!
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  41. Earn bitcoins + BONUS 0.00299 BITCOINS FOR YOU
  42. Bitcoins - easy and safety currency
  43. Guaranteed Ads Daily
  44. Earn Up To 0.0350 mBTC Per Click
  45. Great Affiliate Program
  46. No investments
  47. Withdrawal of BTC, QIWI, WMZ, VISA
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