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  1. as outside messing with my plants when I noticed a flower being killed by pests. I'd like to know what this and how to kill it if its a threat to my other plants. From the searching I've done, this seems to be an aphid and should die to some soapy water. I just want to be sure its not a bigger threat than that. For now, I've only found this one flower with pests, but ants seem to be farming them and the ants here are an unfixable problem. The bugs are little tan spiky looking balls that form white webs. That said, this flower is in a large patch of weeds, but I'm worried about these things moving over to and killing my plants. All help is appreciated. Thanks.
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  13. It's a species of mealy bug, I'd recommend a systemic treatment. Root drench or a ULV spray.

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